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  1. It's so nice to know that someone likes K-pop and anime + manga <3 I do know people who like both irl and online but it still makes me happy For me that's like the best of both worlds ^.^ Congratulations Apink! >o< I hope not even one week will go by without you winning an award to continue your win streak ~ (what a lame pun xD)
  2. I had another Taeun dream today! And it was so sweet - but then I forgot to tell myself to remember and thus forgot what the dream was about altogether at least I know any Taeun dream I have is a happy one They're both so beautiful (perhaps handsome in Taemin's case but he's the original pretty boy for me XD) Like they could probably walk into the airport with potato sack outfits and I'll laugh at their sense of fashion but at the same time admire them Lately it feels like we're reaching closer to some affirmation that these two are real? I'm almost expecting someone to tell me they've announced their marriage or something
  3. Have you ever dreamed of TaEun multiple times before? I'd like to know They're the only couple I see in my dreams for some reason but I'm not complaining since I get to see them as a couple in public ~ they're always smiling and holding each other The last time I dreamed of them 2015! Naeun even told me that she's been dating Taemin for about six months and I got to see them go on a date and kiss - but then I woke up and it was such a good dream too... If only dreams had sequels...
  4. Thank you for the new thread But we have around 1 and a half pages left for the original one so don't forget to fill that up too
  5. Nowadays I'm starting to wonder if Dispatch isn't releasing anything about TaEun because they may be considering marriage...just a thought >,< I've had the feeling that TaEun really is real for such a long time that I'm thinking these things xD
  6. @chantaljaey oh no that's not what i meant! oops i'm sorry for panicking you! soompi won't delete this one - they'll just create a new thread for us to fill with another 2000 pages of memories. i used to frequent the minsul forums and they even got a part ii (which lies empty nowadays sadly) but still had everything in the old thread if they do want to delete this thread tho...I'm not going to let that happen
  7. From a late 2014-present day Shawol and Pink Panda: Hello~ I've been following this thread since 2015 but only had the courage to make an account of my own to join in recently It's kind of sad seeing that this thread will get a part ii as this one has so many memories for me, but I suppose it's a sign that a lot of people love this couple as much as I do :) It's probably the only couple I have been shipping in K-Pop consistently since I first got into K-Pop >.< They're so lovable :) Thank you to everyone who's contributed to this thread - it's so wonderful reading all the posts you guys provide, from the people who've been here from the beginning to the most recent additions Also to those disheartened by the lack of interactions between TaEun - remember when Tiffany and Nickhun were revealed to be dating? They even had comebacks that were crossed over and stood so far away from each other on stage. It's probably like that with these two :)