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  1. A month later, when JHI and Yoona paired up at an opening ceremony, so many fans shipped them. Then, at AAA awards, though they sat next to each other but did not dare to talk much haha. SYJ is close to both so quite akward for them
  2. The last one in the drama some shippers found out that the crocodile toy appeared in JHI's fan meeting was in a box of stuff in SYJ's house (via Master in the house Show)
  3. He is too busy so he needs some help. She is willing to do so. And then he lets her do what ever she wants with his house hehe. And he cant live alone 'cause he used to live in a big family. And he gets married to somebody to cure his lonely life. That's their story I imagine
  4. JHI received 3 awards last night Artist of the Year: Jung Hae In with many other actors Asia Trend: Jung Hae In ( YoonA also got it) Best Emotive: Jung Hae In (Junho, Lee Sung Kyung also got it) https://www.soompi.com/article/1270675wpp/winners-2018-asia-artist-awards Congrats JHI!! But to be honest, too many actors were awarded
  5. Dont worry too much. SYJ has many hot scences in her career, she understands deeply how hard for actors acting that. No jealous at all. For sure
  6. JHI will be the host of MAMA 2018 Korea and attend all of its 3 destinations. SYJ will not appear in none of those. Huhu. We will have to wait for long long for their sweet public moments
  7. he took on the challenge of recording his very first narration for MBC’s documentary “Bear” (literal title) with Park Na Rae. He helped the comedienne with her headphones and the two stars had fun recording their voices. Jung Hae In then joined her at the “I Live Alone” studio where she bombarded him with questions about his ideal type and personal life -------------- I'm deadly waiting for the conversation about his ideal type though I know who he will describe Happy weekend , my fellow shippers
  8. They used too much power for the hug. I dont think normal friends act like this Just take a night flight, someone can arrive Us from Sk . Filming and busy, yes,somebody can ask for some days off