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  1. @superfangermany_stv If it isn't too much of a hassle, would you be able to PM me the link as well? Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate your dedication to our parkparkcouple !!
  2. OMG I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that raised eyebrows at that small smooch!!! She was definitely still rehearsing as she was muttering something~
  3. Agreed !! @WildDivine69 I was initially very apprehensive about how the writers were going to tackle MS' quest 'to find herself' and I am SO happy that it didn't end up involving a solo trip to Europe for a year LOL!! But more importantly, I really really liked that they devoted basically the entire episode to highlight the validity behind MS' decision to stay. She has all the right motives, having appraised what the job does for her in terms of providing a sense of accomplishment and boosting her self-efficacy!! Also, YJ's character arc and his journey to understanding, appreciating and accepting MS as a holistic individual (and not just a secretary OR even a lover) is so wholesome and mature Basically, I didn't anticipate being so impressed by the writing (albeit slow at times) when I initially started the show, but I'm so so happy with the way things have unfolded Edit: ~Maybe they could've included a small montage of MS trying various things before she comes back to her role as a secretary as a way to really solidify that her decision wasn't an emotionally charged, spur-in-the-moment kinda thing (because all of this happened amidst the coworkers and YJ mourning her leave) bUT it's fine lol
  4. hello hello friends Not to be dRaMAtic but if we're stirring the pot /anyways/, I'd like to bring to attention the vERY obvious red ~splotches on PSJ's neck/chest in the 'morning after' scene ... I mean, a lot of the youtube commentators are convinced they're hickeys LMAO (If someone could grace us with some screen captures, specifically around the 1:17 mark!!! I'd be so grateful) Rationally speaking, PSJ probably just has a naturally splotchy chest??? LOL. That, or the makeup artists REALLY paid attention to detail hehe.
  5. y'all .. why did PMY and PSJ run for the door after their back-hug???????????????????????????? It reminded me very strongly of the time Han Hyo Joo booked it for the door after her kiss with Lee Jong Suk in 'W' muhahaha
  6. hello hello I've been silently lurking here for quite some time but y'all are so lovely that I thought I should chime in my two cents too! I actually absolutely adored episode 7 because I felt they hashed out some important things and had some really mature conversations that we seldom witness in k-dramas. In that way, I thought the episode was quite refreshing Episode 8 obviously had me hOLLering near the end On that note, I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight into and/or clarify what the chef in the preview for ep 9 is /actually/ saying? I've seen different translations floating around and I'm not sure how to reconcile them all. One of the translations I saw had him saying something along the lines of, "If anyone saw you [KM], they'd think you were his secretary." I PRAY that this is what was actually said because it'd imply that the writers are actually going to have KM and LYJ work through the logistics of the power imbalance that exists in the employment relationship, and then draw out the boundaries in terms of where professional life ends and romantic life begins .... Not trying to be dramatic but I'm aRoUsed just thinking about the possibility of such a sophisticated, developed relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also !!! I could've SWORN that the swoony, violin instrumental from BTIMFL was playing in the background in that "undie" scene with LYJ and Vice Pres!!!!!!!!!!!!! )