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  1. Yesss! I agree, she looks prettier. I like the all photos from A. Testoni photoshoot, especially with red suit. And seems like she dyed her hair to black, probably for filming.
  2. King Jinji! Wow, i didn't recognize him at first look. But i thought he's in QSD bcs the cast is too big and they looks different with historical outfits.
  3. Bcs i like Uee but don't like her character in NL. Haha. I'm definitely not at the same level as Yanki or QSD. I was just lucky. But, when i heard that 49 Days OST, i remembered most of those scenes and i'm also suprised.
  4. I found all these scenes less than 5 minutes. Ep 2, min 60. End of episode 3, 4, 5 and 6. Ep 7, 34 min. Ep 9, min 36. Ep 10, 33 min. Ep 11, 44th and last min. Ep 13, min 58. Ep 14, min 41. End of 14 and beginning of ep 15. Ep 16, min 25 and 47. Ep 17, min 49. Ep 18, min 24.