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  1. oh boy I'm going to cry again today aren't I
  2. when JM told XF she wished she could go back to the time when everyone lived happily together...I couldn't stop crying also @dramacraze9006 thanks so much for the translations! much appreciated
  3. Does anyone know what XF is saying in that last gif? Seems like he isn't even mad at the bride-switching...? Also YIKES at that gif of RY...I'm starting to feel like they are going overboard with his evilness. I really don't know how the changes to his character are going to fit with his ending in the novel...
  4. He knows he didn't commit the murder, and he knows his mother didn't do it, so the only remaining possibility is that a third person learned how use the Glass Fire. He doesn't need to know the details of how it happened to know that a third person must have learned how to use the Glass Fire. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
  5. Wow, XF really is a birdbrain. He knows someone killed JM's dad and stepmom, and he knows that he didn't do it...so who on earth does he think did it? He keeps saying it's impossible for SH to use the Glass Fire, but he knows SOMEONE other than himself and his mother must have used the Glass Fire to kill JM's parents. Even if he doesn't want to believe JM, he has to admit that someone close to his mother is the likeliest suspect, both in terms of ability and motive. And c'mon, isn't he at least curious to find out who framed him? I really want to smack some sense into that pretty little head of his right now...
  6. Thanks! Can you explain what the "neidan" that SH ordered JM to give her is? I'm still confused...
  7. Does anyone know if this drama has a release date yet? Looking forward to it...
  8. Some other stills/gifs from that scene:
  9. I think you're misunderstanding the reason novel readers are upset. The fact that RY has a sad backstory itself is not the issue, because his backstory is essentially the same in the novel. The difference is that the novel doesn't spend a lot of time telling his backstory (since it all happens before the start of the novel), while the drama spends an ENORMOUS amount of time on it. I personally like his backstory because I find three-dimensional villains more interesting to watch than one-dimensional villains (like the Heavenly Empress). But I think the amount of time spent on his backstory is excessive and came at the expense of the other main characters. Another reason people are upset is because they changed certain important scenes in order to give RY a bigger role, taking away certain lines/actions away from XF. It's one thing to spend time developing a character, but it's another thing entirely to develop a character by cannibalizing another important character's role in the story. As an aside, XF protects his mother from the Water God's attack in the novel too, so that's not a difference between the novel and drama.
  10. oh god I REALLY hope they don't do this...they need to stop messing with JM's redemption arc
  11. I know right?? Honestly the most heartbreaking part of the wedding scene...
  12. I read the novel and although I have mixed feelings about some of the changes, I still think the story is solid overall. The biggest change from the novel was the addition of the trial in the mortal realm, which I think added a lot of emotional depth to the drama. Another fairly big change is JM's relationship with XF after she starts to suspect him of killing her father. In the novel, she never accuses him of killing her father. She actually pretends not to suspect him at all, lets him visit her frequently during the three years, and pretends to want to marry him. I like that they changed this in the drama, because I didn't think it made sense for the naive and straightforward JM to suddenly become so manipulative and two-faced. It made much more sense for her to be straightforward with her suspicions and confront him right away, like she does in the drama. One thing I am not a fan of is how they changed XF's character. I really don't understand why they made him into such a big mushy sap in the drama. In the novel, he really earned the title "God of War" not just in his military feats but with his domineering personality as well. He really knew how to throw his weight around and wasn't just this helpless bystander afraid to step on anyone's toes. There was this one extremely memorable scene I really wish they put in the drama where he rushes straight from the battlefield to interrupt the official announcement for RY and JM's wedding, barging into throne room wearing his armor and covered in blood. They also rewrote a lot of scenes to downplay the aggressive and domineering side of his personality--for example, the "mutual cultivation" scene, the scene where he fight his mother to protect JM, and the battle during the wedding. He also never had the brotherly relationship with RY that they show in the drama--they were hostile to each other pretty much from the beginning of the novel. In the drama, there are a couple of scenes where XF tries to reconcile with RY that I think are both a waste of screen time and a unwanted departure from XF's original proud and unforgiving character. However, I do see one benefit to XF's softer character--I like how he seems much more conflicted and emotional in the previews of his interactions with JM after his resurrection. In particular, there's a scene where JM turns to walk away from him and he stops her from leaving by hugging her from behind (something he definitely does not and would not do in the novel). So I do look forward to seeing the changes in his character as Demon Lord. As an aside, although I don't like how they rewrote the wedding battle scene to give RY the upper hand, I really like XF's actual death scene. I could never picture the proud Phoenix from the novel desperately grabbing onto JM to ask her if she ever loved him, but I still found that scene incredibly poignant in today's episode.
  13. But why is RY in the room when XF wakes up? That part still makes no sense... I'm going to go against the prevailing thought and say that while the changes annoy me, I don't think that they have reduced the quality of the drama too much. I think it's still essentially a compelling story, and I have no desire to drop it. However...if they really did change XF's resurrection, then they really did go too far. That would completely mess up the rest of the story.
  14. Yup. We'll just have to wait for her to use it...
  15. They didn't dwell on this too much in the drama, but in the book the author makes it clear that no one would have been able to kill the Water God if he hadn't given up half his lingli in order to make Jin Mi's dagger. This is also why Jin Mi feels like she is personally responsible for his death. The Wind Goddess doesn't die in the book (she isn't involved with fight at all), so I agree with you that she shouldn't have been killed so easily.