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  1. I was a Shawol before becoming a Taeunian XD Oh and yes, also as a fan who became a Pink Panda when she first entered K-Pop, do support Eunji's upcoming album too!! SHINee and APink deserve all the strength, prayers and support they can get
  2. Let's not forget to extend our support for Taeun to Taemin's 'brother' and Naeun's 'brother-in-law' Key, who's going to get a solo debut soon
  3. @chantaljaey "Byuntae" is the Korean word for "pervert" It's used really casually tbh and tends to get used for anything that seems a little weird (and not always in an actual "peverted" context). At least, that's my experience of using the word when I talk in Korean
  4. Soompi needs to create an infinity like button because I 1000000% agree with this I've posted my argument onto another site but there was some trouble with the reception towards it because a lot of people are looking at this from an "international fan" perspective where the fan will put the idol's personal feelings above all else. There's nothing wrong with that (and events like EXO's former members and December 2017 has made my stance on that as unmoveable as concrete) but people need to consider Cube's side of the story as well; a.k.a. the Korean perspective towards this Korea's culture itself is collective - they don't focus on individual needs but on what a unit needs, what a group needs. I'm not sure as to how far this applies (as far as I know Korean families are generally like this) but I think it goes as far as applying to companies. The reason why idol culture is so tightly maintained is because it focuses on the collective. An idol lives their dream; in the process they make fans happy; those fans who love their idols will pay money to support them; therefore the profits go towards the company itself and the company is the one who funds a majority of idol activities; the idol themselves won't get an income until they earn a first win or pay off their company debt. As you can see, it's a cycle of fulfilling "general" needs at the cost of individual happiness like dating and privacy. If you break that cycle, there's obviously not going to be good reception from either parties (unless you're super, super fortunate to keep a generally positive reaction like SNSD YoonA and her dating news with Lee Seunggi or Suzy and her relationship with Lee Minho) and idols will be branded as selfish; 99.7% of which is unfair. Basically trust is essential and to have Cube kick the two out of the company - yes, it's foolish business wise for stocks and yes, it's drastic - simply demonstrates how that has been betrayed.
  5. This is going out of topic but I don't know how to use the read more option so please bear with me: I'm actually in the middle in regards to Hyuna and E'Dawn being kicked out of Cube Entertainment. On one hand, idols should be able to fall in love and date, especially when they are people like us. It's unfortunate that idol culture has been manufactured so that fans can feel - I suppose - a more personal attachment to idols, to a point where a good number of fans become convinced that idols are meant for them. But even though idols say "I only have my fans" and so on, they can't possibly dedicate their lives to people who may support them but will never know who they are as people, not the idols they see on-camera. But on the other hand, I can see where Cube is coming from. I honestly couldn't understand why Hyuna and E'Dawn came out with the news that they're dating just hours after Cube denied the rumors. Even the argument that they wanted to break the news themselves...wouldn't that put their company into a dilemma? I'm not saying that they shouldn't date - we've had Jonghyun dating Shin Sekyung just two years into his career and I'm all for SHINee + APink having their own love lives - but surely Hyuna, who has years of experience of the industry, should know that revealing your love life this early into her boyfriend's career isn't good? The negative backlash (most of which is unjustified) would mostly veer towards E'Dawn, who's been around for two years as opposed to Hyuna's eleven years. At this point in time, fans would even encourage Hyuna to date. But E'Dawn? Yes, some Korean netizens can be very unfair (especially when idol culture and fan receptions of "you shouldn't lie to us" clash horribly against each other), but I can understand where the others are coming from. He's still a rookie and they have it tough as they need to break into the mainstream to keep going as a group. That means personal affairs might - I say might - have to be put on hold in order to devote your energy in building up your career. Take, for example, JYP's dating ban. Some may think it's unfair to stop someone from dating for three years but think from the company's side of things. If one of their idols was found to be dating, the reception is generally and usually not good. Stock prices will fall, fan sites close, fans - the main source of income - withdraw their support. After that it becomes difficult to re-create a more poitive reception towards that particular idol. I don't know the full story to Jonghyun's dating scandal with Shin Sekyung, but I have the feeling that after that, Jonghyun had to face the brunt of negative criticism. I've (unfortunately) heard that the public just ended up thinking that he was a "bad guy" (which is ridiculous because almost every idol out there are not bad people) and...well, we know how that contributed to Jonghyun's well-being. So putting E'Dawn into this context. He's been dating Hyuna for two years - probably without his company's knowledge - and during that time Cube placed him in Triple H with his girlfriend and fellow Pentagon member Hui. The intention was to generate more income, bring attention to Pentagon (because inevitably an interest in one member of an idol group can lead you to the group itself) and do an in-company crossover. But then E'Dawn and Hyuna revealed they were dating. Naturally Triple H promotions had to be cancelled. Fans withdrew support for Pentagon itself to the point where a fan sign/club event was also cancelled. Some fans wouldn't think of Triple H as a company project but as a guise for two idols to date each other - they could even think that the company deliberately formed the group to keep the news hidden. E'Dawn is likely on the way to gain a reputation as someone who dates rather than be noticed for other better things (i.e. his dancing and singing skills, a hard-working nature). All in all, I have an objective and subjective view towards this. Long story short: Hyuna and E'Dawn should be able to date but they revealed the news way too soon. As one of many dating scandals Cube had to handle this year, they (rather unfortunately) set an example for other idol-idol relationships to be careful and not get caught. But I do hope this wildfire dies down soon and that Hyuna and E'Dawn are doing okay.
