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  1. Shippers have been told be "reliable sources" they will attend so few weeks before APAN some posted they are attending. The tweets about who was inside venue was only PSJ because some PSJ fans who were in APAN said they "think they saw him". ParkPark behavior is NOT NORMAL for merely drama partners. It is obvious they avoid being seen together. Fans left not because they think PPC ship is not real but because they think PPC does not appreciate their couple fans. Maybe they want us to choose. Team PMY or Team PSJ? They do not want us to continue posting pics of them together. Which is rather weird and sad because WWWSK is still airing and/or about to be aired in many Asian countries. A lot have already felt disappointment over them for not appreciating their shipper fans. Song Song were very private but from time to time in the past they made their fans happy by appearing together publicly despite persistent dating rumors. Many fans used this as comparison that is why they felt PPC is not grateful having shipper fans and felt hurt and left.
  2. Park Seo Joon will attend a Handprinting Ceremony as last year's winner for Midnight Runners aside from being a Presentor on the 22nd. He needs to personally attend as Handprinting cannot be by proxy right. His manager cannot be in Handprinting on his behalf.
  3. Did I suggest that PMY wanted him not to go? Where did I say that? Can you point the specific sentence??? I never said that because I know PMY would not want him to do that. Whatever PSJ did is his own decision which what was I was wondering why. Whether or not he is with PMY at the time of APAN, it is HIS OWN DECISION because I know PMY would never influence him not to attend! Stop speculating and misreading what I say, Geez....
  4. He was able to attend shows for only one or two hours and go back to work immediately in the past. Also, let us not think something bad for his family just to look for reasons for his absence. I honestly dont like it when inorder to look for excuses some would already resort to negative thinking. He looks happy in the video and he posted a smiling vid in instagram.
  5. What they did is not dispelling the rumors but instead it added fire to the rumors. I have friends who are fans of other Korean celebrities who now tell me they think ParkPark is indeed real. Especially Park Seo Joon, he has not been this way before. He has not received any award via Video Greeting only before. APAN has been scheduled for a long time now. He was always able to attend other awards shows but why not yesterday. No matter if you are not a shipper you would think there is something fishy.
  6. His manager said he is busy filming. But based on the post of production staff and extras they have no filming Saturday. Probably he made the decision Friday night? So he reposted a video smiling. To make fans feel his presence as he will not be attending the awards. I really can understand PMY. But confused as to why PSJ pass the chance to accept his highest award so far. He was expected to attend but made made last minute decision not to attend.
  7. PMY and KTR both received their awards few days ago. Park Seo Joon not attending was a last minute decision so he sent a video and his manager received it for him.
  8. I understand PMY's absence because she is always a private person. I've been her long time fan. What I find strange for not attending is Seo Joon. It just do not match with the PSJ I know who finds time to accept awards personally especially as the award is Top Excellence.
  9. Kim Tae Ri did not attend because she is abroad doing photoshoots. PSJ was filming in Daegu this week but he was spotted in Seoul Wednesday. Meaning, he can go to Seoul for the Awards Show if he wanted to. Also, Daegu filming was only until yesterday, per posts of people in the production, no filming today. His fans were there at APAN because they heard from his agency he will attend. PSJ has always been known in the past to rearrange his schedule to attend award shows. Probably he changed his mind in Apan attendance and that confused me a lot. Yes, I understand they want to avoid being seen together but why didn't one of them attend? PSJ's award was the second highest. A breakthrough in his career because it was the first time he has that award, yet he was not able "to arrange" his sched. But he was able to arrange it for next week when he will only be a presentor.  I believe in the saying "if there is a will, there is a way"
  10. Park Min Young was not nominated for Top Excellence. She was nominated under Excellence which she did not win and I do not think she is the type to get annoyed of her nomination like that. Its already a big honor to be nominated.
  11. I understand they do not want to be seen together. But why should BOTH of them be absent? One can attend. PSJ attended too many minor awards and being only presentor before despite being busy. Schedule conflict is obviously an alibi. I am confused why.
  12. PSJ Korean fans were told he will attend so they were there. Its a practice in Korea that celebrities were asked to attend if they are sure to receive an award.
  13. Park Seo Joon has been known to rearrange his schedules inorder to attend Award Shows. This is the HIGHEST AWARD HE RECEIVED IN HIS ACTING CAREER so far. But he did not mind not going. What confused me is that, if their goal is only not to be seen together in public, then why didn't one of them attend APAN?
  14. its been a long time wish of PSJ to receive a Top Acting Excellence Award. Second highest award in Korea next to Daesang. He finally got it through WWWSK. But he did not go. His fans were at the venue because they had info he will come as he has no filming. Him not attending tonight despite the fact that its the first time in his life to receive a Top Acting Excellence Award. And he will be attending an Awards Night next week where he will only be a presentor. It sounds so weird. Their actions do not extinguish the rumors it rather adds fire to the rumors.