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  1. So ZZH is leaving Yu Zheng (link), I wonder if it's because Zhao Ge is never going to air. I guess it's true that other than Yun Xi, I didn't love any of his other dramas that I tried watching. Hopefully now he's free to pick better projects.
  2. Thanks for the rec! I like to binge watch so will wait until the subs are done but definitely putting it on my watch list. I think he was a model before so yeah, definitely chiseled. He's pretty tall at 6'2 and I thought he was one of the better looking emperors in ancient dramas. He's also in Mr. Swimmer with the actress who plays Yun Xi... too bad that drama was unwatchable for me.
  3. Thanks for the linky! I'll probably give it a try, hopefully it won't turn out like Mr. Swimmer, which I tried so hard to like but couldn't make it past the first few episodes.
  4. I just checked out those pictures too. They're definitely going for a ... uhh... different look than the last colorful CX/MC version. What's the new drama with both the leads from Colourful Bone called? Kind of unusual for them to be reunited in another drama already. Wouldn't it be so great to see LFY & HYX in another drama together? I would totally watch that. I was really surprised to hear they were making another Condor Heroes so soon, last one was not that long ago. I'm actually looking forward to seeing HSDS even though it would've been better if ZZH was playing ZWJ. Last version was 2009, so I think once every decade is probably good.
  5. I really like Ruyi's work and it amazes me that she's translating such a gargantuan project by herself. Of course life happens and I hope she's ok. Whens she goes missing for a while, I start getting scared the project will get dropped altogether. Thank you for the recommendation! I'll definitely put it on my reading list. Please let me know if you have any other recs. I prefer to read about how the main couple slowly develop feelings rather than just because, and I'm especially partial to ice cube male leads. I hear a lot of people complain about Mary Sue characters in dramas, but it's so much worse in (some/most) novels! Colourful Bone had an interesting premise but it just seemed to take a huge detour after the initial episodes. I heard that the lead actor is going to be Yang Guo in the new Condor Heroes remake, and I'm kind of looking forward to seeing him in a better wig.
  6. I have no self control so couldn't stop myself from gobbling up all the chapters. But yeah, waiting for chapters is kind of painful, not sure why but the author has stopped translating again. At this rate I don't even know if the book will even be done in 2-3 years. I think I might just re-read it from beginning once it's all translated because I'm already starting to forget character names/plot lines. I've dabbled in a few other translated novels,, but nothing comes close to Yun Xi in terms of character development and world building. There are so many transmigration stories for some reason, and it seems like the female lead is always hated by many many female characters and loved by many many male characters. It's really odd actually. I haven't really found anything good to watch either (and now you're making me want to rewatch Yun Xi again too lol). I started watching Colourful Bone but it's not really doing it for me even though the male lead actor is attractive enough. I heard some good things about Ever Night but I like to marathon watch so will wait until it's done airing (although I heard there's a season 2?). Wonder if Zhao Ge will really air this month...
  7. I'm caught up to the available translated chapters, and Ning Jing does show up (and does a not so nice thing to Tang Li!), but HYX hasn't even met her yet at chapter 600+. My memory is a little fuzzy but there is at least one non-antagonistic female character!
  8. I absolutely love that we were shown how they fell for each other, instead of just told, both in the novel and in the drama. One of my pet peeves in dramas is when the male lead gets dumbstruck by the girl at first sight and inexplicably loves her forever after. Nothing wrong with instant physical attraction, but I need more meat in my OTP relationship. The part I enjoy the most is seeing HOW the couple falls in love, so I feel cheated if it's just because he/she is attractive. Yes, waiting for the giant ice cube to melt was suuuuper slow, but it just made it that much more rewarding every time there's a chapter of their interaction. I have to admit some points in the novel didn't sit well with me, but overall it was a really good read.... and I'm excited that the translator just resumed translating! I was waiting for Mr. Swimmer to finish airing before watching... too bad it doesn't seem like reviews are too positive? Is December a confirmed airing date for Zhao Ge? I hope they at least air this year! Wonder why it took so long. Doesn't look like ZZH has any more historical dramas lined up after that... so sad! I hope he gets good projects after LOYX's popularity bump (for his sake and mine hahaha ).
  9. Novel LFY & HYX are a lot more *ahem* hands on than in the drama lol.... I didn't think they could keep their hands off each other for another 200+ chapters! If you want a preview, take a look at Ch. 527 and Ch. 570... they get quite frisky hehehe. I'm officially through the available translated chapters and I'm now having both drama AND novel withdrawal. I tried starting a couple new dramas and nothing's really giving me that cracky feeling...
  10. Wow I didn't know about the beauty filter but it makes a lot of sense now why everyone looks so perfect in recent dramas. Yes! But what's with nearly all the women in the book always scheming against HYX. And why are all the men in love with HYX and all the women with LFY?? I second this! I was so underwhelmed by that body double's behind hahaha.
  11. Novel Yun Xi is so fierce! I love how she always ups the ante when people try to bring her down. Also, girl is kinda obsessed with making people take their clothes off in public lol. I hope the translator is ok... she did a really good job with the translation! Granted this is my first translated novel but I'm so hooked!! I'm on Ch. 360 and dreading reaching the end of available chapters already. Given that there's still 700+ chapters to go and she does 1 chapter a day... it's going to be about 2 years before it's done? Not sure if it's because I'm imagining ZZH & JJY but their chemistry even in the book is off the charts! Their scenes together especially when they start getting physical are kinda hot.
  12. That's real fan dedication lol. I'm on Chapter 40, and it's actually really good! I didn't realize how short the chapters are, so the number of chapters is not as crazy intimidating as it seemed. I like that I can visualize ZZH and JJY as the characters... it's like getting to "watch" the drama again with fresh scenes!
  13. My favorite ZWJ is probably Tony Leung (i'm sure that ages me lol) because I grew up watching that. For some reason they like to cast old-looking ZWJ in other versions. I also really liked the Alyssia Chia/Gao Yuan Yuan combo too, Ady An was fine but the Zhou Zhi Ruo in that version was a horrible miscast. The newest version's Zhao Min (Chen Yu Qi) actually really reminds me of Alyssia Chia. I've never heard of the actor playing ZWJ... I just know he's not ZZH, too bad. I was so distracted by how orange-y tan ZZH looks in Legend of Ban Shu lol. Not sure why it is but everyone just looks... less attractive in that drama. Even Merxat and Dilraba looked odd in it.
  14. Yes their scenes are pretty few and far between, but they have so much chemistry when they're together so it's quality over quantity. I honestly had never heard of ZZH until Legend of Yun Xi, and was surprised to find out that he's been in the industry for quite a while. I didn't even know that Yu Zheng has his own actors/actresses, seems like his more popular dramas are ones featuring leads that are not his? (Zhao Li Ying in Legend of Lu Zhen, Yang Mi in Gong, etc)
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