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  1. Yup i'm fed up with this drama too. I never watch kdramas that are longer than 20 episodes but this one drew me in because of the lead's chemistry. But what is the point of keeping up when the OTP has less screen time? It's episode 100 already and HN still hasn't got a break but JH got together with JG while JE got together with DG. I know the writer want to keep us all in suspense but at least the lead actress and actor should have more screen time even if they're just solving more conflicts! And the birth secret has yet to be revealed! HN-HG relationship in conflict plus the birth secret plus the culprits behind keeping the birth secret not to mention the misunderstandings between HG's parents and HN and there are just about 20 episodes left! They're going to rush the ending, i'm pretty sure of it. What a waste of a very good OTP.
  2. i knew it! the writer is stringing all of us along, dragging the birth secret, giving more screen time to the other couples (JH-JG; DG-JE) except for our OTP! they're going to wait until the last week to reveal the birth secret and rush the ending for our OTP. the writing is getting bad. so much emphasis and screen time to the evil machinations of the supporting cast. almost everyone who started out as good characters has become bad. i'm going to hate HN if she really push for that break up. goodness! it's just 20 episodes left and they're going that route???? thanks for the recaps and previews, i'll know when to avoid wasting my time on an episode.
  3. I'm looking forward to the time when HG's mom and Han Na learn that HN is indeed SJ, the sole daughter and heir of SJ boutique where both of them work! i would love to see what kind of groveling they will do to get back to HN's good book. even HG's dad will realize that his son made a better choice than he did!
  4. So our girl is being rude to our boy? Hmmmm....... i was wondering what the writer is going to do to stretch the suspense of the blossoming romance of our OTP. I didn't think they'd go through this route. They made HN's character less than agreeable when since the beginning she has always shown integrity in her character. I hope the writer gets some ideas from the forum! The comments made here is more realistic and relatable.
  5. Same here! I can't stomach the machinations of the evil mother-daughter duo. So thanks a lot to everyone here! I'm happy enough reading your comments and gnashing my teeth along with you.
  6. i'm swooning and drooling a little from all your descriptions of HN-HG. yes, fighting! i'll keep watching with all of you in spite of the snake mother and worm daughter!
  7. awwww ...... please no to Mr. Park and JH breaking up in any of the episodes. i'm going to really ditch this drama if that happens and just watch the final episode. JH has suffered a huge blow with the fake death of SJ and she deserves a break. Mr. Park is the only person keeping her sane and thinking of her welfare. everyone single person in her house have their own selfish agenda and are worse than leeches who bleed her dry. i don't even think for a minute that JE-DG scenes are cute. i hate watching them. hope that there will be more victories for the good guys from here on. especially our OTP.
  8. have a feeling that HN realizing she likes HG back and accept to date him will take a while...... a really long while. Maybe around episode 90/100 like you said, it won't be good for the storyline and they still have 50 more episodes to go! let us fasten our seat belts and get ready for a few weeks of frustrations over the round about way our OTP will be taking before they will have that date and be lovey dovey.
  9. yeyy ..... our guy has finally made his move! i love the way he ripped the bracelet from her and confessing his feelings! now we just have to see how long dramaland is going to make HN's feet drag until she realize that she also likes HG.
  10. i would really love to see that! if that happens, the leeches in JH's family will have second thoughts taking advantage of her. i would love to also see the grandma put in her place.
  11. But where is our OTP? and what is that bag Mr. Park is handing over to JH? Did she agree to move in with him?
  12. Seriously?? i hope that's what will really happen! i'm sick and tired of that bracelet already. how many episodes has it been already since HN bought that thing for the supposed love mojo it will bring for both her and JE! the writer probably enjoys stringing us along with that bracelet. i would really love for HG to rip it off HN's and confess his feelings already. then all of us can relax during the weekend knowing that bracelet came off! yey!
  13. My thoughts exactly! The romance between the OTP is moving at a snail's pace and i myself cannot keep my patience any longer. I've skipped several episodes altogether and just watched the links between HN and HG together. There are so many unnecessary developments in the side characters that even if you skipped episodes, you won't lose the gist of the drama. That bracelet has to come off this week or at the latest, next week! They've dragged on what that bracelet represent for long enough.
  14. I have a feeling that you're right about HN taking off the bracelet around epi 90/100! With the way the writer is dragging with the development of HN and HG's romance, it is very much possible. I can't wait patiently for that! Why can't they make it earlier and much better this week??? We need more HG/HN moments and preferably spend epi 100 above planning for their wedding!