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  1. PSJ must be a crazy man if he lets this woman go. Her beauty makes me go lesbo.
  2. If PSJ will ever send one (which I doubt), I think he will be sending a coffee truck
  3. She added it after the post so now no one will have to speculate lol On other news, I'm going to miss her long hair if she needs to cut it for her new drama. I mean, she's always been beautiful no matter what hair length, but she looks ethereal with her current hair length and hair color.
  4. Right now I see nine comments And also some people still have no idea where she is but the flag of the United States is in the video she uploaded. Some people think that she is in some asian country because of the trees.
  5. I haven't been as active here as before and I see so many newbies every time I lurk around. ¡Hola! you guys. Welcome to this bumpy ride. I see that things went quickly overnight and I can't stop myself from dropping my 2 cents so here it goes. I'm not going to say anything about their current behavior and vacation patterns, because I do not know for sure what their current status and circumstances are. All I know is that when I hopped on this ship I knew that PPC is not your typical celebrity couple and that it will be a very bumpy ride. About that pap photo, I'm going to make it brief -- I can say that I am more skeptic rather than affected. A famous male celeb going out in broad daylight + with an undisguised woman + and being sweet together + in a cafe + in Korea = really doesn't add up as something PSJ would actually do. If proven true, however, then I'd move on and still be thankful for the wonderful times I had because of PPC. Like I said last night before this supposed PSJ pap photos came out, we are mere spectators in this ship. At this very moment we can all hang on to what PSJ said from before -- only time can tell. Whether or not they are together now / used to be together / in a "some" relationship / in a serious relationship, only time (and them) can tell where this ship is sailing to. As far as my shipping heart is concerned, I try not to be forgetful of the things that made me believe in them. Permit me to refresh your memories: -The fact that someone in a forum mentioned about them dating waaay before the WWWSK casting was announced -PSJ holding a screening for WWWSK at a hotel, them sitting too close together -Viki videos where they (more of PMY) were invading each others' personal bubble: aka what really made me jump into this ship -WWWSK BTS: the scene where Mi So smells Young Joon's neck -WWWSK BTS: all kiss scenes - how they make me feel like I'm watching a private moment every single time, how flustered PSJ looks during BTS instead of his usual chill -Their interviews after the dating rumor came out -Phuket and the absence of photos with the both of them in it -Numerous cast get togethers with the WWWSK cast -China: Their closeness off stage and awkwardness onstage -The closeness of their stylist teams -How she remains to be the only woman in his ig feed: WWWSK is long over and he purged his ig after WWWSK and the dating rumors. If he purges his ig again and the triple park photo is gone, then people can argue that it was only for promo. But right now it's still there and I'm just trying to appreciate it because if there's anything I have learned about shipping it is to be happy about small victories/moments -- because you would never know how long it's going to last.
  6. Just passing by because the thread feels heavy... Some of us have doubts. Some are totally convinced. We can discuss all we want but at the end of the day the only persons who know the real deal are none other than them. We all are spectators. We all cannot do anything but to hope for the best and support their individual endeavors for the meantime. We all miss them, I know. They haven't really given us anything to ship about since the Cosmo event (but that thing was major for me tbh). But whatever this ship may become, whether it sails or if its journey ends, let us be reminded of the glorious, glorious moments which made our shipper hearts beat fast...like this scene which now has 27+ million views on YouTube.
  7. Only PMY would know lol but I looked online and smiling while shaking your head can actually mean: It means to acknowledge some situation or something that someone has said, without making any further comment on the matter. It is similar to bite one's tongue. You might want to say something, but the best thing to do in some situations is to just "bite your tongue" or "Smile and shake your head."
  8. Fan account from ig: A Filipino fan was able to attend the Osaka FM. She was able to shake PMY's hands and say "I love you and PSJ" while holding out her WWWSK OST album. Fan said PMY was smiling shyly and shaking her head upon the mention of PSJ's name. Note: Fan actually used a Filipino word "kilig" to describe PMY's smile. "Kilig" doesn't have a direct English translation, but it means a feeling of elation caused by an exciting / romantic experience.
  9. She danced to Woman Like Me by Little Mix ft. Nicki Minaj! Lyrics go: I made a few mistakes, I regret it nightly I broke a couple hearts that I wear on my sleeve My momma always said, "Girl, you're trouble" and And now I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me And every time we touch, boy, you make me feel weak I can tell you're shy and I think you're so sweet Spending every night under covers and Still I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me (a woman) I wonder who chooses the songs?? Or just because they're catchy and upbeat?
  10. Same here. I would normally forget about a ship around two months after the drama ends but, I don't know. This one just feels too real for me. At least it's what my gutfeel tells me. On another note: I hope PMY learned a new dance for her fanmeets this time! I'm excited to see her dance again.
  11. PMY just shared an instagram story (for the first time, I think?) of her BFF Jessica feat. Jessica's and her shoes. I've been waiting for PMY to share ig stories for the longest time haha even though I know that it's impossible to see the hubby in her ig stories it still makes me giddy that she's kinda exploring around SNS now.