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  1. Ep 57-58 Preview Translation Sorry I'm late. Was extremely busy today.
  2. I have to go out tomorrow so I won't be able to translate Ep 57-58 Preview till very late (Around 8 PM EST) in the day.
  3. 璇玑之谜 Chapter 7-8 There is no english translation
  4. Well for Qi Yun you can say she lived a sheltered life. She lived a typical rich girl life, considering that she was the Prime Minister's daughter. When she traveled the 5 Kingdoms, her father had bodyguards protecting her from trouble. In other words, she was never able to experience the ruthlessness of reality. FY's maturity makes sense as she had to experience years of PY trying to plot against her and the difficulties of living as a slave, especially when they were treated as dirt. I can't explain how YLZ still lacks maturity despite traveling the 5 Kingdoms. I guess her stupidity comes from being overly concerned with ZBY. Also note, FY is 18 at the beginning of the novel and 20 by the end. WJ was mentioned to be 26 at the beginning so he is 28. YLZ calls FY sister so she should be 15~17ish during the beginning.
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