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  1. Yes, you can easily find the soundtrack on spotify, but the official playlist for Fuyao's OST and BGM was released yesterday; however, you can't access the playlists without having being a Mainlander.
  2. Can anyone click the playlist? I was able to access the playlist before, but now the site blocks any non-Mainland users. Here are the official playlist posted by the Official Fuyao Social Media Account http://m.kugou.com/album/8890268.html https://y.qq.com/w/album.html?ADTAG=newyqq.album&source=ydetail&albumId=4213546 http://m.kuwo.cn/newh5/album/2017/content?albumid=6393110 I checked, but they don't work for non-Mainlanders.
  3. Fuyao Official OST and BGM playlist http://m.kugou.com/album/8890268.html Someone asked for the BGM for the dressing up part of the royal wedding. It is called 无极. Enjoy guys. The BGM titles spoiled some future scenes lol. For example I’ll post full translations of each BGM name later in the day too Also, sorry that I haven’t answered any questions lately. I will respond to the posts later in the day.
  4. Sorry for the late preview translation for Ep 45-46
  5. I made a post before and I need to make some corrections.
  6. I won't be able to translate the preview's for Monday (Ep 45-46) tomorrow until later in the day Ep 43-44 Preview Translation