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  1. Oh sorry I didn't know that, thank you for telling me!
  2. Since I can't get over the Ghost Detective at the moment here are the music videos I found on youtube and really enjoyed, maybe it'll make someone else want to give it a try:
  3. loversbridge

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    @gm4queen Yes I saw them when I was searching for the Ghost Detective's mv (I always go hunt for mv when I finish a drama). I wish I could do the same or at least make gifs for them but I didn't learn yet (one day if I have less work). I'm thinking about posting the other mv I liked in the Ghost Detective thread...
  4. loversbridge

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    @gm4queen On my watch list I added The Chronicles of Evil, 11:00 AM and Cyrano Agency . I don't know when I'll have time to watch it because my watch list is huuuuge (I'm watching more than 15 dramas at the moment someone stop me please ) but I'll watch it.
  5. The first part of the second episode was really funny, the second part not so much. *Negative opinion here so please feel free to ignore me* From now on I'll concentrate on the things I like in the drama, and I won't dwell on the things I don't like.
  6. Damn this first episode was intense! I can't wait to see the meeting between the clown and the queen, and the relationship between him and Lee Kyu. And I hope his sister will be safe (please someone get rid of that creeepy noble man). Poor clown, I don't think he's ready for this palace life.
  7. loversbridge

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    @gm4queen thank you for your warm welcome!!
  8. Thank you, count me as a new follower in the Daniel Choi's thread. I'm more a silent follower than anything else though but me being silent doesn't mean I don't support my favorite actors and actresses. It's my shy side I'm changing the subject but I'm a bit disappointed I can't buy the Ghost Detective's OST, I mean the physical version. It's a weird thing but I like to buy OST from dramas I really like, it's my way to show my appreciation and it doesn't happens often because I have really few favorite dramas.
  9. I feel like I'm super late to the party but it's not that bad because I really enjoyed this drama from beginning to the end. It was a good decision to binge watch this drama because I would have gone mad from the wait each week lol. Also count me as a new fan of Daniel Choi, it was my first drama with him and I was really impressed with his acting so I want to see more of him now. But I don't want to forget the other actors because thanks to all of them I enjoyed each minutes of the team working together to defeat Sunwoo Hye (kudos to Lee Ji Ah too). And the otp, omg what can I say, they were written for me and I'm dying because the only season 2 I'll get will be the one I create in my mind No but seriously each glances, touches, it killed me! They had more chemistry than most of more popular kdramas pairings and they didn't even kiss. If you know dramas with the same kind of interactions between the leads please tell me because I'm dying here. And the ending was bittersweet but I loved it for the exact same reason. It's a good open ending for me and I loved it very much
  10. My timing is really good this time: I just finished 100 days my prince! But sadly it didn't impress me much , I hope this drama will be better! I enjoyed the movie at least so I know what to expect of the story, I just worry about the pacing. But anyway, I can't wait to start this drama!!
  11. loversbridge

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    I just saw Miss Baek and I can recommend it to everyone because it's a really good movie, the kind of movie that stays with you (I still feel like I'm going to burst into tears at any moment). And of course Han Ji Min deserved her award and I hope it opens new doors in her acting career. I'm so proud of her for this role but I want to applaud the rest of the cast too, the writer and the filming crew.