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  1. Taeunian eagle eyes are so impressive. Was literally just gonna post this. What a good way to support your girl! Same pants on Naeun. I remember this was posted on the first thread. Not sure if it's just me but I've followed SHINee since debut and I don't recall Taemin wearing any Adidas gear. Except for maybe those flame shoes he wore for Replay. We know Naeun has been the one with the hints but now I have a very good feeling that Taemin is slowly letting things out... as if they have a plan. Oh my heart can't wait.
  2. Someone finally found the photo of Taem and the black necklace. I know I brought this up before but could never find that pic of Taem again. Now this account found it! I'm so impressed with Taeunians eagle eyes. Seriously.
  3. He is growing up so fast. Once the baby is now preparing to be a husband. I'm remembering all of a sudden the time Naeun practiced hard to cook a dish for her man. Now it's Taeminnie's turn. Just no milk-honey ramen please
  4. Kpop fan culture definitely has it's dark and light sides. Especially now that kpop is under an international spotlight, I think fans also have a responsibility to contribute to a positive image of their idols and the kpop industry/culture as a whole. I personally try to not be a part of the "dark" side and be aware of my actions and words. I mean just following the golden rule of life.. it also applies to being a kpop fan. If every fan is respectful, then perhaps we wouldn't have all of these issues like privacy invasion, harassment, cyber bullying, stalking etc. The change starts inside every single one of us.
  5. I looked into that tweet about the Male idol accidentally saying part of his gf's name. It looks like a member of Sf9.
  6. @Rhoia Lity yes I remember we talked about it a long time ago. Whoever gave it to her or if she bought it from somewhere special.. I'm happy to see this treasured item of hers.
  7. I think this is a recent photo from Music Bank. No more rosary ring. This boy always keeps us guessing.
  8. I agree with this 110%. I feel like Taeunians shouldn't have the need to comment Taeun or Taemin on every single thing because it just adds fuel to the fire. I understand new Taeunians are still in that honeymoon phase of knowing our couple's history and I get it's hard not to get excited over them, but it seriously doesn't help. I once got into it with someone on IG for tagging naeun on every single photo on strictly shawol accounts but I wasn't going through to her. That's why in this thread, we always talk about silently protecting, supporting and loving them. If we believe this is true, then there is no need to bring negative attention and hate towards our lovely couple. When they're ready, we're ready. We shouldn't be forcing/pressuring them to come out.
  9. I saw Taem with that ring last year too although he didn't wear it much during Japan promotions. I think we talked about it in earlier pages but there was really no clear close ups. That is a very good sign though that he is wearing it out in public. I mean I feel that both (esp Taem though) has gotten braver and braver in 2019. I feel like they made a NY resolution. Maybe Dispatch it right... this will be the year finally!
  10. @chantaljaey well said, chinggu! I agree with you. We all have to be mature and open minded about it. Even though in my heart I truly believe Taeun is real, I also reserved a bit of my heart to accept the possibility that they might not work out. We definitely don't want then to feel burdened/pressured by shippers' comments. But to me, this has been steadily increasing for YEARS.. if there was no truth to it, she and Plan A would have come out with an official statement saying that there is not truth to this and please stop. Just yesterday it popped up on my feed some actress/idol said sorry that the dating rumors about her were not true. I mean normally if there is a rumor or talk about you dating someone and it is not true, you wouldn't let it go on for YEARS. So Taeun's silence on the matter gives me hope.
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