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  1. I cried... when they finally reunited after she thought CY died... omg. I’m just done watching episode 43 and now I understand why in the opening song we see LQW in a queen suit cause she prob slept w/ the King.
  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAS! Lmao even him asked “if I looked like this would you like me” hahahahahaha
  3. Omg he can’t be CY lmao I mean plsssss lol they replace ZBB by this? He’s like way older wtf haha rip
  4. Episode 35 got me laughed so hard and is probably the best episode so far! I couldn’t agree more with all of you guys said! I don’t know what to add more, I really enjoyed the scenes between CY and HBQ, it was so fking sweet like omggggg I couldn’t hold myself and giggle all the time lmao. Also, I feel so bad for DFS even tho I don’t ship him w/ HBQ but still loooool poor him when HBQ was so mean to him! Aaaaaand oh god, I didn’t want to see her -.- she’s so annoying but here she is, LQW. Funny how HBQ instant changed behavior towards DFS and he’s really enjoying it lmaoooo. Anyways, so glad I’ve been busy kinda those days so I couldn’t watch right after episodes were out so now I still have two episodes to watch hihihihi
  6. In the comment section, the person wrote “don’t worry guys, IWNLYG has a good and beautiful ending” LOOOOOOL IDK IF IT’S TRUE BUT IMMA BELIEVE IT SO GUYS PLS KEEEEEP WATCHING
  7. This scene didn’t happen yet but there’s a lot of chance that it’s them tho...
  8. Omg again?! Saving her? Omg so maaaaaad against CY omggggggg I’m so fking mad...
  9. Guysssss! New spoilers omg!!! @roxnilla7 YES. I agree... I liked Fu Yao so much but the ending seriously -.- I hope this drama gives us a real good ending
  10. Same... Really?! >< Imma feel so cheated if it’s SE... I FKING KNOW RIGHT, I don’t even feel like we’ll have some more kiss scenes besides the one in episode 28 lol rip This kindaaaaaa looks like the last scene/end. I keep prayingggggg Lmao ye and I don’t even think we’ll have a lot from our OTP in the next future episodes -.- since it’s going to be fight fight fight because of biluotian I think someone said it in the post already but as we saw in some videos, it’s DFS who said it was the only way to save her since she becomes her wife then his grandpa won’t hurt her but his grandpa didn’t care and still wanted to kill her -.-
  12. If CY fk up w/ LQW, Imma ship Yun Lang and HBQ LMAOOOOOO btw it was kinda sad when DS accepted to leave by herself loooool
  13. Yes, there is still one in the Mo Manor. I forgot her name tho lmaoooo Liu Qing Yan? Lmao Oh noooo don’t worry he wasn’t lol he was just acting because he wanted to check something or lol I can’t remember but for sure he wasn’t haha @mouse007 YES THERE IS, I think it was a set up for sure but I’m wondering which episode is it >< IKR -.- OMGGGGGGG WHAT WITH XIAO LIU’S FACEEEEE LIKE THERE’S SOMETHING WHEN HE SAID “she is now his... friend” WTF I’M SO MAAAAAAAD @rikimaiu THANK YOU OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU LMAO I’M OK AS LONG AS THEY MADE UP LOOOOL I think I read somewhere that at first it was for BiLuoTian but then he fell in love w/ Ok now I can finally watch hihi!
  14. @mouse007 My bad sorry lol. I just commented as soon as I watched it lol so imma explain it, he was acting since LQW asked him to act like he was into her that’s why he was like this lol because right after he was like “is my acting convincing?” lmaoooooo and LQW almost believed it was real BUT in episode 29 after she got hurt because she wanted to save him, he was really nice to her even allowed her to stay at his place -.- and even Xiao Liu was like “aren’t you too nice towards LQW?” And he instant answered ”shouldn’t I be nice to her????? She can even lose one arm for me” anyways this kinda annoyed me! I just hope he won’t fk up because I’ll be mad affff