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  1. Totally agree with your point. Networking is part of what I do for living. Just an example of what happened in the span of one month ago; I work in an industry whereby we manage people as well but not celebrities. Recently a client of mine which is a Fortune 500 company launched one of their subsidiaries in my country and I was invited for the event together with my manager. Since it’s a big company, my manager asked me to invite my company’s MD instead - who is based in another state. He flew down to my city just to attend the event. Why? Networking. He was there just to chit chat with people, exchange business cards. He roamed accross the hall, joining one group to another. Come to think of it, it was just like that scene from ep 1 in WWWSK where LYJ spoke to different groups of people in an event. Of course, my MD is no PSJ/LYJ lol but the situation was somewhat similar. He flew back to his office right after the 2-3 hours event. I guess this is why I said their CEOs were there at the Cosmo event might be for networking. But again, it’s just my assumption and speculation based on my observation and experience
  2. I’m sorry @Cheryl295, no offence but you keep pressing on others about all these bosses issues as if your idea is the righteous one. We all, including you, made assumptions based on our own logics and observations. If you don’t think their bosses were there for work & networking purposes, it’s fine, up to you, whatever floats your boat, we are fine with it, we respect your views. However, I kept seeing you disrespecting others’ views in this matter. I saw you bringing this up in a number of posts saying how wrong others’ assumption is. For me & maybe @tali58 as well, networking is something that we’re familiar with, hence that’s why our view is leaning to that idea. In a space whereby we all make speculations and assumptions, I hope the least that we can do is respect everyone’s view as long as it doesn’t harm our beloved ParkPark. Again, I don’t think this is even an important issue for you to keep highlighting & “correcting” again and again just to prove how “wrong” some views are. EVERYTHING IS MERELY SPECULATION & ASSUMPTION.
  3. I am not sure how you view networking, most networking happens in a few hours events. Exchanging business cards, exchanging numbers, exchanging greetings & few words just to make yourself & your business known to certain people are the most common type of networking. They don’t need the whole day or even a whole 4-5 hours to do so, it’s not like they need to present their business proposals or something. Not gonna totally eradicate the idea of them going there for pure leisure but surely there was some “kill two birds with one stone” happening while they were in the event as well. Anyway, let’s leave it at that. This is not even an important issue when all of our ideas are purely assumptions. Peace.
  4. About their bosses attending the event, I think it was purely work. Cosmo event was attended by numerous big names within the C-ent industry, not to mention maybe some important people from the industry itself. Obviously there’s a huge opportunity for networking & business development. It actually makes sense for the bosses to be there for the sake of their business instead of accompanying PSJ & PMY respectively for nothing when ParkPark already have their managers and entourage following them around. Can’t say they travel for leisure as well since it was merely 1 or 2 days. Just my 2 cents on this matter because i’ve seen some of the most illogical reasoning floating around lol. These bosses surely don’t have that much of free time to fly to China for less than one day for nothing. They are literally running a company okay haha
  5. I’m disappointed with instagram. Is there any other way to report this account ?
  6. Actually if this is true, it’s not that bad too. Means fans generally support him with PMY, don’t mind asking him to sing a song associated with WWWSK & PMY when he was there & even won for FFMW
  7. Actually Two People was originally sung by Sung Si Kyung, released in 2005. Some first & second gen idols covered tuhe song. In 2013, Park Jang Hyun remake the song for The Heirs OST. Maybe a lot of international k-drama fans knew this song from the OST but as far as I know it was well-known amongst Koreans since long time ago and Sung Si Kyung is a famous soloist. Just to clear things off so that we can stop saying Two People is a song from PMY’s ex drama. It is, but that’s not the original & not the more popular version among koreans in general. I doubt PPC even know it’s The Heirs OST.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnOjIElFEHE/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=jlr15qlsje4q Her caption is from LYJ line in ep 9 “hey lips, stop lifting up like that”
  9. Based on the article, she said "지금 사귀는 게 아닌 건 확실하다" whereby there's '지금 = jigeum' in the sentence which means 'now'. To break down the sentence "지금 (now) 사귀는 게 (dating) 아닌 건 (we're not) 확실하다 (for sure/surely)" Hope this helps
  10. http://www.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=266755 this looks like an interesting article. Hope to have someone to translate it, can only understand bits and pieces of it, she even addressed the rumors about their dogs that we shippers have been wondering about.
  11. Talking about their dogs, i am curious as why did PMY dye Leon’s legs ? He was first seen with brown legs in June 2017 and Simba was first seen in PSJ instagram in Jan 2017 I wonder if they ever accidentally exchanged dogs because Leon and Simba are too similar which explains the brown legs to differentiate the two cuties After reading your posts above, there’s a possibility all the dogs pictures posted by PSJ before Jan 2017 might be Leon...
  12. If the guy in beige shirt here is really PSJ as hidden with watermelon sticker in another picture, does that mean both PSJ & PMY are wearing same color today ? Hehe
  13. I see some shippers on IG & Twitter are getting mad/annoyed/disappointed that they haven’t seen any PPC pictures today. As much as everyone wishes and feeling the same to feed our delusions, it’s best not to have high hopes. I don’t think it’s even appropriate to tag them on IG posts demanding their pictures. They don’t owe us anything. Sure, we’ll be ecstatic if we get any but please bear in mind that both PSJ & PMY deserves all the rest & privacy they need for this vacation. Let’s be mature, thougtful & careful shippers without tagging them on our deprivation posts on social media On the side note, since it’s already night time in Phuket... let’s be delulu hehehe
  14. Why do I have a feeling that they’re not even staying in the same hotel with the rest of the group ? Who knows they might have gone to stay in a private high-end villa instead for privacy
  15. Guys, pages back I read a comment saying that besides living nearby each other, PPC also own the same type of cars. Anyone knows the details ? I googled PSJ/PMY cars but nothing much came up. Nothing important but I fancy cars, so as a fan it’ll be great if I know their taste