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  1. I was able to see the teaser! Thanks everyone!!! You guys are the best!
  2. how did you see the video? I have created a log in but not sure how to navigate to the actual video. I keep seeing this message : Pre-financing is in progress. Please check the notice!
  3. Logged into daum cafe...but not sure where the teaser video is! Help???
  4. Voted for PSJ again...feel like he needs it more than PMY! I had no idea that Jung Hae-In was so popular!!!
  5. Voted for PSJ! Did not realize the idol thing. Will surely vote for PMY tomorrow!
  6. Loved your well thought out post. I've also become a fan of PSJ after getting aboard this ship. He is so humble, funny and confident and he indeed seems to take great care of his co-stars. I really really hope that this ship sails and these two spend the rest of their lives together. I have a soft spot for PMY and I believe that PSJ is the man for her. They are such amazing people and deserve to be happy. Your observation about how PSJ did not choose this song impulsively, but with a clear purpose, has got my heart soaring! So here's wishing our love-birds a life-time of happiness and health!
  7. With no offense to LKS, but I think PMY is a little out of his league. Its true that love does not depend upon looks and all that...but I'll be surprised if LKS misunderstood PMY having feelings for him, especially since they also worked together in CH. But then again, stranger things have happened!
  8. Do you guys know when the Seoul Drama Awards are going to be held? I heard that PSJ would attend. I don't think PMY is attending but it would be interesting to see his interaction with KJW!
  9. I see your point. After admitting that their hearts had fluttered for each other, PSJ did clarify because he was immersed in his character. He was a complete gentleman. He paid attention to KJW, but he remained clam and composed. When he is with PMY, he seems like a high school kid. He is all smiles....he is shy and at the same time, the way he would look at her (especially with their height difference)...it is so intense. I can't wait to see them do an interview together or even in an award ceremony, only so as to confirm that yes they are very much a real couple.
  10. I so want these two to be together....I know its a bit childish...but I really like PSJ's personality and feel that he is going to be an amazing life-partner to PMY. I wonder how it will be to see these two act in dramas with other co-actors. Knowing how professional and good they are, I'm sure they will create excellent chemistry with their future partners. But I hope I can enjoy their work with other actors as well. Now I can somewhat relate to how shippers of PSJ and KJW might have felt seeing PSJ having such explosive chemistry with PMY. I was just watching the KBS 2017 awards ceremony....PSJ is so dreamy and such a man....no wonder FFMY's fans fell for the lead pair. All PSJ's fault!!! Waiting to see PMY and PSJ in some award ceremony together!
  11. Exactly my point! Why all the heavy duty denying if she will tease us like this!
  12. Have you guys seen this video? PSJ says that he readily expresses when he likes someone and goes all the way and does everything in his power.