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  1. ozge

    ♥ Lee Yo Won 이요원 ♥

    Avalon, thanks for honeymoon photos. I watched live IG video too. She didn't show up herself too much. A shy cute girl. Some photos in the early pages are no longer display. But i saved these ones. This one from Instagram, i think the girl on the right is Erin, but not sure. Me too. Me too. Please.
  2. ozge

    ♥ Lee Yo Won 이요원 ♥

    Oh, please can you share those photos in here? I'm too curious about her family. I saw some old photos of Erin before. But don't know how she looks right now. And is there any pics of the other kids?
  3. ozge

    ♥ Lee Yo Won 이요원 ♥

    Thanks so much for the translation @avalon2046 and thanks for the photos. I missed her! Yes, that's exactly what I want her to do! I am happy to know that we want the same thing. Yes @QSD, that sailor moon image was the cutest. In 49 days i shipped her with 3 mans. Han Kang, Yi Soo and Min Ho. Just exept Dr. Noh. I hated him without any reason. I am glad that there is nothing but friendship at the end. In QSD, i was team Yushin. Her feelings for Bidam not that real love for me. I think it was like Deokman wanted to hold on to him because she was tired of being so alone. And I did not like the person that Bidam turned into after Mishil gone. But i shipped Yo Won with Nam Gil at BTS. In Ms. Temper i didn't ship her with any man. But still liked all ex husbands. Especially the second one. I did not understand why they were separated. Because of his mom? And yesss! Woo Joo was adorable. Her interactions with Woo Joo was just so good. Favorite relationship in Ms. Temper. (By the way sorry for my English. I understand you but for the answers i use google translate. )
  4. ozge

    ♥ Lee Yo Won 이요원 ♥

    @QSD @vaiduakhu @avalon2046 Thank you so much! I love her all works but my favourites are 49 Days and QSD. And favourite character is Ok Da Jung lol. She is strong, smart, stylish and cutest at the same time. I just in love with her.
  5. ozge

    ♥ Lee Yo Won 이요원 ♥

    This is for KWAVE EXPO 2017 photoshoot. And this photo from 'Karl Lagerfeld' flagship store opening in Gangnam. Hello guys, i'm Özge. I'm fan of queen since QSD aired in my country (Turkey) in late 2009. And I was here for a while as a guest, followed your posts but i just registered.