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    Clubbing dresses for super skinny girls

    I apologize for bump an old topic from the dead, just have a few interesting observations from personal experience, maybe someone will need this information in the future. Sexy for me - I wear wiggle dresses and slim cut pencil skirts. These would be my tips: * You dont need to show a lot of skin. A slim cut knee length skirt will get the right guys turning their heads * If you want to show cleavage, don't show too much. I think a good bra that lifts them up implies a nicer shape than if you have a very low cut top. * Fussy details can be too "cute" - eg small neckline ruffles, ruffles around your wrists, high necked blouses, peter-pan collars, excessive use of small bows, too much pastel and tiny polka dots. * the above details work best at a larger scale and a smaller proportion. Eg, one larger bow at your neck (like a *****-bow blouse) is much sexier than a whole bunch of little bows scattered over your outfit at neckline, cuffs, hem etc. And large polka dots (say 1 inch diameter) as a skirt with a plain top looks hot. * Dont mix pastels Pastels work on their own mixed with darker, more mature shades. Soft dusky pink against navy for example. *Dark colours and rich, jewel tones are awesome. You don't have to dress head to sombre colours but it helps to work them into an outfit. * There's nothing wrong with patterns. I love florals. If you're small you can wear smaller prints. Large prints can be overwhelming. *Heels They don't have to be high - but any heel is sexier than a flat. And I don't consider kitten heels to be particularly flattering on anyone so stay well clear! *Subtle pleats and other details are mega hot. A pencil skirt with a flippy kick pleat at the back is awesome. Or a bust-line with nice draping, pleating or gathers can really accentuate your shape. *Subtle accessories. No giant bling! Ick. Small rings, earrings etc. If you want a statement piece, make sure that everything else is suitably scaled back. Eg - If you're wearing a glitzy necklace, maybe forget the earrings, or wear tiny studs. *Small handbags! Nothing sexy about schlumping around with a big-richard simmons handbag that's almost as big as you! Learn to live with carrying less *Look for structure. Find your best part and accentuate it with nicely structured clothes. For me, my waist is my smallest part. If that isn't defined I just look frumpy and feel horrible. *Watch The Tourist with Angelina Jolie. The clothes she wears like this https://womentake.com/best-red-hair-dye/ that are incredible. Sexy without being smutty. *Carry yourself with poise. Shoulders back and head held high! This is the precursor to that confidence that everyone talks about. *Have confidence And if you don't have it yet - follow step above and fake it till you make it! Hehehe Now these aren't hard and fast rules - just what has worked for me. Hope that helps some!