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  1. The other one looks like a puppy yet. Leon is more than 1 year old on Dec 2016 and this dog breed can already reproduce offsprings on that age. Also possible that Simba is Leon's son.
  2. You have a sharp eye. This photo was originally posted January 24, 2017
  3. This pic was posted January 2017 and deleted Feb 2018.. while his ex was way back early 2015.
  4. PSJ birthday Dec. 16 PMY Pics of 2 dogs with the small pup looking like Simba was Dec 17, 2016 Simba first appeared in PSJ ig on Jan 2017 Delulu mode on: Birthday Gift
  5. In October 2016, there was a dog in his ig post which he deleted and it looks like a different breed based on its ears. I'm no expert on dogs but I think it was not Simba and his first appearance in PSJ's ig was January 2017 Before deletion after
  6. Several Simba photos were deleted around February this year here's a few. Based on the photos, I think Simba is younger. I remember PMY said in her interview her Leon is already 3 years old. Leon's birthday was September 22, 2015. Here is another COINCIDENCE : December 17 2016 PMY posted Daddy and Son: Simba started appearing in PSJ ig early January 2017 deleted pic Pic of PSJ with puppy Simba January 2017 May 2017 deleted pics
  7. Sports Dong A report said 3 years dating but based on KNetz comments there were rumors too of them being in an uncommitted set up before then had a cool off and only reconnected sometime recently before WWWSK. It would not really make PMY a liar when she said he was never her bf. I also remembered PSJ 2015 interview where he said he has no time for a girlfriend but may be he can date but no commitments. On same year, PMY also said she will not be caught again dating ever. But even if, let's say, she lied on being single, it wont make her a bad person as the benefits of her statement was greater, her denial had cooled down Knetz reactions. The hate was too much after PSJ interviews because KNetz compared how he strongly denied past rumors but not with PMY. They find his statements vague. PMY denial the next day was a saving factor for both of them. Only 2 years to go before PMY said she will be marrying. For someone who has no bf, she even has chosen a month to have her wedding if you find 2 years long enough, its your opinion, each of us has our own view how long or short time is
  8. and PSJ did not explain about Simba and Leon. While PMY said she does not know that Simba is a lion. She is now 32 it means Lion King was released in the cinemas when she was in her teens. Hard to believe she did not watch the movie considering she is from a rich family and spent many years in the States. Even ordinary folks and the young ones now know who is Simba. I actually find it cute of PMY to explain that way. It means she is really an honest person as she could not think of a more believable alibi.
  9. the top hate comments against PSJ calling him ugly sounds like BITTER FANGIRLS whose dreams of him becoming their boyfriend are shattered
  10. I expected an English caption from him on his next post after PMY's caption yesterday and it was exactly what he did. - English caption of a place - both standing on the same side - wearing a hat what a troll and the privacy of their Phuket trip is all the more adding fire to the rumors, why can't they behave like in their previous drama partners? PSJ has been rumored with KJW before but he did not mind posting about their reward trip showing the world they are merely friends. Why so secret this time? @suie In the interview where he denied the instagram "evidences" as coincidence and also, he said him and PMY had met in some official events before. He did not elaborate and just likened having same clothes as Beiber and said people believe what they want to believe.
  11. This: And you cannot find in English websites of course that is not okey for media to write that as its private, but it has been in KNetz comments.
  12. They had the same stylist in 2015-2016 and they were seen near each other in one pic in Hongkong backstage, as they were in the same hotel and styled by same stylist, in a foreign country at that, I do not believe they did not have chance to bond, so I don't agree with your theory that they were simply curious of each other before WWWSK. PSJ has also admitted they had worked together on sponsored events before. They knew each other and were not strangers. They may or may not be dating that long, that we will never really know. But they certainly knew each other before they worked together for WWWSK.
  13. Judging from both their happy auras after Phuket trip, I think aside from rest and recreation, they already had a lengthy talk about the persistent rumors, what to do with it and their future plans. It also helps that their two managers are very close.