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  1. looks more like light effect? similar gray? coz bandages are skin/light brown color right? the hands are more grayish!!? and I cannot get myself to watch KJH crying video..am just skipping through the post of him crying!!
  2. ok saw that pic now!! am not sure if it is for the shoot? since they are having lunch?? Also are we sure there is a hospital scene..i couldnt find anything in IG!!
  3. Mine is lil different.. When he checks his phone with 11 calls to CSH ( he is not wearing scarf and its a light coat/jacket)..so different day My take is CSH breaks off with him ( he is wearing scarf), he cries and goes home, overhears his parents, then goes to CSH, she tells about the orange syrup and says still off, he is upset but now that he knows the real reason is his mother, he doesn't accept their break off..!! Then later when he is home, he puts blanket over his mom ( same scarf ) so during the next day/several days he keeps trying to call CSH , hence the 11 calls to CSH on another day!! Also, the same scene is shown from a mirror angle and JH is turning around in shock in that same spot in preview..so am guessing its CSH behind him..maybe Ep 15 ending? lets have a hug atleast in Ep 15 ending pls!!
  4. Yes ..hoping for this..def!! I double checked this..and its not missed calls..its green arrow outward ( in my samsung outward is outgoing but its indicated by red color..though incoming is green arrow downward)..so JH had called her 11 times i think!! , PS on a different note: Love that Soompi has given us more emojis to react better to posts!!..wish we we got these sooner
  5. Yes def he is wearing..i don't think JH wil stop wearing the ring even when they are on a break( short break hopefully)... Did anyone notice 11 missed calls from CSH to JH or was it JH getting to reach CSH.. We were saying how happy JH and his family is when compared to all the hardships CSH ws facing... looks like the PD saw our comments and decided to make JH suffer...poor poor JH...
  6. I was wondering the same... usually preview is supposed to intrigue us..but this extreme.. am devastated.. and also glad that this means a definite happy ending..i just hope they don't continue this throughout 15 ... and def not in 16 pl
  7. This will pbly be the ending of ep 15.. the bribery +breakup+ JH mom.. ep 15 wil pbly end with the high tension of the above 3 .. and come to closure in ep16 with happy ending
  8. Thanks much @bubblechoco... I think the preview will be misleading!! Once JH finds out its his mother, am sure he will coonfront and overcome it!! He wont give up just because his mom said no right?? I guess last episode was all abt CSH, this one will be all about KJH and how he will convince his mom and CSH!! God am really dreading Wednesday now!! I cannot NOT watch, but am afraid to watch the breakup!! it will break all our hearts!! If only I can fast fwd the sad scenes that will come in Ep 15!! And yes, some of the scenes will be of Ep 16 as well!!
  9. Lets all be positive!! I trust our writers to make this a meaningful story..if the ending is negative..then the whole plot becomes meaningless..in terms of the love aspect!!
  10. found another preview!! this one has dialogues. https://tv.naver.com/v/5119068/list/299974 dont know how to embed video!!
  11. am guessing so...coz thats the one thing that he cannot do anything about..i mean WS is her ex husband after all!! she might say she is doing to protect her father? or pbly that she has woken up to reality now!!
  12. omg omg omg..couldnt watch PBG/KJH crying like that...this confirms our worst fear..csh breaks up with him..oh no!! dreading wednesdays episode!! what does csh tell him to make it final to him!! I think ep 15 will be more angst than ever!! and yes.really award just for this crying!!
  13. Google translation!!! I ... I want you to live with your good memories for a lifetime. Help me. "After Confucius' confession of conscience to completely remove Tae Kyung from Suhyun, Jinhyuk will protect her from Suhyun's side, but Su Hyun worries about Jin Hyuk and the damage his family will receive. I'm running toward Jinhyuk Suhyeon, which can not accept a strong separation." Looks like ep 15 will end with JH finding abt what his mom did or the breakup.. coz kdrama writers usually make us wait till the last episode to find out!!!
  14. Yes KJH mom must be confessing to dad..glad that she is feeling guilty and unhappy!! And KJH is wearing different clothes ( not the one from their date in ep 14)..so am guessing that KJH hears his mom confessing and is shocked?
  15. Ok, i stopped watching from ep 13 and just watched JW HJ scenes. now i will just not watch... This show started sooo good.. first few episodes were amazing. Had so much potential.. yet they decided to kill everyone and let everyone else also be killed by launching a game that killed its owners literally.. except for SJ whose character has been really wasted.. Never again will I watch anything from these writers.. seriously what's wrong with them!!!
  16. Loved Notting Hill..I think after rewatching Encounter many times, I will watch Notting Hill again to find more similarities I am sure thats the popular vote here @leedonghaek Thank you for posting lovely gifs everytime..i come back and watch those gifs when I dont have time for rerun or when am just thinking abt Encounter ( which is pretty much all the time this weekend)
  17. This is possible..CSH dad tells his late friend that he won't be able to visit him got a while.. so he has a plan in mind to expose taegyeong and he is aware that he may also go down.. which is why he was worried about CSH.. I think when CSH is about to breakup with JH, she may get a call from sec jang or someone about the scandal news that or some news abt TG group and her appa.. this will shock her and the resultingimpact... share price of TG and Donghwa may also fall.. soo all the fin n business impact will take precedence and through all this time JH will be by her side and she will realize that she just cannot give up JH.. that she will need JH more than ever as her dad will be enrolled in court n what not.. OR Before CSH tries to break up, JH finds the note hismother had written to CSH .. maybe in her home when he is looking for something or in her handbag.. or may fall or somehow... this will clue him on what could have happened and he would convince both... Or maybe both of the above could happen.. coz they need to wrap up on the TG Donghwa issue..
  18. Don't want to read to much into the drama lines but CSH often tells that her time with KJH feels like a dream
  19. Are you sure? This is crazy.. they def wouldn't do the dream route coz viewers won't accept.. But come to think of it..glass is used in slok the episodes as mirrors.. so it might mean through the mirror. The writer uses mirror often to depict many scenes..CSH often in office and JH in his room.. even at tea shop.. so what does this all mean.. if gets confusing if i try to correlate these 2 books.. Maybe that are trying to tell that we often view ppl through our eyes/ mirror of our soul and our views are based on our perceptions? Am clearly blabbering here.. but i know that they didn't take such a beautiful drama with so much detailing in every aspect and give an ending that we wouldn't like!!! It won't be. .. they wouldn't swim to 100 countries on a dream story I agree.. why write everything in calendar unless it is to tell us something.. this makes me believe in a time jump ..
  20. Last week the preview was out on Monday.. so just 2 more days.. am very much looking fwd to the preview coz it will give clues( hopefully) if there is a time jump / hospital scene/ we get to see JH/CSH face.. that should tell a lot
  21. This stuck me and they have brought out this story twice in this series..in Ep 14 as well.. CSH may decide to disappear for a while..going abroad and remain incommunicado with JH !! While I really don't want this to happen..it is highly probable!!