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  1. Its from twitter. I want both human NS and NS3 to be free. And I’m a little worried about NS3 becoz grandfather sponsored the creation of him and now he has the kill switch. He only wants to use him for business or whatever... I’m scared that our NS3 will be destroyed becoz of grandfathers greediness. I dont know how NS3 can be free? I don’t think he will be the CEO. But will grandpa let him go just like that? Dont think so. I wonder how everything will be solved... This drama is really unpredictable and this is stress me out.
  2. Kbs will air new bts tomorrow. Here’s the link https://m.vlive.tv/video/80880
  3. Human Nam Shin acts like jerk all the way Whenever he sees Kang So Bong he treat roughly like hitting her pulling her then he wants her as his bodyguard. Boy you better behave yourself.. I’m so pissed... Kang So Bong and NamShin3’s scenes were beautiful but once again my realistic inner side showed up. No matter what happens his emotions are just designed... He can understand emotions he can analyze them but can’t feel in the end. I don’t know but something really bothers me... dont blame me lol By the way...What if Human Nam Shin tries to get Kang So Bong just because he couldnt accept the idea of losing against a robot?
  4. Kang So Bong will take out his battery based on the preview. Maybe she will try to save him? So many lovey dovey scenes for todays episode and this scares me like something big is coming... Prepare everyone todays episode will be a rollercoaster
  5. NS3: You told me that you wished I werent a robot. If human Nam Shin wakes up what will I be? What should I do? Where should I go? I’m a robot so I should be useful. But I won’t have any use for mom anymore (if he wakes up) KSB: Why you think you are not useful? You are useful for me. Fully. NS3: Thats why I’m thankful. Because you know me very well. I wish I knew you very well, too. Like a ‘real’ human friend. KSB: Who want you to do that? You are just you so you can stay. You dont need anything so dont disappear and stay here. NS3: Why will I disappear? I’m right here. Hug KSB: What is wrong with you? NS3: I know you want to cry . I know. So you can cry all you want.
  6. KSB: Didn’t you ask me what is the mean of ‘Don’t disappear’? I will tell you. But first lets get out of here. You can’t be here. You know you listen well what I say. If you want to continue to talk to me, laugh with me, have fun with me lets go together. I want to be like that with you. I hate to think of you disappear. RNS: Why? KSB: Because I like you. I like you. I just like you. I like you unconditionally. So you cant be here with these kind of people. Lets go! Heart eyes
  7. HMS: Is this the first time for everyone seeing a bleeding person? To So Bong: You said you like me? How dare you? He is totally HOT DOG lol
  8. I think Its really KSB! This is bts from last week Nam Shin 3 looks like he is unconscious. And same outfit. But why? BTW I dont know why but I love the way they hold hands (Real Nam Sin and So bong) throughout the scene where jerk Seo talking...lol Dont blame me
  9. I think Its Kang So Bong. And I dont know anything anymore lol About Preview JYH: Why didnt you tell me that you regained your consciousness? RNS: Bring that thing here tomorrow. What is that cant be happen? RNS: He really looks like human. RNS: Do you really think that "thing" as your son? N3: only human namsin is important for you mom? Am I really nothing? KSB: Dont go anywhere. We are not friends anymore. Because I like you. N3: I feel the same way. (Omo omo)
  10. So Kang So Bong confessed to Real Nam Sin? I didnt see that coming tho