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  1. Aww he said, ‘I need you so don’t go anywhere. Stay by my side.’ My heartueee... finally!
  2. Hım... He was sitting MiRae’s bed and he said ‘I have been in here before. I carried Mirae here, to her bed. Then he whispered that she was so heavy lol then she appeared caption says ‘Speak of the devil’ She said ‘Are you talking behind my back?!’ (Did you swear me? Lol) He said he was just joking... Another one, she was trying to wake herself up, hitting herself... he looked at her and said ‘ Are you chicken?’ Lol Then she acted like she got mad ‘ You, come here!!!’
  3. When he was hugging her she said you’re so warm...like a blanket lol They are so cute
  4. I think it would be beautiful if HNS and SB meet after a year(like they did in final ep) confront each other, share their pains, become friends and maybe one day their friendship turns into a romantic one...
  5. I don’t know why but the ending didn’t satisfy me at all. It looks like a bit forced ending. He died. Yeah... sad but realistic. He came back... plus he even can cry now. Well.. thats too much...
  6. @crazyyo It says she is dead. But what?! They think NS3 killed her? Because it says ‘Someone report the police that a robot attacked to a human but when police arrived the crime scene the victim had dead already’ ?!?!
  7. Omg my ship is dead! Dr Oh and David! Probably NS will go crazy and kill Seo. Or make himself killed. So sad that he wont get his happy ending. What if NS3 dies while trying to save NS?
  8. I think HNS will end up going Czech with his mum hımmm... Edit: what! Mum told NS3 to go back Czech with David?
  9. @crazyyo It says ‘ What is human Namshin pursuing again!!’ He won’t stop till the end I guess. Boy...
  10. Tomorrows episodes is the final episodes? I thought we have one more week to go?
  11. Why the hell so-called Human Nam Shin () opens his heart to KSB only? I think in the next episodes we will see how dangerous NS3 can be. I know NS controls him but no one can give guaranty that one day this robot can be used for bad purposes by bad people. We will never know!
  12. He said ‘ ıf only I can feel sad when we are apart If only I can feel happiness when we are together If only my heart hurts because of you ... If only I can cry for you.’ Then he said he couldnt because he is just a robot that cant feel love. So all was just his wishes...
  13. Oh my god I think I have a headache! Poor YENA. You better think again whether you reallly wanna be with him or not lol Btw how the hell grandfather can say something like ‘do you wanna live as my real grandson?’ to NS3? If he is that bad person who can treat his real grandson like this then god knows what he can do NS3? When NS finds out that his grandfather sponsored the creation of NS3 he will be more dangerous.
  14. Its from twitter. I want both human NS and NS3 to be free. And I’m a little worried about NS3 becoz grandfather sponsored the creation of him and now he has the kill switch. He only wants to use him for business or whatever... I’m scared that our NS3 will be destroyed becoz of grandfathers greediness. I dont know how NS3 can be free? I don’t think he will be the CEO. But will grandpa let him go just like that? Dont think so. I wonder how everything will be solved... This drama is really unpredictable and this is stress me out.
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