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  1. I think we should all leave the ship. Then there will be chance to see them again at events. Remember: people don’t know how to enjoy things when they have much of it, until they lose all of it. P/S: I’m serious here. Some shippers are doing too much out there in public. And their behaviour really clouded the success of Whats Wrong With Sec Kim. I hope they think twice about APAN before making any posts or spreading any news. For the time being, just follow and support them as two individuals
  2. None of us here has spoken to either Park Min Young or Park Seo Joon in person so we can’t answer your question. If you want to know, the only option is to ask them directly. If you can’t ask them then you just have to wait for the answer and stop asking question why it is like that. If you can’t wait or can’t keep positive, stop shipping. Why do people just make life more complicated and dramatic than it should be?
  3. Send your question directly to PMY or someone that will come to her fan meeting.
  4. I honestly understand how people get frustrated. But I don't know how you guys could blame PMY. I mean she NEVER confirmed her attendance. Neither did Namoo Actors. I'm not sure from which source did PSJ fans got the info that he was coming to APAN. Officially, there was no confirmation I could find. People got frustrated because they believed in fake news and rumours and expected too much. It has nothing to do with either PSJ or PMY. It is the issue of normalizing their, our(mine included) expectations. Can we just stop looking for any other explanations for their non-attendance? If PMY said she has prior commitment, take it as it is. If PSJ said he was busy filming, take it as it is. Please do not make life more complicated than it should be. Have a nice Sunday, all.
  5. I think they both have their own reasons not to attend. Personally, I don’t think it is to extinguish rumours. Even if they attend an event together, their awards are not the same. They don’t have to sit together either. There are many ways to extinguish rumours in public eyes if you want to. I believe they are mature enough not to choose such method to extinguish rumours. On the other hand, both of them chose not to attend and send VTR, especially on PSJ side, to me, is an action that speaks volume, that adds oil to the fire. But my conclusion is: please just leave them alone and leave everything here. They must have their own private reasons to do it that way. Without knowing all details within the picture, we should not speculate or try to make any wild guess that would spread fire in the forrest. It’s already been high temperature out there in fandom world.
  6. I take it normal that Park Min Young really is overseas and can’t come. I don’t think she is in “hiatus” because her private life is being watched. Right after Whats Wrong With Sec Kim when she and Park Seo Joon were the focus after their dating rumours, she still went to Phuket, still uploaded photos on Instagram. I don’t see any reason she needs to avoid public now. What I find abnormal is Park Seo Joon kind of last minute decision not coming to the award night while he’s right there near Seoul. What did his manager say about his reason for not being able to make it? There might just be some side stories that one day we will get to know I hope.
  7. She is having fan meeting in a week. Why should she avoid public? I don’t understand. These two just made abnormal things out of supposed-to-be conventional things...Things don’t have to be this weird. The more they do, the more I feel something special between them...
  8. Lmao. Both Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon sent thank you video. How many more coincidences for these two?
  9. I think PMY's statement on she wanted to try Youn's Kitchen was before PSJ confirmed to join Youn's Kitchen or started filming Youn's Kitchen.
  10. Lmao. That is one day after the airing of Whats Wrong With Sec Kim final episode?
  11. Slowly one by one 1. Cause you always finish my sentence, like this...
  12. I don't want to comment on other dramas unrelated to PPC in this thread but I suggest you try a different genre until your complete withdrawal is done. I watched Voice 2 then re-watched Signal. I thought he said Phuket How come the fans didn't push through to ask him then who is his favourite travel partner? We might have hints to live for a year So how many categories are in APAN this year? Some categories are not in the nominations list, though, based on my previous experience.
  13. I’m disappointed I didn’t see any nominations for Best Couple Award. Did they remove this award from this year APAN?