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  1. This is confusing to me too. In the book However, in the drama it really seems like mortal Jin Mi develops a much deeper understanding of love. I wonder if the immortal JM is simply going to go back to the way she was before her trial (which would fit with the book better, but wouldn't really make sense in the drama), or if the cracks in her unfeeling pill are going to impact her character going forward.
  2. I'm also annoyed by this, but I don't think it's really the writers' fault that this is happening. I think they are doing a very good job at creating a three-dimensional villain with motivations viewers can sympathize with. It's a lot easier for them to write a villain who is evil and power-hungry for no real reason (like the Heavenly Empress), but writing a complex villain makes for a better show. There are a lot of dramas that only have villains like the Heavenly Empress, and honestly they are kind of boring after a while. I think it's much more interesting to watch someone who you can sympathize with, and struggle with watching them slowly become more and more twisted. It's true that they've been spending a LOT of time on RY for the past few episodes, but I don't think that that pattern will keep going until end of the drama. Once they finish RY's backstory (which seems to be wrapping up in the next episode), I think the drama will go back to focusing on XF and JM.
  3. omg I don't think my heart is going to last past monday...
  4. lol I think it's an unspoken rule in C-dramas--bad guys who are women always wear bright red lipstick.
  5. I honestly don't see how Night's character is significantly different from the novel version. The major difference is that in the novel, we don't find out the whole truth about Night's backstory and desire for revenge until much later in the story. Aside from that, the drama's story about his childhood and his mother's sad fate is just a more detailed depiction of what happened in the novel. I think Night in the drama and in the novel are pretty much the same character--justified in taking revenge, but not justified in how they manipulate Jin Mi into their revenge plot. Also, I think some people here are misunderstanding the scene where Night confesses his love to Jin Mi in front of the Water God. He already knew Jin Mi was the Water God's daughter, so all that talk about him being willing to suffer the consequences of breaking his marriage contract to be with Jin Mi was a bluff. He knew that none of that would happen anyway, so pretending that he would be willing to be punished that doesn't show any sincerity on his part.
  6. He's not exactly reborn--it's more like resurrection.
  7. The coffin scene takes place The series has a happy ending, don't worry.
  8. It looks like they're going to incorporate material from the epilogues into the ending, so it probably won't be as abrupt as it is in the novel.
  9. Oh I see. But how exactly would the Empress kill Jin Mi permanently as a mortal? Isn't the whole point of mortal trials that you die during them, and then revive as your original self?
  10. Can someone who understands the raws explain what exactly is the deal with Jin Mi's mortal trial and how the Heavenly Empress is involves?
  11. Hallelujah! 4udrama now has subs up until episode 4
  12. According to the author of the novel (who also worked on the script for the drama), the novel and drama are extremely similar. I don't think they're going to change the ending.
  13. Why wouldn't he? He's the emperor, what is anyone going to do to him? Plus, he was so obsessed with and possessive of the previous Flower Deity, it makes sense that he would be proud of the idea that she ended up bearing his child...