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  1. I’m not sure if I’m speaking for any potential male shippers who are lurking out here in the forum, but for us males, it can be pretty tough to post anything since we are in a completely new environment where the thread is if I could roughly call it very female oriented like possibly 95% females 5% males ratio? In addition, considering that this is my first time actually shipping a couple albeit I have been more or less observing or wishing them the best for a period of time, I was really in a dilemma of participating for fear that I could have been saying something that many could not really relate to, so for me personally it was really difficult contributing and a tough step to take. However, I was glad that i joined this forum because it made me understand more about other people’s perspective as well as their expertise in work put into good use. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone in this forum for keeping this thread alive and being so active in providing your opinions and thoughts. P.S: It would be nice to know if there’s a fellow male shipper elsewhere though, a pm will also work if you want to stay hidden.
  2. @zashi23, I don’t really know what’s happening according to your last sentence, or what happened recently that made you mention about this, however I prefer to give the benefit of the doubt that everyone who visits this forum has at one point in time express some sort of interest towards the main couple. It’s a pretty obvious fact that PMY has been rather reserved towards PSJ but that does not mean she doesn’t love him as much as he does to her. I’m a guy, so if I am interested in a girl for a really long period of time and I see her as the “one” I want to marry, no matter how in love or infatuated I am with the girl, if the girl shows no absolute interest, there will be a period where I feel it’s no longer worth it. I agree that everyone has their own opinions to this shipping forum and sometimes things can be taken out of context, but to conclude your last few words in the sentence based on one-two black sheep, you are indirectly making people more hesitant about posting in this forum. I hope you understand where I am coming from. I know you have good intentions, but I was originally a lurker who became someone who posted on a slightly regular basis because the thread was filled with warmth and kindness that it really touched me.
  3. @newkid09 summed it up for me more or less in the below paragraph nicely, but for further clarity I will explain it using perspective from our own experiences. Kang Ki Young has mentioned that he is in a relationship with someone 3 years younger than him, so let’s take it that he is currently in a relationship right now. PMY although is younger than him in terms of age, is considered a sunbae-nim (sunbae) [senior] in terms of her acting experiences, although I am not exactly sure when did Kang Ki Young start acting, he could have branched out from musicals, so either way they share a sunbae-hoobae relationship. Taking this into consideration, there’s no way Kang Ki Young would have done what he did and teased PMY: (1) Unless He was at least aware of the closeness/ relationship between PMY and PSJ considering that they have worked in several drama productions together already (2) If PMY was still single and he did that, then he’s potentially asking for trouble since it was an open revelation that he was dating not long back and could have been a mini scandal or stain in his reputation. (3) Since South Korea in general puts a lot of emphasis on the sunbae-hoobae do’s & don’ts, personally what he did is indirectly being *rude* to his sunbae-nim which the nation can be pretty particular about in certain situations. Similarly if we look at from PMY’s perspective, there’s no way she would have reacted with a playful brush of Kang Ki Young’s upper hand? And whisper to his ear a rather strong reaction for someone who manages to keep herself in check under most situations unless: (1) Whatever Kang Ki Young was referring to, it was a secret or something that PMY did not want others to do, I can relate to this because I personally do it with my own group of friends when I know of a relationship among my own group of friends that isn’t revealed because they want to enjoy some peaceful time to themselves but I just like to mess with their heads from time to time but I don’t really reveal it out due to their own intentions, so I believe Kang Ki Young does it just to annoy her or play with her head in a cheeky way. This is not something you would react so strongly or in this way unless there is some truth to it. (2) Can you imagine being Kang Ki Young’s girlfriend and seeing your own boyfriend be so chummy and playful with another girl albeit a rather classy looking one at that? I mean, even if she has looks that kills, I’m pretty sure she isn’t going to stand for that unless she’s been at least briefed or gave a thorough explanation by Kang Ki Young that there’s no way there would be anything going on between them. (3) This I feel is the most telling, of all the reactions to have, even if she was flustered by whatever Kang Ki Young said, I kind of felt she could just smile nicely to Kang Ki Young as a sunbae-hoobae interaction and act normally, but she had to react that specific way and it just confirmed my guesses from that point on. @snitchdream08, I hope this is what you were looking for & thanks to @newkid09 for helping me out with the explanation. Cheers to both of you and all the shippers in this thread.
