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  1. August 7 AYHMT ended august 7 he choose to enlist hehe... maybe he knows already the ending!!! keep safe and healthy in army JH well wait for you...
  2. I saw a video in youtube maybe its an drama award.... and i saw shin hye and seung yeon sitting beside each other... i cant clearly say but i know they talk to each other i crop the picture but dont know how to upload here haha
  3. You made me cry huhuhu like you i been gonglee fan last month also and my day wouldn't be complete without stalking their episodes and videos... this is my first ultimate ship praying that they end up really for real..
  4. i ended reading this forum the whole.... im asking myself what it feels when im with you brownies that time i rarely ship couples but why im like this??? i asked myself why i want their WGM... huhuhuhuhu i miss 2 years... but im so thankful they have the best story in WGM
  5. waaaaa im so late huhuhuh.... because shes the main lead in are you human too im so curious about her though i watch her drama circle also with jingoo... but this time i find her so beautiful and i ended watching WGM and i cried like han river as it ended.... i stalk gonglee couple... i watch MOLS too.... they are still good during that time but why suddenly i smell fishy when they both unfollow each other.... im so late i dont know what happened.... why i cant move on !!!
  6. i am new to gonglee couple i just ended watching their episode last week im shock what happened to them why they both unfollow each other on IG, when i watch WGM i can say that jonhyun is really truely madly inlove with her!!! huhuhuhu
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