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  1. @pttt97 don't be mad !!! I really see it , although I just want to see them together! I swear he was a bumbling fool because his pretty noona wasn't beside him. She immediately calms him down (watch Baeksang RC vids!) - that's a relationship goal! I also wouldn't compare SYJ's speech to his. She's been doing this for 18 years AND she knew she got the award so she was practiced. To me, it was obvious that they didn't tell him he got the acting award as well. Look at how fast he ran up to the stage! I also feel you @thi2018. She's the only Asian actress I follow for the past 15+ years and in some ways she's been hero of mine with dealing with all those marriage/dating questions, that can easily be applied to my own life. What I will say from all these years of watching her is I've never seen her so happy. Sometimes things are lost in translation but my professional training kicks in. She's always been the girly girl when it came to the movies, but never in real life. And we see it only with JHI. As for the APAN, I don't think it was much about JHI that she didn't attend. Like the Seoul International...only winners attended. I can't find anything but I have a feeling this award has been shrouded in controversy over all. They skipped last year's ceremony. The auditorium was not filled in the back. No "losers" attended, and even some winners didn't bother show up. I have a feeling that SYJ's manager pulled out when the Daesang winner was announced. It wasn't a prestigious enough award to show up and be a "loser". Besides, is she still in Seoul? Now. I want to see her at HBs new movie's VIP. Actually, I wonder whether he will get an invite.
  2. He got the Popularity Award and the lower tier actor award. Jang So-Yeon (his onscreen sister) got a Best Supporting Actress Award too! Sad SYJ didn't show, but it seemed like most big stars shunned the award. PMY wasn't there to accept her popularity award in person! Of the 5 Daesang noms, I only saw Lee Byung-hun walk to the red carpet. My money is on him to win that one since he's there.
  3. Just checked his FNC schedule...he's confirmed now!! (Just added since I last checked over the wkend) Nothing from SYJ https://fncent.com/?m=bbs&bid=schedule&mod=list&r=CHI&year=2018&month=10&day=13&admin_select_mc_id_cate=&admin_select_mc_id=#det They are both killing it in the Seoul Awards. Apparently voting is til the 20th ....so another 10 days of watching annoying ads.
  4. SYJ was playing catch up yesterday, since PBY had the lead so early on, but the daily totals have been a lot higher for SYJ the past couple of days. SYJ is ahead by 3% and the shipper instagrams have started posting about the voting since we started talking about it here. Thank god it's only for a few more days This award is super weird.. for the main prizes they take 30% from national judge, 70% from prof judge and for the popularity prizes, it's 50% from vote and 50% from the national/professional judge. What are the chances that they get a main award and a popularity award? Do award shows usually give two or spread the wealth? (I'm used to American award shows that spreads the wealth)
  5. Spill the details! I'm gonna remain positive - her manager is getting an award. I can't imagine her not being around to support at least that.
  6. It's pretty boring but I tend to watch the apps when I'm watching TV or standing in line for something so I'm not focusing on it. I've managed to get two devices maxed out for her the past two days and I might throw a vote for him when I feel like it. I'm surprised too! It's not like she can't read English. She's killing us, but now I'm really excited for the APAN on the 13th.
  7. Thanks for correcting the translation. Now it makes sense although I was entertained by the mystery of it all! If you like voting, they are both up for the popularity awards for the Seoul Awards. JHI is leading the male drama category, and SYJ is in 2nd for female movie and picking up steam. Download the App, and watch the annoying ads.
  8. I hesitate to post this because I'm never confident with internet translators, but I use them to get the gist of the messages. She's had a big year and I think she's gained a whole new set of fans with Be With You and Pretty Noona and reminded everybody why she is known as the Queen of the Melo. It had been awhile. This is what I got from papago translator... A lot of people who've all worked so hard.Fans from the seats at every theater.Emotional letters...Thank you so much.Everyone in the theater who welcomed us with a bright smile even though we were exhausted.Thank you. I love you.Our negotiating team trying to negotiate!!I love you all. Something is going on. >> Is this correct? I wonder what does she mean? I also didnt realize the last stop was Daegu. It's her hometown and judging from the videos, there was a lot of people waiting for them at this stop (I believe the Feng Shui group was also in town). It seemed a lot of people were cheering extra loudly for their hometown gal. I think it'll eventually pass 3 mil. It looks like it'll cross 2 mil by next weekend and Hyun Bin will be promoting his next movie so hopefully it'll keep The Negotiation driving towards break even. If it weren't for The Great Battle, I think it would have done a lot better
  9. Negotiation Promotion is over....and SYJ posts one last vid with her and HB, this time more focused on her. And JHI very quickly liked it (assuming, once he returned back from China) Hmm..... I've google translated what she wrote, something is interesting at the end (to me.) if google is correct. She's so thankful and overwhelmed by all the positive comments. She's really had quite a year!
  10. I like PDnim - but NO MORE THIRD WHEEL Also, Negotiation was pretty fun! If y'all get a chance, definitely check it out Actually, her outfit is straight from Pretty Noona. I believe she had been wearing new clothes for all the Seoul stage greetings, but she recycled today's Busan stage greetings down to the coat. Why? We know JHI is out of the country..... My occupation makes me shout "Workplace HAZARD!" but definitely fishy with the long flaps. One more day of Negotiation Stage Greetings after this and then awards season.
  11. Gonna watch Negotiation if I get my act together today! She did surprise us with the Seoul International Awards. I don't remember how updated her calendar is but generally she attends most award shows she's been nominated for (that haven't been boycotted). Besides, she publicly stated that she would like to attend award shows with JHI in her acceptance speech! She won't shy away especially if JHI will get the Pop. Award and her manager who she's been so loyal with for all these years gets an award for managing her! (I think they built the agency solely around her...IIRC) Can't find the original wiki page and they are getting the noms on the main webpage. SYJ was nominated for Best Female in both Movie and Drama. JHI for Best New Actor for Pretty Noona! Nothing for the main drama
  12. Thanks @thi2018! I hope they also show up together!! In the same car! hahaha. They keep changing all the different awards and it looks like this year they have sooo many best actor/actress awards. More important to Global Star Awards - where's the BEST COUPLE AWARDS?!?
  13. That's what happens when a girl likes a boy Her go-to pose when she's with her male co-stars: the arms crossed. I rarely saw it with JHI in all the BTS (Actually can't remember any...but...need to look closer ) We had all the Japan pics, and the only guy to have a solo pic on her IG is still JHI.
  14. Thanks @thi2018 for translating while you are so busy! Well some answers did change, but I'm happy this one didn't!! I don't see the plane symbol and I don't think they have time to go overseas to promote. It opened yesterday in LA, and will open in a couple of locations in Canada on the 28th. They are probably on a bus because they have a couple of movie theatre days booked - 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th according to CJ and then I think that'll be it for this movie. HB has to begin promotion for his other movie Rampant afterwards. IG posts from the official movie distribution. SYJ looks SOOOO happy...and sooooo young! @pttt97 SYJ had to let JHI know of her feelings before giving us HB pics hehe and @katty27 if she would answer my question, I would definitely ask about JHI too Hehe and we never saw these pics with her and JHI because she never friendzoned him.
  15. Heheehe oh me too! I even went through some of her BFFs and I couldn't find another picture that she liked. They have both said recently that if/when they fall in love (with somebody) that they would not regret it and live it honestly (or something like that). Is this their own private way? Ugh, now I am impatient for all the awards they can attend. After all, she regretted not attending the Seoul International with him (He also might have spoiled her at the Baeksang) I can't wait to see this interview. It seemed like the interviewer got nervous around her.