  4. Hi everyone, this is the post I promised since a couple weeks back. So going way back like 10-20 pages or so, I have not been following all the events of PPC due to my work schedule but the only event I actually saw live was the TVN Joyfest where PMY, Kang Ki Young, Hwang Bo-Ra & the director attended the group interview. I remembered during the ending segment, Kang Ki Young teased PMY about something which made her embarrassed and shy and she gave that playful face back to Kang Ki Young. From that point on, I was probably sure that PPC were a thing already. Then, there was this cosmo beauty event which I didn’t really tune in to, but going by recent replies, I am not surprised why they behaved that way. By now, we all know between the two of them, PSJ is absolutely terrible at trying to hide his affections for PMY. So if going by what recent replies were as quoted, if both of them were not a thing anymore, they would not even bother turning up at the cosmopolitan event since it can create awkwardness and what not. (Most girls in this forum can describe more regarding this issue, i’m in no position to comment on this.) Then, going back further where the award shows were involved, I was not surprised why either one side or the other were not present because even though as a fan we wanted to see them at award shows together but we should also respect the fact that they are both very popular in terms of filming schedules, PSJ with the divine fury and his CFs as well as PMY with busted and her own CFs which sometimes require both to be out of the country, so regarding their absence about them not being together, I don’t really see much facts or truth in it, hence I just take it with a pinch of salt. If you need further convincing, look at it this way, we have all seen how good each individual party’s acting skill is on their own, how is it that at the AAA 2016/2017? and the cosmopolitan event 2018, their ability to put on an acting front has dropped so much that it looks awkward from other people’s angle? Don’t you think something isn’t right, somewhere along those lines? P.S: Sincerest Apologies if I left out any important events during this timeline, just couldn’t find much time to backtrack the pages.
  5. @polydadmiac, if you don’t mind me clarifying something about what @Cheryl295 said, I get that you are trying to protect the PPC from any potential harm that could arise from such rumors, but from the recent pages I realized that there are a lot of newer users joining this shipping thread, who might not be aware that there are private chat groups who are not inside this chat group, i for one am not inside so I appreciate what @Cheryl295 is providing to the forum even if it might not be based truly on facts but she has been a long standing shipper of this forum and she also wants the best of PPC. On a neutral point of view, most if not all what @Cheryl295 had some sort of credibility towards it, and it adds a different dynamic to the discussions when she’s able to come out with different theories. In conclusion, this is not a post to correct any of you, but just to show that both have positive intentions, I hope you can understand where I’m coming from. P.S: Busy backreading from the pages I missed, will do a detailed post about recent events some time later.
  6. I wasn't really sure which scene you were referring to but i watched one video where there were comparisons of his kiss scenes of his recent shows from A Witch's Romance which showed a wall kissing scene, She Was Pretty, Fight For My Way and The bed scene from What's Wrong with Secretary Kim. My personal thought is at the time when the scene from A Witch's Romance was released, i probably will say it showcased PSJ's ability to really demonstrate a kiss in a scene where he was very proactive with his co-star, i still didn't really have this feeling that it was PSJ but rather it was this character he was trying to portray. However, in the What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Bedscene/Wall Kiss, probably the main reason why i kind of could feel it was PSJ rather than his character was because in the drama, his character and PMY's character were pretty much clueless about love and they were slowly finding out about their mutual attraction for each other, in that scene alone we can clearly see that they don't behave like they are first timers in love but rather show such affection for each other, not to mention PSJ's character in the drama was someone who fancied himself more compared to a person of the opposite gender, so to portray that side of him was really interesting when i watched the scene. Hope this is what you were referring to. Cheers!
  7. @snitchdream08, i find it rather amusing that PSJ is actually able to control his desires when he's around PMY when they are posing in front of the camera but during the filming scenes, we can all clearly see that his body language totally gives his act away (i.e taking small advantages while not making it look like he's trying to overwhelm her with his presence. If we need further verification of his bodily action when posing infront of the camera, probably finding a photo of him with Baek Jin Hee would be the one that carries the most impact since she was his last rumored ex girlfriend isn't it? Dear fans of PSJ who have been following him since the start of his career, please help me verify this as i am not totally updated on his previous relationships. P.S: Good Find though, gives us shippers in this thread peace of mind to wait for their announcement of marriage be it 2 or 3 years down the road, me secretly hoping it would be sooner but time will tell...
