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  1. but why on the last episode she kissed yuwenyue forehead and looks like she love him???
  2. hmm... i just watched this drama.. but i'm confused about chuqiao at here? can anyone tell to me, who is chuqiao loved? yanxun or yuwenyue...
  3. I really don't expect them to be cold-headed in public just because the anti-fans, both from denglun side or yangzi side, they are good friends, hopefully it won't make their friendship loose.indeed, it looks like how Yangzi didn't dare to turn her face to stare deng lun when he spoke to her.she looks rather cold. and i'm very agree with you. after the anti-fans yang zi who acted improperly, even I could still see deng lun looking very relaxed during the weibo night eventand he seemed to stay close to yangzi and repeatedly tried to chat with her. I like his style, he looks respectful, relaxed, simple and polite in conveying his words.
  4. i'm waiting for him on chinese new year event with yangzi...lol please give me the link..it's my pleasure...tq...lol
  5. yes, the anti yangzi are very annoying, but I hope that yangzi not because that will be distant and cold with denglun, they are good friends, so it's really inappropriate if such problems affect their friendship ...inappropriate. sometimes it may be necessary to be steadfast to confront with people who don't work that way..lol
  6. Yes, I have been waiting for another denglun's drama, disappointing they were continue to postpone the aired. But why did they do that? and yes, baby phoenix is so cute. i love " feng wa" too like moon immortal said " wo de feng wa" lol
  7. Yes....i'm waiting for this series too. Is it will be aired today? But why i can't see someone posted the news about this series? Don't say it will be delayed aired again...
  8. omg ... really fans who have gone too far, I skimmed their comments, it seems like they ship denglun with another woman? but I don't know his name ...haizzzz.... fans who overdo their obsession ... I don't like them...
  9. will this series be aired tomorrow? i look forward to denglun's new drama...lol
  10. yes...me too. I heard that Yang zi were attacked by deng lun fans on ig after comment something on denglun's posted, I personally haven't seen the comment, but I don't think fans should do that. denglun and yangzi are good friends, so fans shouldn't be able to do that
  11. lovecarnation

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    I think ethan from category popular actress series and but i don't know about yangmi because i'm not really understand chinese language but i think she get award from fuyao too. Hahaha....
  12. lovecarnation

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    our wufu couple on weibo event last night, but disappointed they didn't have a photo together...
  13. yes... me too.. they are my perfect couple. look at this video..they are so funny , denglun walked to yangzi and flick her skirt...lol..so sweet. i'm so happy they are so closer
  14. Yes... congratssss denglun and yangzi and congrats for our ashes of love won the most popular series with yanxi palace in weibo event and the most make me very happy is they sitting together and they walked together on stage to received the award auw....
  15. I don't think it turns out that there are still people who feel Jinmi is wrong and Runyu is better than Xufeng.. lol... only because they like leo luo actor and justify the runyu character..omg..