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  1. I can’t do anything if you insist on shouting and making a mess in your posts when someone politely criticize you. Do you still remember how our info in this forum was leaked out to crazy Instagram shippers and media used it? All rumours and info you posted here lots of hard-core shippers here already knew. We also have our own ways to get info. The only difference is we know where the appropriate place is to discuss to protect and support our couple. This is the first and last time I will tell you this. Take it or leave it.
  2. Rumours will always be rumours without concrete evidence. I don’t think this is appropriate place to share this type of information. I’d like to see meaningful and logical discussion in this forum.
  3. Park Min Young, there are technically a variety of roles you can pick in the middle of your career. I think Knetz has been as harsh as they were, but at the same time, I tend to agree with them on this matter. Another webtoon role can be very boring and replicated. I'd prefer to see her more on TV shows and movies, especially movie. Min Young, you can do it. Get on the wide screen please.
  4. I still question how people would accept her new rom-com (if it’s actually the truth). Unless she is very confident that the new rom-com would be better than Whats Wrong With Sec Kim, I wouldn’t take that risky move. Park Min Young, I’m not sure if you lurk in this forum, but if you can read this, give it a thought. 1. What will she gain if her new rom-com is better-reveived than Whats Wrong With Sec Kim? Nothing much. She is now dubbed the rom-com Queen now. 2. If it’s not well received, she will lose the rom-com Queen title. 3. Also if it’s not well received, Knetz will say that her superb acting in Whats Wrong With Sec Kim is because of her personal relationship with Park Seo Joon. 4. Rom-com is considered the easiest genre. For all those reasons, I think she will lose more than gain if she takes on the new rom-com. It’s a very risky move.
  5. Rain has just done Sketch. Park Huyng Sik can also be. What’s the chance of Park Seo Joon being in another rom-com? Also to be honest, I’m not ready to see Park Min Young is another rom-com just 6 months after Whats Wrong With Sec Kim. I’d prefer to see her on wide screen. She should try to test herself at that.
  6. Yes the bald head is Namoo President. The one who took photos with her on her FM day was Namoo CEO. And look like Namoo President and Awesome Ent boss have been meeting again.
  7. I haven’t collected data but it just feels to me like Compagna and Zozia normally update their pages with Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon images at the same time... Is this coincidence?
  8. I don’t think so. Don’t expect anything. I think we have enough hints to talk about until new year
  9. MY’s hand is so beautiful. No wonder Park Seo Joon said he likes girls with pretty hands.
  10. I was half asleep when I read your post, and instead of PMY I read it as PSJ Now I'm fully awake
  11. I agree with you. I hope media will leave them alone. I know everyone is high, but somehow I hope we don't set our expectations too high. The road to shipping PPC is known to have so many twists and turns.
  12. What is the normal seating arrangement in a table like that? Looks a bit strange to me that I've seen limited seats to the left of PD
  13. I think she’s Big Nana Agree!!!! I think it’s still early for me to conclude anything but now I have one more data point to feed into answering my hypothesis.