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  1. I admit the trailer surprised me in a good way! I wasn't expecting those supernatural elements and now I have to make place for this drama in my dramas watching list
  2. I only saw the first two episodes and I'm waiting for the exciting parts with our OTP. I also really like the princess and I really want to know who is the father of the baby (even if it is a random guy I want to know!). I have to admit I wasn't very fond of the crown prince at first but I warmed to him during episode 2. Of course I love HS and I hope she isn't sidelined too much (several dramas disppointed me because of this in the past).
  3. loversbridge

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    I just watched the first episode and I can admit some parts really scared me. Especially the passage with Yoon's brother in his house, I was biting my nails.
  4. loversbridge

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    I can't wait to see her in Miss Baek, she is such a talented actress but I feel she's underrated by international fans.
  5. While reading the synopsis I was like "Hmm it sounds familiar, I saw a movie like that the other day" and indeed it's the remake of Masquerade with Lee Byung Hun. I love Yeo Jin Goo, I love sageuks, and I enjoyed the movie so count me in.
  6. I'm not against some changes from the original version but they have to respect some things, and by things I mean the big reveal. It is what it is but you can't throw it away, what's the point to remake the drama otherwise? I feel like I'm going to wait to know how the drama ends before starting it. I did the same with Life on Mars because I loved the UK version.
  7. loversbridge

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Bloody Romance 媚者无疆

    I just finished watching episode 20 and I'm still very fond of this drama. I'm sad about Chang An and Wan Mei, I miss the good times they shared but I love the angst too. A kiss would be nice but I just want them to make up (Chang An I love you and I understand you but I hope you'll be able to explain everything to Wan Mei one day, and not just before you die like in some other dramas thank you). I like to think of Cha Luo and Xing Feng as a twisted version of Wan Mei and Chang An. To know Cha Luo was a good person at the beginning and seeing how terrible she is now, it's sad. I think Xing Feng isn't very fond of how cruel she is, and you can see him try to help other servants sometimes. Is he still in love with her or staying with her out of habit or pity? I still enjoy their interactions very much and I hope we'll get flashbacks. PS: I wondered if someone knew other dramas like this one because I don't know many chinese dramas (I watched Sound of the desert, Princess Weiyoung, and I'm making my way through the Glamourous Imperial Concubine and Nirvana in Fire)? So I guess what I'm searching for is a historical drama with a main female character who has someone who watches over her (like a bodyguard or a servant). I watched many sageuk and I rarely found ones who match my description (or maybe I didn't watch enough dramas).
  8. loversbridge

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    @rubie I shouldn't have watched the preview because how am I supposed to wait a whole week now??? The drama is becoming more and more intense.
  9. 2019 seems so far away . I try not to be impatient but it's really hard!
  10. So we will get english subtitles september 15th, what a relief! I was afraid we had to wait several months or more so it's good news
  11. loversbridge

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Bloody Romance 媚者无疆

    I've only watched 5 episodes but I'm oddly charmed by this drama. Definitively a good surprise in my 2018 list of dramas. I really like the opening and the ending songs and the use of animation is a plus for me.
  12. loversbridge

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    Episode 14 was as intense than that was promised in the preview of episode 13 and it was great, it was what I was expecting from the drama from the start. Don't get me wrong I love that the show took the time to present the characters, their relationships, etc...but I feel it could have been done a bit faster. Or maybe I think this because we have only have 10 episodes left. I was so worried for Dong Mae and his people this episode, I was glad to see Hotaru go to the glory hotel, Hina helping Dong Mae in her own way, Ae Shin and Hina kicking richard simmons together... The japanese policemen should be afraid because Dong Mae won't be locked up for long. The scene where Hee Sug helped Eugene was hilarious (I feel Eugene took more hit from him than from Dong Mae's men lmao). The king feel more and more powerless and it pains me, he tries everything he can but it's not enough... Will Eugene and Ae Shin point guns at each other again? Or will Eugene join the righteous army (is it too early for him, will we get a time jump)? Sorry as usual I'm not good at analysing everything like you guys do, I can't do metas but I'm glad some people are doing it, this drama deserve it. Get my messy thoughts instead I wonder why we got no preview for the next episode, it makes me nervous, what are they hiding us D:
  13. loversbridge

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    Episode 13 was a bit on the slow side for me but Hee Sung killed me with his denial in front Ae Shin's grandad D: Dong Mae caring about Hina warmed my heart (yes I'm shipper trash I'm sorry). Also Lee Wan Ik wanting to marry his daughter to Hee Sung...What do you think about this guys? Even if the marriage wouldn't work it's pretty funny to think about. Episode 14 looks intense so I can't wait for tomorrow!
  14. loversbridge

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    I'm trying not to think too hard about the ending because I know in my heart it's going to end badly for a majority of the characters. Hee Sung is the character with the biggest death flag for me, and I keep thinking about the flash we got in episode 7 where we could see him with closed eyes and it was night time (I know people said it could be about what the characters wanted but he didn't looked very relaxed there). I'm scared for Hina too because she reminds me of a certain character in Capital Scandal that I loved who died tragically...I'm not too hopeful about the other characters but maybe one of them will survive, I don't know. Ughhh I'm not ready for the ending.
  15. loversbridge

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    Episodes 11 and 12 were pretty great (I can't believe we're mid drama, time pass too fast), 12 seemed even shorter than usual for me and I don't know why. My thoughts: -Lee Wan Ik needs to die asap, poor Hina I hope she free herself from this monster one day (even hearing him walk is frightening). -The Hina x Dong Mae scenes keep making me go . The umbrella scene was a nice surprise because I thought we would only have the scenes from episode 11. -It's nice to see the good sides of HS, but I wish he had even more scenes with him. It may or may not be because I'm a Byun Yo Han fan. -The whole scene with Hotaru and the gang was sad and badass. -I can't believe Eugene eat the paper things we do for love loool. -I found the song used at the end of episode 12 weird, maybe a bit too modern? Who is ready for the pain from episode 13 next week? Not me.