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  1. Sorry for out of the topic in here. But this quote remembered me a few days ago i read news about Hollywood couple, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating for 5 years. Wow 5 years! How could top celebrities like them hide their status for so long. No medias and no photos. This is also why i suddenly connect these stuffs to parkparkcouple. Beside denials from their agencies and semi-denials from ppc, my instinct (delulu, literally.lol) still says they are dating before WWWSK drama. 1 or 2 years. Hihihii. Ps: so sorry moderator, i do not know how to remove picture quote from my post.
  2. Jjinja keumanhae...I'm tired of these discussions. In shipper world, so many shippers express their loves for their idols in many ways. Just pray for the good, watch her film, attend the concerts, write some support comments in bias's IG, send a gift, linking habit or event this and that, etc. But hey i like shipper in here, i like shippers from IGs too. I'm enjoyed all informations about parkparkcouple. No need to take it seriously. Just all of you in here and they all in IGs express your love for parkparkcouple in different ways. I dont know if this is your first ship or not, or you first in shipper paradise forum. But i think you must visit some shipper forums in here or IG. See the behaviour similarities shipper from forum to forum. Some calm some extreme. Lol. Just enjoy the ride, guys!! Enjoy the rollercoaster!! *pardon for my "poor" english, i try my best. *
  3. Gosh.. Im feeling deja vu now like 1-2 years ago, SongSong era. I hate this atmosphere when fellow shipper with same boat talk behind each other's back. Jjajeungna.. Dear park seo joon-ssi and park min young-ssi.. Let me beg something to both of you, can you make second account instagram for your private life? So your shipper not delulu your actions in social media. Your first acct just for work. Okay? (Like they will read my opinion here. Lmao) So what are we doing here if no clue about you both? We are soooo patiently wait for the confirmation of dating/marriage news from you. Ok. Have to go back to my real life. Money.. Wait me.. (Read:work) Have a great day, good people!!
  4. Thank you for the answer! But i thought from last year interview like @MeritaG said. Lol.
  5. https://m.mwave.me/en/news/news/view/100966/Park-Min-Young-Says-She-Wants-to-Get-Married-When-She′s-35 Like PMY said before in the interview, let's wait this ship sail in May when she turns 35. 2019? 2020? Or 2018? As soon as possible, minyoungie unnie seojun oppa~ PS. After SSC, finally i'm back again to Shipper Paradise! And im forgot my old account's password. Lol. Greeting from me!