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  1. I'm waiting for this drama more than I'm waiting for Game of Thrones last season tbh. I hope we get a trailer soon.
  2. I can't believe LK is dead . His life would have been so different if he run away with Woon Shim when he was younger... I want to applaud Kim Sang Kyung for his acting as Lee Kyu, he's trully talented and I hope to see him in other dramas and movies. Another great episode that makes me long for the last one (but I'm a bit scared too). Please dramas gods be good to us!!
  3. I catch up with the latest episodes and since episode 6 I'm truly addicted to this drama. I wonder how the story will end (I hope for a satifying ending). Now I don't know if anyone will be able to answer my question but do you know when the complete ost will be released and if we'll get a physical version of it? Because I'm ready to buy it.
  4. I have to admit they look really good together . Despite my love for Han Ji Min I was hesitant to start the drama because I wasn't sure it was for me (I prefer sageuk, fantasy or SF dramas) and I'm not the biggest fan of Nam Joo Hyuk, but after seeing gifs and this photoshoot I want to give this drama a shot.
  5. What a good surprise! I can't to seethese both act together and I want to know more about the plot and the characters asap!! 2019 is spoiling me lately
  6. @triplem Wow the Queen actress is really disliked, saying she doesn't look like a queen is a bit stupid because what did these people think rulers looked like? Supermodels?? It's a bit ridiculous... And Bae Doo Na isn't liked too apparently: is there a controversy surounding her that I'm not aware of?
  7. I just finished the drama and I can't wait for the second season (the cinematography ) but I wish the drama took a bit more time with its characters. I really enjoyed Seo Bi and Young Shin characters the most. Ryoo Seung Ryong played his role perfectly too. I think it's the kind of drama I can recommend to people who don't watch kdramas.
  8. Since I can't get over the Ghost Detective at the moment here are the music videos I found on youtube and really enjoyed, maybe it'll make someone else want to give it a try:
  9. @gm4queen Yes I saw them when I was searching for the Ghost Detective's mv (I always go hunt for mv when I finish a drama). I wish I could do the same or at least make gifs for them but I didn't learn yet (one day if I have less work). I'm thinking about posting the other mv I liked in the Ghost Detective thread...
  10. @gm4queen On my watch list I added The Chronicles of Evil, 11:00 AM and Cyrano Agency . I don't know when I'll have time to watch it because my watch list is huuuuge (I'm watching more than 15 dramas at the moment someone stop me please ) but I'll watch it.
  11. The first part of the second episode was really funny, the second part not so much. *Negative opinion here so please feel free to ignore me* From now on I'll concentrate on the things I like in the drama, and I won't dwell on the things I don't like.
  12. Damn this first episode was intense! I can't wait to see the meeting between the clown and the queen, and the relationship between him and Lee Kyu. And I hope his sister will be safe (please someone get rid of that creeepy noble man). Poor clown, I don't think he's ready for this palace life.
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