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  1. I noticed that Ethan is more active on silver screen (movie project for almost every year) compared to small screen. Last year, The Weasel Grave was his first comeback on small screen after 8 years.
  2. Or a gangster in Monga. I heard his performance was epic ^^
  3. Can anyone translate the last part of episode 28? What did Qi Zhen say to the crowd? Thanks ^^
  4. Wuji's impersonation of Xuanyuan Min is interesting... I can't wait for him to show his true colour as the story goes on. As for Fuyao, I think she'll learn a lot from him... haha
  5. @Wotad In order to become powerful and strong, she needs to go through ordeals. We have to remember that she's still a kid and inexperienced about the world compared to Wuji... I think it is understandable that the drama pace is a bit slow as the writer tried to build the character of our main leads. It's too early to complain as we're just at the beginning of quite a long ride ;) This really hits me; (There's subs)
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