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  1. this is the pic taken yesterday in a cafe near psj's house(of course near pmy's house too). i don't know who the person is, but it's sure that the person is not pmy. there's no way ppc have time together at a cafe even in daytime, Cheong-dam. if ppc did, reporters would go crazy and their paparazzi pics already would be in articles today.
  2. no award show. there will be an exhibition on November 23~25 in DDP.
  3. pmy dc already was attacked by antis and there was a fans war, even though pmy's fans immediately reported to the dc and then bashing and swear words were deleted by dc administrators now. and antis captured ppc account's posting(about pmy sns mistake) and spread on Korean site, saying that pmy is impatient to want to marry psj... same as SSC. Actor's hardcore fans always do like that... they make an actress into a woman who is crazy about marriage. ok..i don't mind this immature fans(?) anymore. but if you guys find her sns mistake again, inform her immediately and please don't post or spread it on sns ..for pmy.
  4. whenever she accidentally follows PPC accounts and clicks the like, she is attacked by psj's hardcore fans and her anti fans in Korea. so pmy's Korean fans are very worried about her sns mistake. I think she needs to be careful with insta. and please don't spread her sns mistake, if you love pmy.
  5. PSJ said he knows PMY before wwwsk. and PSJ's management boss also said ppc have known each other for a long time. i think..at least..it's true that ppc have been close friends(?) before wwwsk.
  6. reporters didn't say that the wedding rumor is true. just said they heard the rumor from ppc's acquaintances. and yess..starting from Oct 2017..PPC also said in the interview they already knew their dating rumor before wwwsk.
  7. korean media didn't report ppc are planning to get married soon. media just said there was a rumor they're getting married.
  8. i think that too. she looks cautious. but i hope to see their sweet moment in only PPC commentary
  9. yes, ppc(and pd) commentary for bubi couple vid highlights and only ppc(without pd) interview.
  10. they also did only ppc commentary and interview. you can join using your sns account and vote 5 times everyday
  11. https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html AAA vote starts~