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  1. I feel like CitT didn't deviate from the webtoon in a way that was faithful to the webtoon. It became more about the second lead and his backstory than about the main leads., towards the end the main male lead was nearly erased! I think if this were to deviate from the webtoon it would need to make sense, such as a deeper depth into DKS and KMR. If not, then I think an uproar would happen. Such as focusing on Sooah instead of the lead. Anyways, new episode starting soon! Can't wait!!!!!!
  2. Not sure if the the subtitles translated what was on the Polaroid, (i only saw the raw) but it said "have a beautiful love". I found it so adorable that he saw that smiled and stashed it in his pocket. Boy totally knows he's developing feelings for SR. I also love that he's respecting her opinions and allowing her to choose her own path. In regards to housing choices. I was totally crying with SR as she was leaving their home and then had it turn immediately around when the lady opened the door. Ha. Was not expecting that!
  3. I'll have to go back and listen again, but I think she said I've been laying on a hospital bed for more than 10'years. So she doesn't reference the exact number of years nor does she specify that she was in a comatose state. Omg!!!! Omg! You're soooo right!!!!! How did you catch that?! There are paw prints there! Omg. I'm going to have to go back and see. Holy. I have goosebumps. If this is true, the writers really thought every thing out. Amazing!!!
  4. Essentially the person is saying that the drama isn't following the webtoon exactly and it would have been better if it did. They watched 3 and 4 and said let's keep watching and see how it does, its not like the webtoon is that long. But after seeing episode 6, they're so disappointed. She feels like the writer only understands half the story. 1. When KMR told DKS mom she had plastic surgery and the mom said she got prettier, she thought it defeated the whole purpose of critiquing the superficialness of judging a person by their outer beauty, by then complimenting KMRs beauty after plastic surgery. 2. When taehee was feeling down about everything the sunbae comforted her but by saying stuff like oh some guys like chubby and cute girls like you. When earlier taehee said don't judge me according to your standards etc. seems hypocritical. 3. Yunwooyoung "did you really have to do this?" (Don't understand what her complaint here is? She didn't really elaborate)) ok the rest is too long, it's a lot more difficult for me to read and understand than it is for me to listen and understand. Sorry!!! Don't have much time to sit and try to make it out!
  5. Yea it almost seems like SA thought KS would choose her. I don't understand why she would think that though, cause up until now he hasn't shown her any inkling of interest. In fact he was guarded with her and called her out on her crap. In her delusional mind, maybe she thought he was playing hard to get or something. She's probably not used to rejection and has had every guy want her. So this is the first time she's experiencing outright rejection and this makes her mad. She's only going to want him more. and yes totally agree, don't like the preview showing him apologize. Hopefully his eyes continue to stay wide open regarding her sly ways. The drama is 16 episodes!
  6. Boongie: wow he's really good looking. kmr: there are humans that are born living their life like in a pictorial, the face genius of jaryoung middle school...do kyung seok hes only walking, but he's living in his own world amongst the many famous photoshoots...the legend...
  7. Are there any particular scenes anyone wants me to translate? Post video and I'll try to translate for you guys!
  8. Ugh. I can't believe how twisted SA is. I wonder where she got this complex from? How come she became like this? It's super low to purposely seek out a classmate from MR classmates from her past to try and expose MRs past. At least this is what I'm getting from the previews. She's going through extreme lengths to bringing down MR. but what are her motivations? MR never did anything to her, and SA was always acknowledged as the top 1 goddess, not MR. Is it just because of DKS? I thought it started happening before him. She can't have always been the only pretty one in her life no? I don't know. She just seems so unreasonable. Can't for the next episode to come out!!!! Also, how is CHa eunwoo so handsome?! My friends and I were saying he doesn't look like a real person. He's like a cyborg or a real life manhwa character. I've been a kdrama watcher for almost 15 years and I think he must be one of the best "objectively" good looking guys I've seen. I was aware of him before but he looked too much like a baby to me, but lately he's looking more like a grown man. :p so muh she suh!
  9. To me, not quite sure if he liked her, but he definitely found her interesting and he was pulled by her? At least that's the vibe I'm getting. Which I really like, because it shows that he values people for who they are and not how they look. He was quickly able to see through SA bs, and also see the inner beauty of KMR. I dont know if such a guy exists in real life though! A super hot/popular guy who doesn't care about looks. I wish! edit to say im assuming you meant when she was *not* pretty
  10. Time for two of us. Chapter 2 I can pm you as well, I just thought there may be others who may be interested. Thank you! I'm Korean American so I'm able to understand mostly all, there's just some vocabulary I don't understand once in awhile. But i like it, cause it makes me work on my Hangul reading and translating skills!
  11. Time for two of us. Ch. 1 Ok, I will try to translate the other chapters as I can! Hope you enjoy.
  12. Ok, I'm a newb to soompi, how do I hide contents so those who don't want to be spoiled/see it, I can hide it? ok nvm, I figured it out.
  13. @Mau_Cherry https://m.comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=713915 heres the link to the epilogue: My ID is gangnam beauty: Time for the two of us. This is more of a fan service thing the artist provided. I think I read in celebration of the drama coming out. I can translate for you if you haven't seen these already!
  14. Yes, I read the epilogue!!! If anyone wants a summary/translation let me know. I'm more than happy to do it!
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