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  1. Hello guys....while I'm sure WWWSK team is having fun, I'm surprised that none of the other cast members are attending the trip. Its as if they collectively decided to boycott this reward vacation. I wonder why. Celebrities lie all the time and maybe the cast is not as close as they pretended to be. How come not even one member of the supporting cast went to Phuket. In the FFMW vacation, I noticed that Pyo jin had also gone. This makes me kinda sad. Something is not right. But cheer away anyways. Que sera sera.....
  2. Another thing about the viki interview....I was rewatching the clip and noticed that every time it was PMY's turn to say something, PSJ would turn his head to look at her.....he really could not take his eyes off.....I don't think they have been in a long-term relationship....PSJ looks really smitten (so cute btw!) and that hardly happens when two people have been together for a long time. But long-term or not, it seems PSJ does like our PMY (very much indeed) and let's wait to see what happens in the future!
  3. Just a quick question...why is this forum named as the 'BuBi' couple?
  4. Hmmm....sounds about right! btw...did you see PSJ's IG post today? Was it another jab at the media trolls? (regarding jersey #7 and PMYY was wearing same number in a some baseball game?)
  5. Hi peeps....hope you guys are getting ready for the weekend. PMY looked gorgeous (as usual). I noticed this person on twitter (Agematters) who is really badmouthing PSJ for not calling PMY noona/sunbaeim. Since I'm not from Korea, could one of you please explain as to why this is such a big issue? Of course, this person is not a PSJ fan and is shipping PMY with another co-star, but it amuses me that this person spends a lot of time/effort emphasizing how critical it is for PMY to date/marry an oppa. I thought its pretty common for older women to marry younger men, right? Then I wonder why this person is so fixated on the age issue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even LMH is younger than PMY but he did not address her as noona but JCW did (to the best of my knowledge). So it must be a matter of personal preference, right? Or should I read more into this?
  6. I'm pretty new to the K drama scene....but when I found out about Lee Min Ho and PMY's relationship and subsequent break-up....I could not help but feel that LMH lost out on such a great woman. I mean it was probably not meant to be...but I feel its rare to find a woman like PMY who is pretty, talented and super classy! Well...LMH's loss is PSJ's gain (hopefully) and I hope he knows that!!!
  7. IKR....how does PMY manage to look so gorgeous all the time! And this is when they are shooting the drama...so basically not getting much sleep! I really like PMY...not only because she is so pretty...but I really like her confidence and straight forward manner...she is such an inspiration for every woman. She is graceful and brave at the same time....such a rare combination!
  8. Yes thats the one! I would be so happy to know what they are talking about! btw: PSJ looks extra dashing in this interview!
  9. What about eng sub for the interview (tvn) where PMY is wearing a cream/white dress and PSJ is wearing a mauve shirt? I think in this interview they discuss ideal partner etc. Do you guys know if there is a video with eng subs? @minseojoon: thanks!!!
  10. How I wish the viki interview had eng sub! They sure seemed to have talked about many interesting things. The more I get to know about PSJ, the more I like him. He has great attitude and that sets him apart. He seems humble and sincere. If indeed they end up together, it would be like two amazing people finding each other amidst all the chaos that the entertainment world can be!
  11. Very well put and I agree with you. The timing was the main problem in this situation...especially when it was insinuated that PSJ influenced PMY's casting....that was truly ridiculous. The media should acknowledge what a wonderful actress PMY is and that she does not need anybody's recommendation. My main issue was with the reporters and how they were insulting the PPC couple as well as the drama. Yes this drama was mostly fluff, but in a good way and it more often than not brought a smile to my face. I cried with Miso and I cheered for her. She indeed is the soul of the drama. To say that the only good thing about the drama is the love scene/kisses is unforgivable. But its also true that PMY has never done such intimate scenes before (to the best of my knowledge). I agree that its not easy to film these scenes and to make them look as good as they did in WWWSK. The team really did a fantastic job. But I'm sad that some people are using the same scenes to ridicule the actors. Its as if PMY did these scenes with PSJ because they are dating and that somehow makes their relationship less worthy. Anyways...I wish these two could enjoy the fruit of their labor without such malicious gossip!
  12. When I was watching WWWSK, I was rooting for this couple. But this whole dating rumor/scandal has turned very murky. This couple has lost some of the anticipation and respect (for no fault of theirs). Even if they end up together in future, they will never be as well regarded as the Song-Song couple. I have no issues with their love scenes in the drama....but as a viewer I find it more palatable if I know it was genuine acting. I feel really bad for them....its not a crime to love...but they did not handle it well. I feel in stead of leaving it open-ended they could have just said that they are good colleagues. Then 2 years later, if they married....people would have been fine. But in the aftermath of this dating story, them leaving it open-ended just allows people to laugh at them more. The three reporters in that video were simply mocking at PPC and their alleged relationship. I feel bad that their relationship has become a source of gossip and laughter among people. As a woman, I think its harder for PMY. The reporters quoted that the only good thing about this drama were the love scenes. That really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. PMY agrees to do these intimate scenes and then gets badly embroiled in these dating rumors which do not help her image at all! Sigh!!!