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  1. One more thing that this show makes me crave is Chinese style hand made noodles. I have always love noodles but I am so tempted to make my own version of the wide noodles with Sichuan peppers, spring onions and fried egg lol. Every time I saw SS makes it on the show, I really crave it. Drools. Now I am hungry but it’s 11:24 pm here so noooo - I will go to bed and look forward to tomorrow being Wednesday etc.
  2. I probably won’t buy or read the novel based on excerpts I have seen though.
  3. @angelangie I need a quick google and it appears to be based on a web novel as well. There is also Thai translation but it is web based app subscription style. Beyond being about a bunch of young heroes it seems the cast is very young. I don’t even know who is who as the summaries only talk about CFY’s character, Lu Pei - an orphan trying to cultivate but doesn’t seem to have the knack like his peers because he’s special lol (again!)
  4. I can tell there will be a mass exodus of fans from Ever Night automatically giving this series a chance because of CFY. Thanks for this thread and looking forward to the previews.
  5. Ok fellow fans....I just saw episodes 35 + 36:
  6. stella77

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    @phoenixfire25 what are these cute things? Dolls? Cake toppings? Adorable.
  7. Just saw episodes 33 + 34:
  8. @Lmangla thanks for doing the poll again! And I am late in placing my choice: option D please! Sunny needs to be leveled-up!
  9. @Lmangla I am glad I was wrong and it was unexpected. The writing is good! They are asking us to suspend belief and reality but don’t assume that we viewers are stupid! I love at how fast the plot is going forward - straight into all kinds of fun. You should continue the poll after the episodes each week! Like this week: we can ask who throws Yura in jail!
  10. Just saw episodes 31 & 32: Volume 2 - Chapter 24 - of the official Thai novel ends right with the results of the Academy exams.
  11. @ktcjdrama For the extra translation of the very beginning!! Ohhhh thanks so much! I think the corpse is:
  12. @rosierosie no I don’t think so! I have Netflix Thailand, so it should be everywhere. I’ve started to rewatch and it still so good!
  13. In my opinion, I don’t understand the complaints about sex scenes?!? They are relatively light (more suggestive than anything; let’s be real this is PG compared to R) and depict the relationship between two villains that is base on lust (power and sex — actually power-feeding dynamic - where they think the other can help in the power grab). If their relationship was shown through other kinds of scenes, it would be a different Emperor or Yura. Episode 6:
  14. Good idea Re Netflix request. I will request for season 1 with proper subs. It may take time but chances are good since there are several Cseries on Netflix. I am wayyyy behind since dependent on subs but now on volume 2 of the novel.