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  1. Have you guys noticed this scene? I don't know if it's just the camera angle, but psj seemed to have kissed pmy's neck
  2. Ugghhh! I just can't with these trolls nowadays.(on Ig, YouTube, even here) How can they be so shallow minded to judge a person based on a 2 minute bts. PMY is an educated woman, how can they expect her to act cheaply with her co stars. And what I hate the most is these trolls pretend they are parkpark shipper when in fact all they do is nit pick every action of our OTP. Some even bad mouth and spread malicious stories.
  3. Same breed (bichon frise). Yeah, Leon is a boy, don't know about simba though
  4. When I found out pmy was offered the role in wwsk, i stalked their ig. (I already thought they have this attraction when I saw them in AAA. ) so i screen shot all the things they have common interest with. Including the painting, the balenciaga caps, and the yeezy shoes. Too bad I deleted it already coz I felt Im Just delulu. When I joined this ship & wanted to share it, that's when I noticed the post was gone already.
  5. psj attended van gogh inside on sept. 18,2016 in jeju island. Pmy's post is dated sept.17,2016 @ getty museum in LA... PSJ posted a van gogh painting in his ig but it is now deleted. (Don't know why he deleted it) I forgot already what painting he posted, if it is the starry night painting or same as pmy.. Why don't they just date, get married and go to museums together right?!
  6. They both even posted painting by van gogh, ( if my memory serves me right, it was the irises painting) But psj deleted his post. I have no idea if it was the same event or same museum..
  7. OMO! @strawberryfall you are finally out of hiding! can't wait to hear your comments about the recent bts..
  8. You are not the only one! Lol I also spy their ig for clues..
  9. Mianhe.. It was a result of over analyzing things. I have no ill intention.
  10. What made me ship is I can see sincerity in psj even in his hyperactivity . like he was really really crushin hard on pmy & that's what makes his behavior look hyped. That's what's been constant in all the bts.. He was so attentive to her, always tryin to make her laugh while inserting seductive moves here & there..
  11. Tnx for the gif.. i guess i overanalyzed things.. but my shipper heart also thought of maybe he was just giddy for being touched by his crush..
  12. I love how realistic you are. I also have that push & pull feeling inside me sometimes like am i overanalyzing things. But what I tell my self, what the heck?! Im here to enjoy the moment & spaz as a shipper. Regarding the healer bts when pmy unintentionally touched jcw's throat, what i think (& what changmin shippers think) that time was jcw grabbed her hand when she touched her throat and it was pmy who pushed his hands away. (Jcw is so clingy and touchy w/ pmy in the bts) As to psj avoiding pmy's touch in the rain bts, yeah i noticed it and it made me sad. To me that was a red flag. (In the couch bts, i thought his avoidance is unintentional as he was too immersed in cringing. ) Seeing the other bts makes me confuse also because psj is so hyper.. and obviously flirty. Ex. The finger licking good scene. But at the end of the day, just like what the other shippers say, let's just enjoy the moment..