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  1. It's beautiful. This might be the artist, https://www.weibo.com/u/6732311446?is_hot=1#_rnd1543069170176
  2. I've been keeping track of all the released HQ Pillow Book pictures, from Posters to Promo shots, I added another gallery separate from Peach Blossoms, for anyone to use. Pillow Book HQ Pics gallery https://postimg.cc/gallery/371a9poto/
  3. Thank you guys for sharing all of this. My heart is about to beat outside of my chest. These visuals are gorgeous. This drama is going to be my favorite, I just know it. Everything I've seen so far has been beyond my expectations. <3<3<3
  4. Oh my goodness! This makes me sooo happy!! Feng Jiu's garments reminds me of Bai Qians from Peach Blossoms except in purple. This is so lovely.
  5. What Injury was that? Did it happen on filming? That's awful.
  6. Yang Mi looks to be in costume, for that matter they probably all are if the secret hairstyles weren't a giveawayalready. Do you think they will be filming her cameo?
  7. I like that it's still very fairy and light. A lot of the translated comments on weibo say "fairy" They agree. Also, I noticed his ear tails are there but behind instead of in front of his ear. Both changes I think might have been made to make Dong Hua more approachable and "human" as a character instead of an untouchable god, leading into make his romance with Feng Jiu more possible. It's just a guess, but that's how I see it. It's like a casual Dong Hua.
  8. This is the best day! ;___; Thank you for sharing!
  9. Made three quickie wallpapers; https://postimg.cc/image/yf1sz9i6z/ | https://postimg.cc/image/igt394g97/ | https://postimg.cc/image/ns7ztw7hn/
  10. Ohh my heart! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
  11. Here you go. I dumped everything HQ I had and tried to organize them, with the Pillow Book Posters at the top. https://postimg.cc/gallery/2dnij88oc/
  12. After Peach Blossoms I did some internet digging for the highest quality photos I could find to fuel my growing passion for DH&FJ lol. It's one of my hobbies to do extensive photo searches but they came from all over the web, some being odd wallpaper sites and Chinese forums. Mostly, if I found a nice photo I would just look for the largest size available through the google option. If you'd like I could dump all the HQ photos into another album? I can't remember all the specific sources, except the ones that state so on the picture it'self.
  13. I uploaded 69 wallpapers into the gallery, for anyone to use. It's a mish-mash of things https://postimg.cc/gallery/1u798et7w/
  14. Oh, Thank you very much. Its all I can do for now to bide my time while we wait <3
  15. Hey guys. I'm definitely a lurker. I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for giving updates. As an english speaker, It's easier to understand then weibo. I've been head-over-heals for FJ and DH since Three Lives, Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. It's most definitely the chemistry of the two leads that I cant get enough of, it's electric. It couldn't have been more excited when they announced the Pillow Book with a generous amount of the actors returning. Despite a few changes, like Cheng Yu, I'm so stoked. I actually am pretty excited to see what the new actors will bring to the table. What matters is Gao Wei and Dilireba. I've made some desktop wallpapers (1366x768) to show my appreciation, because the character posters are just so beautiful. Hope that doesn't violate the copyright rules? This is my first time posting, and pics no less, hope it works. https://postimg.cc/image/ypwpbahmz/ https://postimg.cc/image/gbqrl0kff/ https://postimg.cc/image/e76ejxb2z/ https://postimg.cc/image/3x3zknqcb/ https://postimg.cc/image/oh8tj5liz/ Made an album, https://postimg.cc/gallery/1u798et7w/ I might upload more of my wallpapers from PB on the website.