  8. Do any of you still remember when PMY followed some of the shipper’s fan pages, unfortunately I don’t use instagram so I can’t link it here, but if my memory serves me right, it has happened more than one occasion, I want to think of it as an accident, but something tells me she’s somewhat dropping hints once in a while though..
  9. If you don’t mind me adding something to the statement, I don’t really follow much on stars dating in general, but I am under the impression that most couples if they are actually planning to get married, they will not really reveal that they are dating, it’s more of those couples who have no marriage plans for now who are more open to revealing to the general public that they are dating, of course I could be wrong on this, so someone can correct my statement if they see necessary. And for the first half of your comment, we have to consider how PMY was bashed quite heavily for her previous relationship with LMH. I believe >95% of the community here are females so you are more likely to understand the kind of trauma it can cause when you go through it or see someone encounter that, not to mention there was this one incident where PMY was mentioned on PSJ’s Instagram post by a shipper and it caused a mini fan war where PSJ had to delete/hide the comment to minimize the damage. If what I read previously few pages back was correct, I don’t think PSJ would have made so much effort to get close to PMY if they were facing difficulties in the relationship or what not. What we know so far is PSJ really sees PMY as wife material, and PMY has expressed some sort of interest towards PSJ at certain points during the filming so like many have said before anything can happen, if even a dating specialist paparazzi like dispatch can’t even get photos of them being together for that matter. That goes to show how careful they are with their relationship. Hence, I am not surprised why they choose not to be seen in public since it could turn out negatively for them. I choose to support whatever decision they make because I know they are mature enough to deal with it and handle any obstacles along the way.
  10. I cannot really commend on other things, but for this, since i'm a guy and i will just give my opinion based on what you described here. What PSJ has done with all his rather taking the lead kind of actions, these are not stuff you tend to do if you are friends or very close friends with your co-star, there has to be some sort of mutual understanding between the both of them for him to actually be that gutsy and go in like that even if the scene requires him to portray a certain level of intimacy. For the sofa back hug, i remembered watching a short clip where PMY initiated the contact instead of PSJ actually *creating* the space, so using your logic, you could say both are rather turned on by each other's openness. I might be one of the minority in saying this, but somehow i get this rather strange impression that both of them are much naughtier (depends on how you want to imagine) than what is shown on camera, its like whatever is filmed is like probably 5-10% of their usual playful/adventurous behaviour. So my true take on this is...: (1) They are probably really really close but not committed to a relationship due to scheduling conflicts, but are open to an occasional fling/date/hang out and are pretty okay with these kind of intimate actions (2) Already in a proper relationship but no real commitment to settling down as a family due to CF breaches of contract or potential loss of revenue for their respective companies or it could also due to fan backlash like some mentioned earlier. (3) One is probably really going aggressive for the other, like how most of us would try to be pretty determined to win over another person's heart. Honestly, at this point it could be one of these 3 or all these 3 could have happened, no one really knows the true timeline of these 2, but i do have to say it is pretty interesting reading all your analysis of their behaviours even though the drama has ended. Finally, not sure if many still recognize me since i have been rather inactive due to real life commitments, but i'm truly sorry for not being able to participate during the discussion and the voting process for a subjected period of time. P.S: I don't really think it would be an issue if this chat goes R18 or something, i am under the general consensus that everyone here is mature enough to be 18 or at least 16 and above.
