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  1. I'll be happy if ISY+CEW are dating but they should keep it secret and I'm happy too if they are just good friend. They look very comfortable together as friend of course. ISY is very passionate about acting and I'm sure she wants to put more focus on her career in the meantime. CEW is still young and he'll need more experience with acting. In conclusion, THEY SHOULD NOT DATE.
  2. same with you....i barely post anything before this but to show my love for this drama...I've jointed the gang here. I enjoy very much of all the discussion/analysis.
  3. I might be the minority but i don't see WR is acting weird or crazy toward EW, she just being friendly toward him. But I do notice that WR is very close with ISY. ISY has a very friendly and energetic vibe toward everyone around her.
  4. I thought i was crazy when i watched and was hooked with what's wrong with secretary kim (huge fan of PMY)...now i'm crazier with MIIGB (huge fan of ISY too). Both shows are super duper good. With PSY + PMY they are very professional behind the scene but with ISY+CEW they very natural and more friends-like on the behind the scene which I'm very fond of as i don't get sick watching them interact.
  5. I just realized that I'm unable to move on to other show yet. Still checking this thread and re-watching cute youtube videos of ISY + CEW. ISY, CEW, please please have a new project, I want more of you two (don't have to be in the same project).
  6. 2018-09-07 rating per wiki.d-addicts.com 4.768 - Nationwide 5.513 - Seoul you are too fast!!!! the rating still good for cable channel.
  7. Is Friday here yet? This is the only show that I am watching currently as there's no other dramas airing now interests me.
  8. Since waiting for next Friday is crazy long i decided to watch Criminal Mind (ISH segment- episode 6 - 7 to be exact), and Bloom Breeze....Oh boy...ISH can act evil and crazy very well - she's crazy good.
  9. same here...cant' wait. I'm re-watching it from the beginning the 3rd time.
  10. Agreed the whole cast is great. Love Im Soo Hyang even more, and CEW is pretty/beautiful (can't wait for their future projects).
  11. Seems like everyone hates SA. I myself hate her too but that just to show that the actress is pretty good in doing her job.
  12. I feel that Im Soo-hyang is very handy with the guy who play the TA character (if you watch the BTS you will notice that she's always hitting him) as she doesn't do that with CEW (he's too beautiful to get hit).