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  1. From the preview, Mr. Kim seems like saying something to HN to clear all her schedules for today (?). Judging from HG's look when he is waiting so long for the female model showing up , there are possibilities of either HN is showing up at the shooting place just to watch HG OR HN is the one who will become the model with HG At the end of the preview, YR is saying something like this to HN, “Later, you will be very thankful with me” and HN's respond, “What do you mean?”. Is it true? I'll be waiting for the accurate translation from anybody here. This drama keep giving viewers troll, heart attack and surprises Now, HG is not moving out from his house, YR moving into HN's house, HG will become a model and the answer for our question who is the female model will be revealed tomorrow...
  2. For sure we will get to see HN♥HG wedding scene. When is it? Not sure and it will not to the extend of they have kids. Probably only show LeoxHanna already got a cute baby. I only get feeling HG's mom will accept HG♥HN's relationship as soon as possible and there will be another 'stupid' storyline between HN and YR
  3. In my opinion, I accept if this drama is extended until 121 episodes. If what stated in Korean Wikipedia is true (extended until 126 episodes), I am not really happy as the story will drag again and again eventhough I really love this drama. It will be very much better if the story of HN is SJ revealed first (at least before reach episode 115), then can focus on JExSH (revelation of their evil acts and the punishment). It is true that Korean viewers are not impressed on how the story is going now; with too much attention on JExSH, lack of HN♥HG scenes and EA's amnesia (this amnesia thing is really not a good choice for writer-nim to make it for the drama progress unless he/she make a surprise that actually EA only has fake amnesia in order to protect HN and later to find out more and gather proof that HN is JH's daughter).
  4. I am sorry, but in what scene Hanna started to suspect SH? I haven't watch full episodes of last Thursday and yesterday's episodes, so I don't know about it. Rating for Friday, 12/10/2018 : 18.0% (went down compared to on Thursday, 19.5%)
  5. @jayakris like I said in my previous post, another big hints will be revealed next week. Someone need to gather the proof of HN is SJ before he/she spill out the bean. Below are the list of who will be the one that will reveal the truth : 1) EA 2) YR These two, are the only possible person we can see that have a very high chance to gather any proof and tell the truth.
  6. Yes, I do agree with you. DG has started to feel something is wrong with JE, YR already knew about the truth of HN is SJ, HG has decided to move out from his house and we can see his mom will end her hunger strike on Monday's episode and by the next week we will see another big hints and I am pretty sure either SR or HN or even DG will find out about EA taken wrong herbal tonic. The hints are already up to around 40-50%. Still I am pretty sure the revelation will be around eps 114-118.
  7. Lolololololol at his mom's reaction The funny thing is they only showed a little bit of HN's shocked reaction when HG suddenly kiss her and not what happen after that... Like someone predicted in his/her previous post the fake policeman is coming back to blackmail SH and Choi Yura will try to find out what is his relationship with SH and what are their deal. Her rude behavior does not change and now with HG's mom too
  8. Remember their first kiss when HN was a bit tipsy after drink party, she didn't even resist his kiss too. This is showing that HN loves him very much.
  9. See.... I told you guys HG kiss HN in the car So, this is their 5th kiss scene. Unfortunately, HG's mom saw them kissing...
  10. Hmm... Am I thinking too much? As we can see from the preview, HG is sleeping soundly in the car. There are 2 possibilities will happen in that scene : 1) It is just HN will buckle off the seatbelt from HG and nothing will happen after that, or 2) HG suddenly wake up and hug HN and they will have the near-kiss-moment OR a real kiss moment
  11. I believe the scene between JE and HN is before HN arrives at HG's house. It looks like JE is holding HG's keys, but I also believe there is something else JE does with HN's handbag. I will not be shocked if JE try to steal HN's childhood pic from her purse HN looks sooooooooooo elegant in JE's dress
  12. Her name is Hong Ah Reum. Her IG account : Edit : Rating 9/10/2018 - 19.6% 10/10/2018 - 19.3% New news of upcoming new KBS Daily Drama : https://www.soompi.com/article/1242957wpp/seo-hyo-rim-park-yoon-jae-attend-script-reading-new-kbs-drama
  13. Well.. It is still a good news for us. Since the come back of Choi Yoo Ra this drama starting to become interesting again. I reallyx100 love JExSH's expression whenever they met her. Their life are totally miserable now. I really wonder why she wants to work at SJ Boutique... The only mission now is for HG's mom to start like HN since everyone already like her. But, another problem is HG's family still don't know about HN's foundling. So, this is other obstacle too before HG's mom to start like HN. Tonight is already eps 104 and like what most of us predicted maybe we will get to see the truth exposed on eps 110-117.
  14. Yeah~ I am quite disappointed too on how writer-nim make HN's character when it comes to her relationship with HG become like this. There are only a little bit scenes that showing how much HN loves HG, but it always HG who give, give and give the love meanwhile HN only take, take and take that love. If I want to put myself in her shoes right now, pretending to still be HG's gf, I will be uncomfortable too like her. But, this is a drama and we as viewers are so stress with the draggy story plot and JExSH. We just want to see some cute moments from our favorite couple...
  15. @darr way nice and helpful information you give to us! I do not know much about Korean culture, but as you can look from the celebrities' life style most of them are getting married at age 32/33 and above and there are many of them too already reach age 40 something and have not married yet. Some of them are want to enjoy their single life first and enjoying making money meanwhile some of them too already get want they want in their life and the only thing they do not get is finding their soulmate. Another point I want to add is I have watched a Korean celebrity confessed that after a few months of marriage, she's pregnant. At that time she was so shocked and a bit sad as she wanted to enjoy her honeymoon phase with her husband (her husband is a celebrity too). Luckily, her husband is okay and persuade her to accept the fact. So, what I want to say is HannaxLeo are like the celebrity couple I mentioned above. Maybe, Hanna is not mentally and physically prepared to be a mother as she wants to focus on open her own business first. I can make conculusion this drama has portrayed some of things that really happen in their culture.