  11. I mean, with all due respect I understand that you would like to be in an ideal world where everyone is on level playing ground, and I don’t fault you for thinking that way, but I kind of am aware of such things like these happening, after all, if the world was really as beautiful as what one would wish to be, there will not be things like shipping wars, overprotective fans of Korean stars/idols, a game of one upsmanship and the list goes on and on... Whenever a system is in place, there will be potential loopholes that are undiscovered, it’s like an operating system that requires regular updates and maintenance, and this is where the true competitive side of the world shows itself, I won’t say everyone does it, but there will be a minority of people who might find an exploit and take advantage of it, be it for his own advantage or disadvantage, because to these people, it might be their temporary claim to “success” and “fame” as they discovered something that many others have not. When you just want a specific idol/actor/actress to win, this is where that competitive nature/spirit kicks in, they will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure it happens, you could call it an obsession or tryhardness, but it will happen wherever we are or in the world we live in, we as PPC shippers/fans can be classy and nice, ultimately it might garner the respect of others for our fairplay, but most of the time, it’s all about the end result and not the process, even if we know the ugliness of how it was achieved. @kitkatrmjung, I’m also having problems submitting my votes, are you an iOS user by any chance? P.S: Sincerest apologies for the long post, just wanted to give my assessment of the situation, and to make it clear, I don’t like that they are resorting to these kind of tactics to get ahead but i’ll give them props for being dedicated enough to achieve the end result if it stays that way.
  12. Sorry everyone for the late reply, been kept up with real life commitments for a slightly longer time than expected. Could anyone update me on what’s the status of the votes now? I have not downloaded the app yet, but I will start doing it immediately. Thanks in advance! If the votes are still skewed towards JHI, after today, I will try and register and do the same thing, sometimes you just gotta fight fire with fire, I have several devices also, will try to see how much votes I can put in for PSJ while I’m at it. Don’t worry everyone, have faith in the fan bases of our PPC, they have gone through the harshest of tests and came out stronger, this is just a small blip in their relationship as a potential power couple. Stay Strong and Positive!
  13. I think most of us already caught up to their patterns of updating each other what they are doing since the earlier pages of the forum, I’m glad that your finally 100% confident in this ship. Also, if there’s any additional lurkers in the forum, you can feel free to just join in, even showing your support or just express your happiness goes a long way in making this thread active. Finally, I kind of figured out the trend of their lovestagram posts and know why there’s no post of their Phuket trip or lack of photos, so apparently if either PMY or PSJ is out of the country be it for a photo shoot or a holiday, they tend to post pictures with them inside so as to let the other party know that they are safe and sound and also to let him/her feel assured without being too lovesick of each other. If let’s say both PSJ and PMY are in a country together, be it in Korea or Phuket recently, we are expected not to get any news about them through Instagram or Weibo because they are busy enjoying some private time with each other. (The above paragraph is just a potential explanation of a pattern I see throughout their Lovestagram posts, subject to immediate confirmation upon wedding announcement .) Going forward, I will see if my theory gets debunked when both of them start posting pictures despite being in the same country which I highly doubt but i’ll have faith that should this pattern continue, we will always be having updates of them if they are expected to be busy for the next few weeks or so. P.S: It’s a wonderful good time to be a PPC shipper now YIPPEE!
  14. Hmm, PSJ looking good as always, but then I just thought of something, we could test another theory out, I wonder if there’s anyone that will catch his attention today. Ahem* Flashback to AAA 2017 where his eyes were just fixed to a particular person...
  15. Actually, with regards to whatever updates both PPC have in store for us, I don’t think we have to wait very long for any news, i could be reading too much, but I noticed both PSJ and PMY knows how to tease or keep their fans up to date with whatever they are doing in the near future. Since I’m one of the newer people who joined halfway through this ship, you can check with the seasoned veterans of this forum (not really sure who is considered seasoned but if you look at those who post regularly, I would call them the pioneers of this ship.) There were some moments where most were not sure of their current activities or their current status, but whether it is their stylists, fan cams or simply and sometimes even PSJ and PMY who out of nowhere just start posting something new when we are simply awaiting for updates from both of them. Before I end off, I would like to share these two quotes I read somewhere in the internet that I found rather meaningful and I feel can be applicable to the hate messages that PMY has been getting. ”No matter how ugly you are to the world, there will be at least one person who will find you beautiful.” ”No matter how beautiful you are to the world, there will be at least one person who will find you ugly.” Basically what the quotes mean is, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, you are what you are, you can never please everyone because it will never work, so I respect PMY and PSJ for moving forward and not letting the respective hates affect them! PPC Fighting!