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  1. UGH I am hating the Youtube videos that are like slideshows and news! They are making it so much harder to find clips, etc if I add MV then I should be finding MVs but I don't see anything new. But episode-wise that's still fairly easy to find. 17 and 18 are GREAT!!! Sadly, gotta wait another week now for 19.
  2. This show doesn't get much discussion... I do LOVE how smart Dugu is, in episode 23-24, etc. Joe Chen done well!
  3. I wish on the island Yin SuSu and Zhang ChiShan had ONE extra romantic scene. It felt weird that there wasn't one. Maybe they have it cut for running time reason.
  4. Anyone? Please, that's a beautiful song I like to listen more on it's own.
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