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  1. Please turn back to Rocky Bear and end it in such an amazing 360 fashion lol. This drama will achieve cult status if Rocky Bear returns. @Minwae I personally think so; which is a shame - they should stick to strong story not pleasing to viewer's feedback in real time.
  2. Hey everyone. It's been a while. I just saw the most recent episodes and laughed the whole way. It is getting more ridiculous (still entertaining) but everyone knows the writer has lost it - it's all over the place! I also read the news about CJH not able to be in the extension episodes; it is unfortunate all around and that if they ended originally instead, the story would have been tighter and stronger. How can you end a drama without BOTH lead protagonists? I didn't mind the slow burning romance between them because it was realistic but it's sad and very disappointing that there is no time for them to develop at all. Too much time devoted to villains and their never ending scheming. I'm a fan of JNR, CJH and SSR and they've all did a great job but now it's time to wrap-up before it gets any more disappointing.
  3. stella77

    [Official Thread] Yang Mi 杨幂

    ^Besides the first photo and the one with her hair swaying, this shot is really not good! It’s terrible! (YM usually has great photo shoots for magazines). Maybe it is the extreme angles of the way she is posing or excessive photoshop but she looks creepy and super frail! I hope she is OK and the divorce and the endless rumors haven’t negatively stressed her out.
  4. stella77

    [Official Thread] Yang Mi 杨幂

    I read on the Internet that there were issues about online game promotions between YM and Tangren boss back when she was filming Paladin 3 with Hu Ge. There was a falling out and it hurt her relationships (rumor was that YM and HG were maybe quietly dating back then but broke up because of all this). Rr YM fighting for full custody - oh wow; I just hope they do what is best for the little girl.
  5. stella77

    [Official Thread] Yang Mi 杨幂

    It would def be an interesting reunion but I don’t think it is true just because of the history between his studio and YM.
  6. I agree that Empress SH is dead and isn’t in a coma. The burial is probably to say she is the corpse identified in episode 1. It is the start to the crumbling of the royal family. SSR is such an amazing actor that his charms have created a gazillion of fans for this insane mama’s boy Emperor LH character lol. He is totally stealing the show acting wise but I hope the show can refocus on Sunny and WB as the leads too. It seems like Sunny and WB doesn’t have to do much with a royal family this dysfunctional lol. The double date scene with LH and SJ fighting over Bin was so funny lol. Can’t wait until the next episode and I hope little DS will be safe from Yura (she is terrible for harming her own son too; guess she doesn’t know her former lover is alive and wait till she finds out the royal family locked him up etc.)
  7. I finally saw the last 6 episodes. The last battle was indeed epic! It ended right after which was to be expected and I guess I can see why fans were like ahhh cliff hanger but lucky we have season 2 coming and for those of us - the novels! CFY will be greatly missed - he really made NQ come to life. Like I said, I will give season 2 a chance anyways. Near the end, I made a nicknamed Windblown Leechy LQ lol. It is funny how they made him ‘dark’ complete with eye makeup at then end lol. Is this actor returning as LQ? Also does anyone know when the orchestrated or instrumental soundtrack will be released. I see the theme songs on iTunes but I want the song from the main titles at the beginning of each episode. Thx.
  8. stella77

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    Yey! Congrats! Was the awards for their roles as WuFu? Both looked good but I don’t like Ethan’s hair like that lol and that is a strange dress on YM. I think it is best they don’t pose together because it was set off gazillion rumors and gossips since she is recently divorced etc.
  9. Hey everyone. Just saw the latest two episodes and laughed at the so many comedic scenes (I know they are fan servicing but it’s messy in terms of overall tone) and there were so scenes that took me by surprised (MYR’s baby daddy reviled!!! Spoiled Older Princess saving her Bin and confessing to him and yet she saw him with Sunny; wonder where this thread will go!) Some characters in this drama have 9 lives lol (they don’t die lol)!! The last scene of NWS telling LH that he likes Sunny was pretty good - tensions up! Despite the uneven tone lately, a little bit slower paced and some redundancy - still very much enjoyable, especially when Sunny gets her rage on. Satisfying to see her stand up and fight.
  10. Maybe it is a combination of crazy amount of work after long holiday and having read up the first two volumes of novel. I haven’t been able to watch the final 6 episode yet. Will try to do it this weekend and plan to cope by continuing vol. 3.
  11. stella77

    [Official Thread] Yang Mi 杨幂

    Hmm with her first marriage due to shotgun pregnancy, I don’t think she will repeat such action again. I wish her happiness so if she chooses to be with someone, I wish her the best. Of course we hope it is a good and wonderful man etc. I am sure that when she is ready, she will inform the public. Also saw that YM is number one celeb in terms of commerciallly valuable. May not be the most popular but she has business sense!
  12. It was not revealed regarding who is DS’s father. Yura just came back pregnant. It is not WS’s baby and that is why his mom took the baby in as a little brother to WS etc.
  13. stella77

    [Official Thread] Yang Mi 杨幂

    I wonder how they keep tabs on how often she sees her daughter - just how many times she goes to HK? Is that enough to know how much time she spends with her daughter? The rumors are annoying as there is no winning for her. Best if YM and fans just ignore it. Time and truth will be revealed eventually and it is pointless to join in baseless assumptions.