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  1. omgg, PSJ stylist clicking "like" for the posting, even though not tagged her. how did she find this and click "like"?
  2. @Cheryl295 the DVD Commentary has already been confirmed in Aug. pmy will come back to Korea in Aug, rearranging her schedule.
  3. wow..she is soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!! PSJ is a reallyyyyyyyy lucky man.
  4. today is the last day of the reward trip. maybe they will take a flight 01:30 am, Aug 17, Asiana air and arrive in Korea at 9:35 am. I wonder psj and pmy will enter Korea together. I think they will not..because reporters are now obsessive about taking pics parkpark two shot. I watched the vid where a reporter said paparazzi even hiding in near psj and pmy house to take pics. but they haven't taken parkpark two shot yet. I was little scared to know that paparazzi even hiding in near their house. I want to see pics parkpark but I don't want to pics taken by paparazzi.
  5. because DVD team is getting opinions which scenes do you want them to do commentary, PP+P are not doing comnentary in Phuket
  6. the hashtag is not WhatsWrongWithSecretaryKimBubi. he is just complaining about the resort. #두번올것같지않은 means "I don't want to come to this resort again" #할많아않 means "no comment, even though I have something to say about this resort."
  7. other cast don't have one drama a year like PSJ&PMY. i read articles Kang ki young, Hawng bo ra and lee yoo jun are already filming next project as soon as WWWSK ended. Chan sung said he starts to practice his next musical. unlike PSJ, they don't have power to be able to rearrange their schedule.
  8. psj has his muscle problem from his martial arts class? hmm..as i know, he hasn't started to learn fighting skill yet in an action school(martial arts class) for his new movie. maybe it's wrong info. anyway, I'm so happy to see again only psj&pmy team have a food party tonight. seems like both team are really close.
  9. according to pmy's interview, she searched swimsuit(maybe bikini?hihi)for the Phuket as soon as the reward trip was confirmed.