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  1. PMY just shared an instagram story (for the first time, I think?) of her BFF Jessica feat. Jessica's and her shoes. I've been waiting for PMY to share ig stories for the longest time haha even though I know that it's impossible to see the hubby in her ig stories it still makes me giddy that she's kinda exploring around SNS now.
  2. Those whose reactions are mainly negative probably haven't seen her in QF7D and Healer. It was PMY's first time doing a RomCom during WWWSK and these juveniles feel like she's been doing it forever? What year are these infant KNetz born in anyway? I'd be fine with her accepting the new romcom as the role fits her perfectly well. I also doubt there are any other K Actresses who can pass for an art curator than her -- she has the pretty face, good English skills, quiet grace, and a sophisticated flair...and she is already 32 which makes her a noona to most of the active idols now (and a noona is what the story requires I assume?). In case this new romcom becomes a hit then it will be good for her career. If it doesn't, I don't think it will hurt as much. She's already a seasoned actress and has a good portfolio to boot. If anything, what I actually want to see her do is an action movie wherein she is the badass female heroine doing all the action stunts haha I'm just so happy she's been receiving so much attention that she has always deserved now after WWWSK. I believe in perfect timings, so her doing a romcom now (with ehemhubbyPSJehem) and her career going to full blossom now is all the work of the cosmic forces above. She's been handled very well ever since she transfered to Namoo so I trust her management to have planned very well the next steps she will take for the advancement of her career and in consideration of her personal plans. P.S. I'm excited to see her and Lee Seung Gi together on stage esp after knowing they've already worked together during the filming of Busted S2.
  3. @park2park About that hug that was waaaay too close and comfortable to share with a colleague, I found this online: A hug around the waist is intimate and sensual. In these types of hugs, guys like to snake their arms around the waist of the girl and the girl’s arms usually go over their arms. By allowing the girl’s arm to go above theirs, guys are being very vulnerable and open since this kind of arm position shows a girl's dominance. These types of hugs suggest that guys happy to see you and trust you deeply. This is a way to genuinely show a girl that the guy cares for her. It also means he is in a position to talk and be open to her. This hug can be extremely sensual if a guy's arms are hugging the girl’s lower back and he pulls her tightly towards him. This shows that the guy is crazy about you and wants you. Touching his pelvis to the girl's shows that he is extremely attracted to you sexually. If his hands move farther down, it means he is even more aroused sexually. So, take your time with this type of hug and enjoy the feeling of being wanted.
  4. Hi @snitchdream08 - Ssi (씨) when attached to a name actually translates to Mr./Ms./Mrs. By saying Park Min Young-ssi 박민영씨 he was calling him formally as Ms. Park Min Young, as a sign of respect. It can be used to refer to anyone whether he or she is younger or older than you. Noona on the other hand is the honorific term used by men to refer to women who are older but it is only used when they are close to the older woman. Usually it means that they are like brother/sister in terms of relationship but there's really no rule about it because as far as I remember SJK called SHK noona at one point in time and look what they are now -- husband and wife. You only use one or the other. For example you either say Park Min Young-ssi, or Park Min Young noona. Both connote respect but ssi is the more formal one. On the case of our PPC, PSJ is known to use Noona for female costars who are older than him so him preferring not to use such honorific for PMY may mean he doesn't see himself or that he doesn't want to position himself as someone younger than PMY. It may also mean that he doesn't want to highlight the age gap especially because during the presscon at the start of WWWSK he mentioned how they are "of the same age".
  5. This is true though. I wouldn't be all over my ex if we broke up only recently. I wouldn't even be able to giggle so comfortably like she did whether thr break up was good or bad. Heck I wouldn't even want to sit next to him -- I'd put the interpreter in the middle of us if it were me.
  6. Homegirl looks so happy and with a bounce on her step I wonder what happened last night...
  7. Homegirl is on her way back to Korea with skin looking so damn fresh and glowing even with minimal make up. Although she does look... tired? Lacking sleep? What happened last night, sweetie? Partied hard? Talked til the morning...? Ahh, the things love (and a good man) does to women.
  8. @park2park Exactly my thoughts as well. I second everything you said. Like some of us said here before it is in the quiet momenta and words unsaid that I feel their affection towards each other more. They need not be vocal or physical about it -- it's this unexplainable vibe that you get when, for example, you look at two people in the mall and feel right away that they are dating even without them being physically affectionate. In fact, to me, they give off the vibe of a couple who's been together for a while now. A couple who knows what the other means to say with just one glance, one nod, and one raise of an eyebrow. And this has been more evident in the way PSJ acted last night. Those small gestures that he attempted to hide and do very stealthily gives the vibe of something familiar, like it's something instinctive and habitual for him to do towards her. I strongly believe that it's easy to act gentlemanly and if it were just for the purpose of being polite to a sunbae / former co-actor / colleague, it could've been done without restraint. But he was holding back a bit too much on something that felt like he badly wanted to do -- and I feel like this restraint was something they have discussed and agreed upon before the event proper. To be honest I would have been more surprised if they were not awkward on stage. I kind of expected last night's behavior from them. I'm still very pleased with everything last night -- from how they looked so stunning to their seating arrangement, private conversations, restrained gestures, and most especially their brazen act of leaving the venue with their own entourages together. By now I guess a lot of us can agree here that their favorite princess must be Queen Elsa -- CONCEAL, DON'T FEEL. DON'T LET THEM KNOW. P.S. I hope they had a great night
  9. The video of them happily chatting So so happy for these two. They deserve to be happy and to be accepted for their relationship status. I hope that after the reception of fans tonight they will begin to feel at ease. If the posts and comments on instagram are enough proof of how they have more supporters as a couple than haters, we will hopefully see more of them together now. Tonight was a baby step, but I bet it felt like a giant leap to them as seen in their quiet nervousness.
  10. A rather natural thing to do if you're hiding something, isn't it? This event and their behavior just confirms them to me even more than ever. No matter what other shippers may say, my shipper heart remains unwavering and is stronger than ever.
  11. How real are these photos? My shipper heart is so so full today
  12. I'd like to believe that being seen leaving the venue together and walking side by side each other is part of their management's plans of easing up the public about their relationship.
  13. Was I correct in seeing that PSJ pointed her to the direction where they should go down / showing her the way? Curious to see if he let the BF in him slip and helped her on her way down the stairs.
  14. Just seeing them side by side on the same stage (albeit the presence of others) make my shipper heart very very happy