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  1. unlike in the past, PSJ is always absent in award shows after WWWSK he has become evasive
  2. If you read earlier pages guys I think it was mentioned to try to refrain from mentioning other actors and actresses too much here. Because not only us reads here. Our conversation here maybe taken negativey by lurkers. If you want to talk about PMY and her other ships, go to their threads or make a new thread. Same with PSJ and other girls. Better focus on WWWSK and PPC moments rather than making controversial statements and namedropping other actors and actresses which may be used against us and may impact our PPC too for they can be hated and judged mainly due to our posts.
  3. PMY is very attractive and lovable yes but do not try too hard to put malice between her and LSG or you will be attacked by his shippers with other actresses. He has dedicated shippers from other ships. They may attack PMY if you continue to push her with their guy in their ship. This is ParkPark thread focus more on them and not on other persons you liked to link with them or their other drama partners
  4. The 100 Days Husband Couple will be doing a cameo in the new drama of their PD. Hoping PPC will agree to cameo on PD Park's new drama.
  5. 1. [+485, -37] So the female character is a fan of god's Yoon Kye Sang, right?? Not that Yoon Kye Sang was cast in the drama?? I'd really want to see him in a romcom though...2. [+297, -94] Honestly, she's become pigeon-holed into these types of roles like Gong Hyo Jin. She fails at adapting to a variety of roles like Kim Ah Joong, Kim Hye Soo, or Son Ye Jin... she sticks to pretty, feminine characters in romcoms..3. [+275, -47] I'm tired of drama adaptations of web novels and webtoons... all the script is the same, acting's the same, atmosphere's the same, just sick and tired of it4. [+40, -26] Song Hyeo Gyo, Gong Hyo Jin, and Park Min Young really need to start branching out... they always pick the same characters, just with different careers5. [+27, -5] Japan's always making drama adaptations out of mangas, Korea's always making drama adaptations out of webtoons and novels... ugh, tired of it6. [+23, -13] What's wrong with playing the same character? I notice these people even accuse singers of sticking to the same genre but it's not like they're the only actors or singers in existence. You can go to other actors for other genres. It's not necessary to squeeze yourself into roles you're not a fit for. I think it's fine if you're good at a type of character and play it off well.7. [+20, -8] ㅋㅋㅋ I imagine it'll be the same type of acting again8. [+15, -11] All of her dramas seem the same, just different character names ㅋㅋ9. [+14, -3] I'm already tired of it10. [+13, -0] I wish she'd pick more meaningful work... instead of picking easy stuff like webtoon adaptations all the time~
  6. News today: PARK MIN YOUNG will be the MC of Golden Disc Award on January 5 with Lee Seung Gi.
  7. KNetz reactions are negative mainly because it's basically the same with WWWSK. She may be typecasted with these webtoons / web novel things.
  8. Song Song always have their managers or their friends sitting between them everytime they eat in restaurants. Because the restaurants owners and crew may take stolen photos and send on the internet.
  9. I won't call PPC as old ship because aside from about to start its broadcast in many other countries, the DVD Directors Cut will be released by next year, so there are still plenty to be excited for with this ship on the professional (WWWSK) side. And of course, the Personal/ Real life side.
  10. Her character is a Fangirl Noona which should mean she will be older than her idol. But there will be another guy whose name is foreign sounding. I presumed this guy will play mid thirties and with the name, I presumed he will be someone very good in English. Only my opinions as of now. I am still searching for the web novel.
  11. I haven't seen them together in several months but after Shanghai and the WWWSK reunion pics, I am now missing them so much
  12. I did not remember them having many reunions with past co stars. WWWSK team's friendship is indeed solid. I wonder why only PPC and the intern went to Phuket though despite early scheduling of the reward trip.
  13. I wonder what was the occasion, advanced birthday party for PSJ because they are very busy and no more time for get together near his birthday?