  6. Thinking of SHINee's new comeback - which is wonderful as always - had me suddenly thinking about Taeun's WGM village episodes and when Naeun had her No No No promotions Taemin's Naver search method to get a method to ask for Naeun's number, Taemin getting so pleased just seeing Naeun visit him in the kitchen (followed by some jealousy pfft), asking each other when everyone left about how they missed each other was so cute! And then Taemin planned a surprise for Naeun complete with meat and her wooden rosary bracelet, followed by Taemin thinking Naeun said "I love you" and he wants her to repeat it again This couple is the death of me, I love them so much
  7. SHINee and APink are looking so good visual-wise and their comebacks are wonderful (as always) May we support both groups in their endeavours in the same way we give never-ending faith and support in TaEun
  8. @chantaljaey I'm really starting to think that TaEun are going to announce an engagement or upcoming marriage by the end of this year now - oh my gosh - If that happens I'll be screaming so much out of happienss XD
  9. If they do turn out to be married, this will be crazier than the time a U-Kiss member revealed he had been married for a year to his model wife >o< It'll be so surreal but I'll be so happy for them ~ Seriously, where is an "infinity love" reaction button when you need it XD This all reminds me of when Naeun circled "married" on her Weekly Idol survey sheet and she said it was a "mistake" and Eunji had pitched in by saying that Naeun was thinking of WGM - but that explanation seems suspicious either way? Even if Naeun genuinely enjoyed her time on WGM, it felt like they were becoming a strong dating couple at the time rather than one united by marriage. Naeun has taken a great deal of care to not mention WGM as much (excluding when Bomi had her stint, which was understandable) but for a member to refer back to it...it's really fishy. Unless Naeun thought the first (or was it second) option was the "single" status instead of the other way around, I doubt someone would accidentally circle marriage if they were professing to be single. Like how Taemin confessed he isn't a motae solo, maybe this is Naeun's way of preparing her fans because surely some of them would be expressing that they'd like our yeoshin to get married someday (or maybe she has already XD)
  10. I almost freaked out for a minute XD While I do think that the only time Naeun will ever reveal her relationship would be when she's engaged/about to get married, when that day comes I'm going to freak out so much - and in a good way, whether or not it's our Lee seobang ^.^
  11. Yes this one She's so pretty - out of all the female visuals I've seen in K-Pop (all of which live up to their position), I like her visuals the best. Naeun's a classic beauty according to Korean standards but somehow I feel like I can easily distinguish her from the crowd
  12. She used to have a post on Taemin but deleted it. She still has a picture of Naeun where she captioned it with insults. She was also following two TaEun accounts and I didn't understand why - but I won't go too much into that because this isn't what the forum was made for Has anyone seen the photo of Naeun in the sky blue suit? She looked so pretty and the more I kept staring at it, the more it reminded of Taemin's outfit in either a 2018 concert or The Story of Light's Our Page promotions. For a second I thought Taemin actually gave her the suit but then got grounded by the reality that Taemin can't give stage outfits from the company like that. Well, unless he wants to provide a new story for Knowing Bros about the time where instead of taking a mic, he took a stage outfit and when they asked him to return it he already gave it to someone Actually, the latter sounds like something Taemin could do with his magic hands XD
  13. Whoever follows a TaEun account on Instagram, please be wary of this user: https://www.instagram.com/i_hate_taeun/ As their user name expresses, they are not a fan of our Taeun couple - while they love Taemin they look down upon Naeun But before we send anything to them, let us keep in mind that the user is only thirteen years old and that the best thing to do is to either report the account or block them. Not receiving attention is the best medicine at that age and someday they'll mature as a fan and either support our couple or respectfully let others ship what they want. Of course, I trust that all of us can keep a cool head about this
  14. I consider their first date as the time they first met to film WGM, though I perceive it as more of a "blind date" than anything. I believe that before they had their official hook-up in the chicken-and-beer episode, Taemin and Naeun had a "some" relationship. I don't think just texting and calling each other would explain how they became close in just 20+ episodes (especially since some of the episodes are "two parters"), so they definitely met outside WGM at some point. I think that's when Naeun may have told Taemin that secret the latter never elaborated on following his visit to the APink dorm In my opinion they had the first real date as a couple in between the chicken-and-beer episode and the Chuseok episode, but since we won't know the exact date until TaEun tell us themselves, I'm pin-pointing their "first date" as the time Taemin and Naeun went to the SHINee dorms and he took her to his room. I always had the feeling that even though the episode finished at them linking arms on Taemin's bed, they spent all day there (Eunji said they were going to order jjajjamyeong in the background before Taeun went on their "home date" ^//.//^)
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