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  1. Wow..this is the truth..hope both the women in his life realize that asap!! CSH main weakness is this.she needs to trust him!!
  2. Really have to do this.. or lock myself in a room with laptop Like KJH said the day feels like the calm before the storm!!!..
  3. Awesome. No doubt abt TG group n the scandal.. most likely trows episode.. For all the crying that the writers aregiving us I want 45 mins of CSH n JSH being lovey dovey married n happy in ep 16.. we deserve that.. don't we Sooo true..I was sooo upset on Monday after watching JH crying that I took it out on my hubby n bit on my kiddo too for pestering me right when i was watching the preview in shock
  4. It's happy ending.. see what the production team said... don't worry
  5. No but am sure his expressions when she tells him would be even worse.. from shock to despair to.... can't imagine.. So excited n nervous for today.. feels like am taking some exam / attending interview
  6. i think it may have been the bicycle ride scene..coz it looks like there is an expressway behind her..so she might be reading the script!! I was wondering why you were asking for the livestream link today
  7. Koreans usually suffix names with "a/ya" or "ee" when calling their friends or ppl they are comfortable with..like how HI calls JH as Jinhyuka and Nam/WS calls CSH as Soohyuna... hence bogummy .. but yes it suits his personality well On a side note, in reality I rarely see ppl calling friends with " shi" but I find this very common in most kdrama where the OTP calls each other name with "shi".. it's a sign of respect but I don't see it in real life btwn ppl who know each other well
  8. You couldn't have said it better.. this is actually what's happening throughout the series I had mentioned much earlier that every trouble that comes to them.. right from ep3.. be it from those news articles or ex mother inlaw, dir Choi.. every problem just accelerates their relationship n brings them closer.. So are these problems.. the bigger the problem .. the closer they will become.. the current problem will make them take the next step that CSH is hesitating to take.. marriage
  9. I was just about to post this..i was thinking about what you said and going back to the preview.. In the scene with JH looking at his phone, he is thinking.. he had called CSH 11 times n the last call he made was about 11.30 AM and it's night when he is checking his phone.. he is wondering why CSH hasn't called back.. and this scene also has JH in mirror angle n JH turning back in concern.. so this is a significant scene. The person coming up behind JH is most certainly Nam or MiJin to tell JH about CSH.. My guess is she must likely ODed on the pills accidentally.. doesn't turn up in office next day prompting JH to call her multiple times in the morning.. but no response... In the night, when he is checking his phone, Nam (most likely) tells him that CSH is in hospital.. this might be ep15 ending.. After this JH wil not leave her side no matter what..
  10. Omg why @bebebisous33 why would you think like that...pl don't.PD def won't give an ending that spells DOOM for similar relationships Though Sec Jang will voice her concerns to Nam or JH..CSH personality is very strong minded.. the way it's portrayed.. so wont happen.. don't worry
  11. Wow, wonder how will they edit and do all the background work in next 2 days!! Lot of hard work!! Makes me wonder if they edited the script ( for a happy ending) since they are shooting till the last day!! Also, I guess no more Cuba scenes if they are still filming for ep 16!!
  12. Love your analysis and you are so accurate!! So how will CSH get back to 100% , I think with CSH its more of an internal battle , she must learn to trust and rely on KJH..which I think she will once her parents are indicted in the scandal!! Thats when she might pbly breakdown all her barriers..right now she has gone back to her cocoon to protect herself!! She is a super strong person, but unless she trusts KJH, her mood mode will never be 100% ..actually until she marries KJH her mood mode will never be 100%. With just 2 episodes, I am not sure how they will address this. I doubt if there will be a time jump now, coz time will heal everything, but trust cannot be earned if they are going to on a break. If anything, it will make trusting the other more difficult over time ( if they are on a break!) @bebebisous33 , loved ur tangerine analysis!! But one thing, KJH mom did try to reach CSH through phone, she couldnt and hence she went through DC/Sec Jang!! And yes, she is possessive of her fav. kid.! Like most of you said, she is simple minded and conservative..In Korea, there is still the culture of sons living with parents post marriage ..aka joint family!! So KJH mom never thought otherwise, but when she came to know about CSH, she realized that her son will not be with her and she is threatened!! But interestingly, KJH had already envisioned living with CSH in her apt - which he had hinted so many times...so he is ready to live with her separately , he had made up his mind in a way!! I would love to see KJH park himself in CSH apt after finding out the truth. He should start living there, society be damned and protect CSH with all the onslaught that she will face with regards to the hotel and TG group and the scandal. They should get married immly to put a stop to all the issues..but given how thoughtful KJH really is , I doubt this will happen !! This is what I would expect from any guy in this situation. It would be fun to stay in CSH place, and convince her that there is no breakup for them!!
  13. Am in the same boat.. probability of happy ending to me is 100%.. why else show KJH mom regretting .. she is the main reason and given that this drama doesn't follow the usual kdrama tropes ( except for the breakup) i guess it's now kjh's family's turn to convince CSH.. Don't worry chingu.. watch the happy episodes... If it were to be sad ending then they wouldn't show KJH crying in preview.. they would keep it as ep16 ending
  14. I guess the mom meant something in the lines of " i got what i asked for".. in a regretful way