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  1. When she decides to become an actor she should learn how to deal with this. Being a public figure and can't handle social media mess is not acceptable. They are not haters nor anyone that would want to harm her. WWWSK ended a while ago. It's not like people are digging into their own lives, like other IG fan accounts. It's not like people are judging her capability as an actor. They just express their want for PSJ and PMY to become a couple. In real life, this is like shouting at a male and a female 'Be together', 'Be a couple'. Have you ever done this in real life? Yes? Why does it become a big trouble when people do this on PMY's IG? I particularly don't like tagging non-associated people into other people posts but I don't find this action to be too much of a complaint. Take things lightly from your end. PMY is 32 now. I believe she knows how to handle her life and her career.
  2. Ok, so whe I started scraping data, there were 2,133 comments on her IG post: 1. 108 comments tagged bn_sj2013 = 5% 2. 48 comments tagged both of them together = 2.2% 3. 1 comment tagged actorleeminho 4. 1 comment accidentally tagged bn_js2013 I think people can do better than 5% next time In PP shippers I trust.
  3. Have fun in South Korea. Feed us some photos, please. Can you come to PMY's Shiseido event? Well, with all the coincidences and rumours, and you only give them 70% probability that they are in a form of relationship? If you want to find out what the smaller minority thinks I think this is the wrong place to ask, because we all belong to 'your 70%' You should find a thread of other ships and post the question. And good luck. Don't come back here and vent your anger with us, though, please.
  4. Challenge accepted. But just let people finish commenting. The number of comments are still growing. I didn't know becoming shippers also include honing web data scraping skill...wow
  5. Is it really 1,500 comments? You counted? Or do you know how to scrap data from IG?
  6. If you look at the comments on her post today I think sooner or later everyone will call her bn_sj2013 girlfriend
  7. With the amount of Kbiz actors and actresses (my last record was > 1,000), then it is 100% possibility that two will own the same dog breed. It's nothing to consider special. However, let's do a quick stats as I am on my bus getting back home from work: 1. The possibility of two Kbiz actors having the same dog breed with names related to lion ~ 62% (take 5,163 common first English names) 2. The possibility of that name to be Leon ~ 11% 3. The possibility of Leon name to be the same as another same dog breed owner ~ 1% 4. Considering PMY's dog naming pattern this possibility will be reduced to very low (I haven't been able to do this calculation on phone) There you go. Point proven. People lie but numbers don't. Also @saved2K I didn't start any challenge???
  8. I will start to do this by October as I'm very busy with work now. And it requires me to check back on lots of interviews and news. But I only want to public it after their announcement. You can start looking back at the Phuket trip and put things together, from when the trip is announced to the end of it and relate everything to MY's interviews. It's the most recent event.
  9. I know MY's autograph. But which one is SJ? If it's the one next to MY, hell, his autograph is But it just means to be that he can be a simple, straight-forward person.
  10. Haha. You wait until things unfold. And then when you look back and compare one by one statement from PMY's interviews you will find out that she is not 'that honest' But I understand that. She has her personal life to protect. Honest or not in front of media doesn't really affect my opinion on her as an actor.
  11. That post had every single hashtag related to WWWSK of course it is easy to find online But when did she like it? Before the drama ended or recently?
  12. @parkparkloveu thanks for the photos. Looks like a girl in this photo? Look at her...asset Since PSJ doesn't have sister, can we safely assume that it's his mom? So his mom gave him Simba??? I can't believe I gained so much more knowledge about lots of things since I stepped on this ship: synchronization force acting behind coincidence events, dog breeds, how to distinguish between different dogs within the Bichon Frise dog breed
  13. He deleted lots of photos around Chinese new year this year, i.e. ~ second week of Feb 18 (sourced from PSJ fan page). This is way before the dating rumours broke out, but 'coincidentally' around the time when lead roles for WWWSK were offered.