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  1. 초3처럼 나왔넹= You look like a third grader in elementary school. 초3 is 초등학교 3학년(a third grader in elementary school)
  2. yes, his interview made me love him more too, although he got hate by crazy knetzs(and his hardcore fans) because he was too honest and showed interest in pmy in the interview. it's sure he is a great and good man.
  3. yes the trans is also little wrong, although it's not as wrong as pmy interview. i translated psj interview, only part about the possibility. i swear i never put any dellu as a ppc shipper and just translated it as it is. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?aid=0003833956&oid=109&lightVersion=off "I think because wwwsk was successful and Youngjoon and Miso looked good together, the dating rumor came out. so I don't take it badly." and he answered the question about Is there a possibility you and PMY will be a real couple? "I don’t know what to say about the possibility. Because I played the role in love with her, I act, thinking "what is her merit(virtue)?" "she is pretty". Through such things, it is inevitable to get interested in her. About the possibility, I would have to say I don’t know. People don't know what will happen in the future. So I think It takes some time(what will happen between her and me).
  4. info) wwwsk dvd staff said the 3rd pre-order will be opened in the end of Feb~early Mar by much request.
  5. yess. it's a rule. in official events(tv interview, press conference etc..(but except an interview for only articles not to be recorded vid), reporters must not ask celebrities' private life. ex) years ago, in a drama press conference, a reporter asked about actor's gf, but the question was cut by mc. because the reporter broke a rule not to ask about privacy. if ppc's interviews(after wwwsk) were not scheduled in advance before dating news, ppc also never answered dating rumor themselves. only their agencies release the statement. okay
  6. it's sure the interviewer never asked her about dating rumor. because it's a practice and manner when interviewing celebrities on tv show. it's considered rude to ask private&dating rumor in person. anyway, excited to see spring goddess minyoung on tv today ?? idk what are you trying to say.
  7. but the trans is wrong. according to the article, she didn't say she wanted to do more variety show. she just answered the question "who do you want as your partner if you do variety show?". she said she wanted Kang Ho Dong and Park Na Rae.
  8. nowdays, psj is very ninja mode like pmy. except the day he filmed with shm, he was not seen by fans and people in London and Paris for 7 days. wow good ninja skill. oops, he was caught by a fan yesterday. but 1 caught for 7 days. good ninja skill.
  9. i think pmy didn't delete the comment. because other haters' comments are still on there. if she cleaned up comments, she would delete other dirty comments too. maybe @39.6423765 wrote and deleted it by herself. and made a story, saying like that as if pmy didn't want shippers' comments. hmm..so many comments tagged psj are still on pmy IG. are my eyes wrong?
  10. ohh..psj doesn't seem to come back to Korea today(V-day). because someone will go to Taiwan today, if he is back in Korea, he doesn't have anyone to date in V-day?
  11. she is his hair stylist who follows psj whenever he goes to overseas for work. my delulu also thinks like that. It takes only two hours between London and Paris.