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  1. although i'm not pleased pmy will do another ro-com drama(i'm not ready to see pmy with other actors), reviews(comments) about pmy's new ro-com drama are really good. Especially comments in Daum Cafe which mostly 20s~40s women use are so good.(usually ent insiders see reviews and comments in Daum Cafe, because they can get real response of their target 20s~40s). so don't worry about her new drama. they said pmy is perfect for ro-com and a new ro-com queen. i don't understand why the netizenbuzz (?) always translates only bad rewiews and comments(even comments in Nate...even most Korean don't go the site, because Nate is known as the site where only haters use).
  2. PMY and LSG are of the same age. i hope and believe they will be just a good friends. and maybe they have known each other for a long time already. because in the same year(2005), they entered the same University(Dong Guk University).
  3. pmy said in the interview after wwwsk, she no longer thinks she should marry before 35. she said she will marry when she meets a good man and in proper timing.
  4. new article of Jung Kyung Yoon, the original author of wwwsk, came out today. she said...when she saw an article PPC are dating, she thought "Yesss! they look really good together. i hope they will marry."
  5. both are members of Dream Club. they had a year-end party.
  6. namoo ceo is a married man. do you know a drama "On Air" written by writter Kim Eun- sook aired 2008. male lead role a manager "Jang Ki Joon" was based on Namoo ceo Kim Jong Do. because he is known as the most loyal and faithful manager in Korea. the story( not about a love story between a manager Jang Ki Joon and actress Oh Seung Ah, but his success story to become a good manager)in the drama "on Air" was based on Nammo ceo's story. He is a really good person. so i was very glad when i heard pmy entered Namoo. (and if you want to know about him, you can watch 2 days 1 night. he appeared as Kim Joo Hyuk's friend&manager.)
  7. according to his caption, seems like wwwsk team decided they will have New year's party as well next year. i hope we can get pics of new year's party again
  8. wwwsk team reunion was yesterday night, pmy attending musical was today afternoon.
  9. yes, right. she styled PSJ at the recent PSJ's Domino Pizza cf with Naeun
  10. former psj and pmy stylist. awesome ent boss said psj and pmy knew each other before wwwsk because they worked with a same stylist. the stylist is her(@hyejinjing1025)
  11. I'm surprised about ppc's recent move ..seems like these days, ppc open and show appearing together little by little.