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  1. I want it.... But hahaha... I have to think again. I want to make sure that the dvd is not fan made. So i need the Korean page to make sure it. If the dvd making by KBS, i will consider to buy it hahaha...
  2. Hii, i have question about dvd pre order. Do you have official link of dvd preorder? i means with Korean language
  3. So, pre order still in process if the quota is full right? I want it so badly! But, after I checked the price and handling fee and charge, omg i can't buy it now. Haha. So sad, because i am pretty sure that aaaall of our questions would answered on the DVD scenes huhu. All of not aired footages, BTS, aaaarrrrggghh, i want i want~
  4. Yeess, its better for them to start becoming friend, and then a couple haha. Now, they are very young. They have a loong way to go to reach their dreams. And hoping married in the end haha. Just my imagination
  5. I even checked their IG to make it sure haha. Btw, SKJ account was in the list of GSY's followed, but i couldnt find Gsy account on SKJ IG. They followed each other right?
  6. IU?? huwaaaa, i dont mind if the female lead are IU or GSY because i love them both hehe But, idk i just want tincan couple become a couple again in another drama Lol. Their chemistry was catched my attention. Shipper thread? whats that? May i know that thread? where? haha i shipped them both really from now on
  7. I hope SKJ will be pair again with GSY in his new drama Something about Us. I'm really looking forward for this drama and really curious about the female lead. Jaebal, let them be a couple for one more time Lol
  8. Yeeay, i'm really excited for this upcoming drama! Actually i don't know the actress, but as long as SKJ as the main lead, i will wait and watch it Lol So, this drama is pre produced drama?
  9. So excited read all of thoughts here. And i can't wait to share my opinion to you all guys I will share after i watch. See yaa
  10. I think because his mom thought and treated roboshin like her real son (really like human)
  11. I agree with you~~~ I still believe that NS's behaviour will change in the end. Jaebal writer nim
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