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  1. Guys how do I join the kakao group chat? Whenever I try to join I keep getting this message "You can't join open chat rooms at this time in accordance with our Operation Policy" Help! I really want to join
  2. Hello!! I'm back! I can't keep up with you guys the pages are moving relentlessly lol. It's a joy reading your posts, unfortunately I've been swamped at work. This page has become somewhat of a stress reliever for me. Btw, I'm also very much interested to join the private group chat. Please pm me if it materializes.
  3. Have you seen NJH's reaction when fans chanted LSK's name at a fanmeet? Lol it was priceless he got all shy, sorry for veering offtopic but I can't help imagining of the same thing happened to PSJ (fans chanting PMY's name) he would probably pass out
  4. Good day everyone! I'm new here at this forum. I have shipped a few couples in the past but I have never entertained the idea of joing such discussion threads. Well my first ever ship was Nian (Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder) from the Vampire Diaries. Then, I became addicted to Korean dramas and ended up shipping SongSong then Swag couple. I had a few months of "slump" with regards to Korean dramas as only very few of them has managed to pique my interest lately. Not until, WWWSK came along and now I'm obsessed. I still can't move on from the drama and still rewatch my favorite scenes from time to to time. And now, I officially started posting at forums as well. This forum has been my safe haven so to speak as I am still having withdrawals.