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  1. RIGHTTTTT? Enough to grab her hand and lead her away. Compared to his own entrance earlier!
  2. The APAN awards have a "Best Couple Category" too!! It looks like it wasn't held in 2017 but the 2016 winners were Song-song couple Hehehe...I love this. Did you really like Rollercoasters JHI? Or you just saying that to spend more time with SYJ?
  3. I feel like that is inevitable. SHK and SYJ have been compared since the beginning of their careers, especially during Autumn in my Heart/Summer Scent. The hard-core netizens from the early 2000s always hated one and loved the other, usually to SYJ's detriment since she didn't concentrate as much on dramas. She also had a lot of female haters back in the day. I can't remember what changed but she got through those days and I'm sure she'll be supportive of all the hate JHI has been getting. But it really doesn't matter since he's in such demand for CFs. As for KNG, she enjoyed the attention but she probably wanted to slaughter him just as much. SYJ and HB look so good...it's not surprising the focus is so much on their image. It'll be interesting to see how the movie does... Count me in on the optimistic shippers! They are both suspiciously quiet right now.....not even on instagram! I like to think that they are holed up in SYJ's house hahaha. From the translations I've seen, it sounds like one of the reporters noted that in their press conferences, JHI and SYJ talk as if it was the "story of us" and not of the individual and that the last time the reporter felt that way was in a DotS press conference. I had a quick look back at some of their mini interviews (VLive, first PC), sometimes, they would take questions meant for the other and answer on their behalf or add little anecdotes. Even though it was relatively early in filming, they learned a lot about each other pretty quickly.
  4. Hope you will join us in posting more often @Cotton Candy! The more the merrier! Like you, I have followed SYJ for many years and seen her evolution as an actress. I found out about this show when I came upon the Baeksang RC video and was shocked to see her holding his hand. All the videos are of her entrance but when he came in, he quickly rushed in and just kept bowing. He didn't walk past the initial photo wall. He seemed so nervous. However when SYJ arrived, he completely changed. He led her, held her hand and puffed out his chest. She made him confident. (I'll try to find the video later, but 99% was on the hand hold). They have several pictures together where they were holding hands outside of shooting so they were obviously very comfortable with each other. As for him being honest with his feelings...I recall a few interviews were he stated that he acted with sincerity. He also talked about his real life emotions not being separate from his acting. SYJ commented on her envy towards that - that he is so "green" in acting that he is able to feel so fully and she cannot anymore. His brother also stated he would not follow JHI into acting because it was too real or something like that. Like @sscllccrazy mentioned, JHI spoke about how jealous he got in the final episode when JA was talking to her boyfriend on the stairs. I interpret that these were real emotions for him. Him even sharing these little vignettes in the interviews makes it sound like those were important feelings for him. There were a few other little things. From my understanding (and I read some Korean interviews via Google translate so sometimes it's just confounding to try), JHI used to think showing love was through actions and he has learned that words and communication are important through this drama. He also noted that he thought JH's love for JA took a lot of bravery and courage, things he did not have yet. I think I read he wanted to get married sooner than later and in @thi2018's translated interview, he wants to have a life outside of acting and that he thinks love can transcend cultural norms. What I found most interesting was that he shared they had talked about a relationship and that it's open possibility. There's no denial yet! Also SYJ and the ring - I can so see her sticking out her tongue and saying "merong merong"
  5. So much to respond to but I'll start here. It kind of looks like this one with a gold band but really hard to tell since we don't have HQ pics of the ring from the Press Conference. The one she wore is really tricky, it just melds into her hand in some pictures (including the diamond) so it's rather inconspicuous. If it is indeed an engagement ring, it kind of reminds me of the necklace that JH gave to JA in Ep 15 for some reason. IF IT'S ADVERTISEMENT, she was definitely mischievous by killing two birds with one stone - knowing the shippers and the advertisements...I'm not sure the earrings were from Ganeshi, I had a quick glance but the style doesn't match Ganeshi earrings (it's also so inconspicuous. I didn't even see the dangly part until I relooked this AM.) Y'know, she could picked a necklace (not a bracelet since it would have been hidden by the dress) if it were advertisement!!!
  6. What a blur of a few days! I'm surprised the Korean press hasn't hounded her yet!!! Like @sscllccrazysaid, she's so clever with the media, she absolutely knows what the shippers would be watching her, and she definitely surprised all of us! The way she played with the ring seems like she was just given it. If only somebody would just confirm what we are all thinking/praying/hoping for! @thi2018 thank you again for the article you translated. It seems like JHI is the stubborn guy who will live a life outside of acting. It sounds like if he wants something, he will do everything he could do for it. And in this case it is SYJ. He's the jealous type - he got jealous looking at photos for JA and her ex in the BTS! Can't imagine what he might be feeling seeing HB and SYJ ( @Oww TooCute they do look good together too, but thankfully not as good!) doing press.
  7. OMG. For those who actually understand Korean (I'm not) here's the original video from the press. I think I found the moment (just press play) she was starring at the ring. I CAN'T IMAGINE HER AGENCY NOT SAYING ANYTHING TOMORROW.
  8. Thanks for your hard work @thi2018! Interesting interview...have to read it again later. SYJ Press Conference! I am from Canada, but IS THAT A WEDDING RING ?!?! FOURTH FINGER. SMALL BAND.
