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  1. *SIGH* Sorry if this is annoying, but I am really trying to know but no one is telling me, so I am asking again! Which episode so far is Zhang LiYing's BEST ACTING episode? I would appreciate it SO MUCH if someone can tell me. PLEASE ANSWER!!!
  2. I think this will have great acting, like 'The Story of MingLan' plus with more action it will be a VERY good show. Hopefully, it is so!
  3. Good acting. But only on Episode 1. Can I ask which episode has the BEST acting so far?
  4. I wish Li Yi Tong have a bigger role in this. It sucks that in the trailer we barely see her, but that probably indicates that her role is rather small?
  5. Preview music NOT the official theme then I assume? This is gonna come out THIS month?
  6. For me, might been #1 but I haven't watched much though. I am very picky on Acting and Action for Chinese TV series!
  7. What rank is this show in China in 2018? Not #1?
  8. Hopefully the delay is about to end soon
  9. MANY men would want to marry this Beauty!!! She is great actress, but I am surprised she doesn't do enough family time! What does she do when not filming?
  10. Hi, all these Chinese series this year. can anyone recommend which is either EPIC in Wuxia, Action, or very amazing in acting, story as I asked in the title? Also, if there is a TV series like this that is not out but coming out soon, can you let me know where to watch it's trailer, or when to expect the trailer to drop? Thanks!
  11. We need a LONG trailer about now! These previews are too short!
  12. So none of this has even begun filming?
  13. Hey does anyone know which other TV series currently have any music good like this?