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  1. LOL... She is just happily tipsy at that time. It must be very weird if she cannot remember the kiss I hope she is just pretending it not to remember
  2. Guys... Lets vote for this drama in the drama category award. I am done voting. If I am not mistaken currently it is on 3rd place.
  3. Last week (episode 69-73) is the best week for us because we get to see more of HN♥HG scenes. When most of us thought that their romance are getting slower and the story is just full of the snakes (JE and her mom *should I mention grandmother too? *), the script writer gave us A BIG SURPRISE with all of what had happened in those episodes. The scenes I like the most in each episodes are : 1) Eps 69 - When HG helped HN brought the boxes to HN's home and met Eunae all of sudden. Then, he praised HN in front of Eunae. 2) Eps 70 - The summer vacation. I like all of them including JE have fun during the vacation. The scenes I like are when they're in the pool and HG give medicine to HN. The look HG give to HN is just awwwww ♥ 3) Eps 71 - HG's confession and the bracelet was taken off by him!!!! 4) Eps 72 - ALL OF HN♥HG's SCENES 5) Eps 73 - When HN asked HG to do their secret signal and when they have short conversation before the kiss scene. HN's face is soooooooooo innocently adorable at that time. BTW can I say the kiss is a bit passionate? If we look at bts that I gave to you guys yesterday from HG's angle he is passionate during the kiss. Actually, I have not watch full episodes of eps 69-73 So, it is just I list out the scenes I like the most from HN♥HG. Regarding the kiss scene, it is just so unexpected! I really like how gentle HG is asking for permission to kiss from HN. For the next episode I predict HN will not get angry because of the kiss, but just shock, maybe has a little bit feeling regret and embrassed to meet HG the next day, while HG will just being cool about it I also get a feeling that we will get to see they will be going to a date by this week. Last but not least, I really hope Jin Guk and JinHui are stay strong for their relationship. I DO NOT WANT THEM TO BREAK UP JUST BECAUSE JIN GUK WANT TO SEE DG's HAPPINESS.
  4. BTS of kissing scene https://www.instagram.com/p/BmnMhu1AIUl/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=11p3yfrktk3m3 From the first angle we can see that JuHyung a.k.a HG is a good kisser
  5. I think Seol In A is aware of Ji Hyung's fans. She knows he has a lot international fans. Do you ever noticed she did upload a video of her having meal together with PD-nim, Ji Hyung and Seung Lee(JiEun) around May I think, but then she deleted it. Then, she upload a pic of her with JiHyung(around June) with a bear sticker covered on their faces, but also deleted it last month. I really wonder why. Of course we do not know how much they close in real life or do they interact a lot behind the scene? From what I know JiHyung becoming a close friend to Robin(Leo). And he is also sometimes like and commenting on Seung Lee's pic. Ooo yes! I suddenly remember JiHyung's stylist has took a pic together with Seung Lee and they look quite close.
  6. If I am not mistaken, maybe no. Naaah not sure because I have seen a clip before he almost kissed/kissed Son Dam Bi (not sure tho for a short drama or variety show)
  7. Does HG's ear turns a little bit red when kissing HN? Or is it because of the weather? Am I see it wrong?
  8. I think she will remember. But, she might a little bit regret because she did the kiss willingly even though she did not realize that
  9. Kiss? Hand? Lips? Cheek? Forehead? Who made the move first? I am pretty sure it is HG and I believe the next day HN will be very shocked by it
  10. 1)If I am not mistaken, yes he was a model during high school year. 2) He will go to gym at least twice a week (if really not busy) 3) He is popular among international fans because has acted in a Philippine movie if I am not mistaken. He has stayed in Singapore and Canada for a few years and that is why he can speak English very well.
  11. I also do not really like HN's hair style, always the same since first episode. I really like if she just let her hair down and she also look beautiful without her bangs or make a 'bun style' like in the last week episode. Even JE also has changed her hair style, HG's sister (sometimes) too
  12. @mqiuwen I still have not watch the preview Usually My Love KBS has upload it on their channel. Where can I watch the preview?
  13. I'm sorry to say this. I think it will be around episode 90/100 HN will take off the bracelet. If we are lucky, we get to see it in around episode 80. I remember last week Robin (Leo) did upload an IG story of JuHyung(HG) and Seol In-ah(HN) prepared for their scene for upcoming episode and I seem notice the bracelet is still on her wrist. I can wait patiently for their relationship to be in the next step. I will watch this drama till the end without skipping any scenes so that I can judge all the characters and the scenes fairly.
  14. 1) I believe HN♥HG will be in a long progress for them to start dating. 2) HG may be the one that will ask HN to take off the bracelet. If it is HN does it willingly, then not sure when it will be. 3) JE is just so dumb not to realize she is already has feeling towards DG. Why should she still has to argue with HN about HG? pabo! 4) I am frustrated too because toooooo much slow in progress of HN♥HG. But, I tell myself “If it is meant to be, it will be. God knows the best.”