  9. Thanks @thi2018 - are you translating all of this yourself? It is indeed from the May post-drama interview but there was a lot in this particular version that had not been printed! The photo with the white top looks to have been taken by the photographer for the show, who also accompanied JHI to Cambodia. Looking through the photographer's instagram...she also worked on Descendents of the Sun....with the Song-song couple...Hhehehe... I'm not sure exactly what she views about marriage, but it has certainly changed over the years. I woke up to my Youtube linking me to interviews from her Alone in Love era. I wish they had eng subtitles because I've always wondered whether that particular drama shaped her views of love (it did for me back then when I was a teen!). I think she doesn't see marriage as the "end game" like you've won a game and that's it. For so many years she has been asked about this marriage question as if that was the ultimate goal in life. It isn't. It's about the little things that you do for your partner everyday to show them you love them. I think this really shifted for her with this drama where JH and JA tried to protect their love and each other regardless of their obstacles. I continue to be gobsmacked by SYJ in the BTS, interviews and everything. I haven't seen Be with you yet but I checked out a Vlive with her and Jo Ji Sub where they are sitting really close together...she actually leans away subtlely for a lot of the interview. With JHI, she's always playing with her hair and when they have private conversations, her voice drops. From one girl to another, those are the little signs of at least a crush if nothing else! With all the talk about SYJ's seniority in the industry, she's never been so intimate with a co-star on-screen and off-screen... @Cedric Ong thanks for all the CFs! Wow JHI looks like he's everywhere now!
  10. This is amazing. I have seen it too many times it's ridiculous haha. JHI was recently in Cambodia with Noh Hung-chul... Noh Hong Chul was also at the Fanmeet. Funny story back to SYJ - she went to Brazil for the World Cup of Soccer with Infinite Challenge. In her "audition" it turned out that Noh Hong Chul had met her and Gong Hyo Jin for dinner and told SYJ that she basically dressed horribly. SYJ was not happy with him. But they went to Brazil together! I wonder what JHI and NHC talked about in Cambodia! ETA I don't know how to post IG pics!!!
  11. She understands the downfall of the industry and how one misstep can totally destroy a career and she's been careful about that for almost 20 years now! She's notoriously private with her life, hence, no dating scandal except for that mini-one which she practically started herself. She'll also be careful to stay focused on the movie when she's doing the press. In a Vlive she did for Be With You, JHI texted her to tell her he was watching and the MC tried to get her to call him but she refused citing that he may have been busy and that she was there to promote her film not the drama. SYJ will also protect JHI as much as she can "like So Ji Sub did for me on Be With You" (I don't think she needed much protection then lol). Like @Oww TooCute said, SYJ seems to be very nice and in their BTS, always showed concern about JHI (IMO in a girlfriend-type of way!) so she probably wouldn't want to be a part of a fanmeeting. Besides, their phones are full of selfies with each other and even though we haven't had a public sign of support, I'm sure she would have sent him something privately lol. She's also been constantly asked about getting married. I feel really bad for actors/actresses who are unmarried and in their 30s to 40s. They can't go out without being hounded so how are they going to meet people?!?! And then they get asked all the time about their status! (Just watched a guerilla date with SYJ's ex-co-stars Jo In Sung and Jung Woo-Sung haha) Hopefully we continue to have the crumbs on Instagram - they were both off instagram for several weeks before JHI's recent deluge....hmmmmmm. We need the little brother to give us more tidbits! I hold solace that there has been real denial from anybody still. No agency, No SYJ and No JHI. In SYJ's thread, @thi2018 posted about a movie that she was supposedly casted in but her agency said that wasn't true. How come they denied that so quickly and not this? I'm sure the heat on their possible relationship has been pretty big in SK, given how big it is on my YT channels (hehe!) given how big the drama was - yet nothing!
  12. Not only do they talk freely, it seems like they have even talked about it [being in a relationship] as he implied in the post-series interviews! Rewatching the red carpet - JHI was so nervous when he first arrived by himself and he transformed when she arrived - pumped out his chest, and led the way. Let's see what the news will bring at the fan meet today!
  13. I had a look at the end of May interviews where SYJ and JHI were interviewed separately where they addressed whether they were dating. I believe this interview was from that set - where she mentions the 80% acting partnership and other things. I compared several English sources and it sounded like she mischievously said "No we are not dating. But ask him" and he coyly replied with "You never know!" (I want to believe this particular interview misquoted her!) Some of those articles: https://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00120771.html http://my.castko.com/archives/26781 She also has a history of mischievous interviews (my fav!) They have this "harmony" about the two of them. Two kindred souls. An immature 36 year old noona with a mature 30 year old could be a very good match! Let's continue to hope!
  14. I've been following SYJ since her early days and I'm finally out of hiding haha. This really seemed like a project that got her personally. She's played mothers, divorced women, older-than-her-age etc but this seemed to be the first time she played her age with a relevant storyline. I wonder whether this made the connection to the story, to JHI and PD harder to shake off. Perhaps she will need time to process her emotions and decide what is real or not. From all her projects and BTS over the years, SYJ was always the consummate professional. In the BTS for SITR, there was a big difference in how she related to JHI and PD. I'm shocked that she actually let JHI hold her hand at the awards' ceremony, especially given how the industry puts such a spotlight onto these things (especially, after they held hands at the Press Conference too!) if they will only remain acting partners. I hope one day we will hear happy news from them!