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  1. Hey guys! <3 Today is my birthday and my beautiful sister, Tiffany, surprised me with some gorgeous art of the DongFeng Family! Let me celebrate by sharing it with all of you as I couldn't possibly keep this just to myself. I've uploaded it to my wallpaper collection; there is another version without a border as well https://postimg.cc/Dm1wyB3Z https://postimg.cc/bGKqq26k
  2. Oh my! What a Valentines Day gift! Everything I've seen so far has pleased me so greatly. This drama. I'm going to have a heart attack before it even comes out... I'll make some wallpapers right away. Ahhhhh Two simple wallpapers at 1366 x 768 with color adjustments, Download from website, because these preview images Soompi offers are low resolution. https://postimg.cc/m1SrhY8c and https://postimg.cc/ctWHs9My
  3. I wasn't aware I missed that one, thanks. I just added it in, although I haven't tested the timing. It's possible it's out of sync like 39. When I downloaded all these subs for youtube, I found I had to adjust the timing because directly from VIKI, there were slightly off. Problem is, I forgot the amount of time I adjusted them too, and the website I used to do that, so 39 and 31 which I had missed may or may not need tweaking.
  4. @chubby^green^ @aryamine @Sisca_TVXQ If you guys have VLC player, I can upload the episode subtitles to my dropbox account. They're all in English and pulled from Rukuten Viki. However because these are fan effort translations, sometimes the subtitles are incomplete and from time to time scenes will lack subtitles. And for episode 39, I think that one might be out of sync, but that's possible to fix. The episodes where V+R appear together are 1, 17, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37 and 40 I believe. This is my dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pejf6enq4vgga3p/AABgQFHmJagiow_akhjPLNuTa?dl=0
  5. About V-Love; I thought the same thing to and was bracing myself because I didn't want Vengo's and Reba's characters to split.:P But it turns out It was only a flashback episode explaining the unseen events from the first episode. Yang Mi had such a bit part in the whole drama, it was more like a guest appearance, she's technically only around at the beginning of the drama. I downloaded all the subs for v-love and attempted to uploaded them to the youtube vid's. Unfortunately not long after they were hit with copyright takedowns.
  6. Where you referring to me? The desk from this picture, I wasn't sure if it was Dong Hua's from his stay in Fanyin Valley, or Feng Jiu's, from her home in Qingque, or perhaps belonging to another god's, like her uncle's personal desk. Seeing Dong Hua there, I think it must be his. I just thought it was too rustic for his personal taste but I'm actually delighted. What do you think? Or maybe it's from the dream world... And I mentioned his hairpin because it sticks out like antlers, it's adorable. <3
  7. Omg, that hairpin! He looks so coy and cute. And that desk, I saw the scenery before and I wasn't sure who it would belonged too, unless he's borrowing it. Thank you for sharing!!
  8. These look amazing! I cant get over how fairy and beautiful the setting is. They really nailed it. I can't wait to see, in detail, the updated look of the Heaven Palace and all the other locations.
  9. It's beautiful. This might be the artist, https://www.weibo.com/u/6732311446?is_hot=1#_rnd1543069170176
  10. I've been keeping track of all the released HQ Pillow Book pictures, from Posters to Promo shots, I added another gallery separate from Peach Blossoms, for anyone to use. Pillow Book HQ Pics gallery https://postimg.cc/gallery/371a9poto/
  11. Thank you guys for sharing all of this. My heart is about to beat outside of my chest. These visuals are gorgeous. This drama is going to be my favorite, I just know it. Everything I've seen so far has been beyond my expectations. <3<3<3
  12. Oh my goodness! This makes me sooo happy!! Feng Jiu's garments reminds me of Bai Qians from Peach Blossoms except in purple. This is so lovely.
  13. What Injury was that? Did it happen on filming? That's awful.
  14. Yang Mi looks to be in costume, for that matter they probably all are if the secret hairstyles weren't a giveawayalready. Do you think they will be filming her cameo?