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  1. thanks for the heads up. i'll resume watching after ep 13 then. i'm here for the milk couple and if they're far apart, i don't want to waste my time watching others.
  2. my own thoughts exactly! i also stopped watching at ep 9 because my main reason watching kdrama apart from the sizzling chemistry of the OTP is also to be amazed at the strength of the heroine and hero in meeting all the challenges that the villains throw their way. i hate it so much when the villains are given so much screen time and allowed by the writers and PDs to be trodden underfoot by the villains for more than 2-3 episodes. i also hate it when the OTP deals with conflicts away from each other. where is the sense of being the OTP? there is enough villains and unfairness in real life already so i'm hoping that in our kdramaland we at least get to enjoy all those cuteness and sweetness from the pairings. thanks everyone for your wee caps & recaps & spoilers & ideas. i'll watch again when our OTP stand together!
  3. thanks everyone for the weecap, the GIFs, and some translations to ep 9 and some insights to ep 10. i think i'm going to skip these two episodes for now. i don't like our OTP going through conflicts separately. as WH said to YYJ via the poem, he's going to protect her, stand in front of her, and all those sweet promises of being there come high or low. with these 2 episodes, it looks like the promise went down the drain. i'll wait for the sweet parts i.e. our OTP fighting back together then binge watch all the remaining episodes.
  4. Thanks for the translation. I tried to watch ep 8 but there were no English subs. With this translation i now understand that our OTP have chosen to stay together (even though there was news of their break-up)! Yeyyy ...... i'm loving them even more for choosing to stay together instead of going through an extended break up like the other kdramas out there and only getting back together for the last 4-5 episodes of the drama! The villains can do all the evil stuff villains do and i'll still be happy as long as the Milk couple continue seeing each other even though in hiding. What i really want to happen very soon is for YYJ to mend fences with her father and introduce CWH. It's kind of hypocritical of her to push CWH to make amends with his mom when she herself is staying estranged with her dad.
  5. i love this episode (#7) in that our OTP openly admitted to each other how they feel and has decided to be a real couple. i'm so fluttered to see them having more skinship in this episode -- hugging, sweetheart's carry and holding hands! i'm also happy that finally, the truth about CWH's mom's supposed illness has been revealed. our OTP are so cute!!! they have such good chemistry that they make me believe what they have is real. i am not so looking forward to the next episode because from the preview, someone's going to be a noble idiot! but then again, this is kdrama land, what else should we expect???
  6. my sentiments exactly! i was kinda bothered by the scene because it's supposed to be a breath-taking deliciously sweet moment for our OTP but YYJ's expression just does not do it for me. is this really how it's supposed to be? i would have been over the moon if she looked into his eyes like a deer caught in front of the headlights! i hope there would be more chances on the improved kiss so we'll have more fluttering moments.
  7. thanks everyone for the GIFs and videos and spoilers! I can't get enough of YEH and CJM's cuteness! it was so cute when both of them kept wondering if either remembers the kiss in the beginning of ep 6 or not. i love, love, love this drama and i'm hoping that the writer and director won't lose their steam till the last episodes. a lot of kdramas started out strong but half way through the end, the story line becomes a hit and miss thing. i can't tell which is my fave scene coz there are a lot! i've never been a fan of CJM before but here i think he is just so cute and his chemistry with YEH is golden! i'm glad YEHs comeback hit it off! i like it that they didn't make YEH's character domestically helpless. i don't really like it when someone in dramaland doesn't know how to cook or clean or do the laundry. in dramaland, the leads should be close to perfect i.e. smart, independent, and self-reliant. i'm looking forward for more contributions during the week to tide me over until the next week's episode comes out. sorry i can't do the same stuff as you're doing with the GIFs . i'm too old to learn how to make them but not too old to appreciate them!
  8. so love your explanation on this scene. i didn't quite get how deep the meaning of those stuff YYJ sent. thanks ....... i'm loving this show and can't wait to see the next episodes.
  9. Yes i totally agree! I thought the same things also. I can accept the villains having more screen time than the good guys (esp.the OTP) but for the last 3 episodes at least, let us see the good guys get their reward and the villains their dues! We have so much injustice in real life, at least in drama land, we can see justice prevailing in the end!
  10. I'm of the same mind. Just 3 episodes into the ending before the birth secret was revealed. I want more sweet moments between our OTP specifically a grand wedding after HN graduates from fashion design abroad. The new revealed daughter should have bonding moments with her new mom and the two mothers should have shared moments with HN too. Everything will be rushed now. The villains will not be punished at all. One of them should at least end in jail if not in a mental hospital.
  11. Just a few more 30 minutes episode and the writer still has the evil mother-daughter duo hatching up evil plots! JH is already aware of SH-JE plots and still no developments except more twisted plans from SH??? I swear, the writer mislead us when they said that JJH and SIA are the lead actor/actress. They are mostly in the background of SH's brainless schemes. The writer is dragging it out way too slow into the end of the show. I am so ready to see more of HN-HG sweet moments even if they're sweet nothings and more of HN/SJ-JH bonding moments alons with EA. Even if the villains will be forgiven but at least i hope the ending won't be rushed!
  12. I'm loving JH in revenge mode now! She is like a tiger cub that anyone won't dare to cross. LOL .....the evil duo better watch out. Looking forward to next week when all their evil deeds will be revealed. I've given up on justice getting served in this drama because of the writer's unpredictability. It's just a few more episodes (half hour each!!) and writer-nim keeps on adding more twists and conflicts. I'm sure there won't be time to resolve all the issues. i'll be happy if our OTP gets their wedding and a few years later with toddler twins being taken care by grandpas JG and DS!
  13. Agree! I love how JH is paying the evil mother-daughter duo back and still both of them claim to be innocent of any wrongdoing! So thick-skinned and twisted they are that i really want both of them to end in jail. Like JH said, what she is doing is not even a fraction of what they did to her daughter. Not to mention the time that they (HN & JH) should have been spending together after the emotional turmoil of so many years of waiting and always wondering if her daughter is even alive. I'm not a vindictive person by nature but in this drama, i am happy to see the villains getting a dose of their own medicine!
  14. Yes!!! Finally, the great reveal! It was so simple but it brought so much impact on the next scenes. I'm loving the expressions on JH's face when she started to get even with JE and SH. These are the moments i've been waiting for when our evil mother-daughter duo will be shaking in their boots and quaking in fear for their life. Another moment i'm excited to see is when HG's mom learn that the girl she has been hating and abusing is in fact her employer's only daughter! Yehey, more good times are coming for our OTP and the good guys are winning now. But it also means that the end of the drama is very near. As long as we get not only a wedding for HN-HG but an after a few years ending with mini me's preferably twins, i will be happy to say goodbye to SAT.
  15. Good for HN! I'm glad writer-nim put an end to HN-HG estrangement. I hated it so much when they broke up for the sake of their parents. The writer could have made them even stronger without disrespecting their parent's wishes. It was irrational for me because they are good together and it's not like they're causing harm to each other or any other people around them. Besides, they're supposed to be the lead couple so they should have shown a more united front in the midst of adversity. Now i am just pissed off with the way things are dragging when there are just too few episodes left. I'm pretty sure that the writer is going to rush the ending! Wished our OTP get not just a happy ending but a few years later ending. We will all be left frustrated because the villains who were given so much screen time will end up being forgiven with no serious repercussions for their actions. And so everyone lives happily ever after in the kdramaland of SAT!