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  1. Okay, I actually didn't have high expectations, but this is shaping up to be quite good. I was only meaning to watch the first episode and see how is it but I didn't suppose I'd finish all the eps^^. I love the addition/emphasis of the inspectors, this is somehow different from a lot of sageuk dramas. This is my second sageuk this year alongside its time slot rival The Crowned Clown. I never imagine I'd get hooked to sageuk dramas nowadays. This drama seems fast paced as well, too much going on in just 2/4 episodes. Glad Go Ah Ra's character here is not another damsel in distress, she's fearless, strong willed, smart and good at fighting as well. I hope it stays like that, or get better even. I actually like her disguise as a man, she looks cute in it . Pretty boy. I'm liking Kwon Yul's character here, only watched him in Bring it on, Ghost and he's such a villain there. He's the comic relief here. I hope they still maintain these kinds of scenes to balance its pretty dark theme, we need some light scenes from time to time. Kdramas usually start with some comic scenes which I tend to get hooked with but then afterwards, it's going down the road of depressing-sad scenes. Lee Tan, I still don't know what to make of his character. One moment, he's kinda stupid, then scary, crazy, I find myself laughing at him whenever Yeoning outsmarts him. He's like a bomb who doesn't need to tick, he just explodes. Quite a handy villain he is. Now, I wonder how Yeoning and Yeoji will be romantically involved here since he is already married. As someone mentioned in a previous post, this is already a sinking ship before it even begins. We all know what happens if a female lead is not of royal blood or not even a royal concubine, there's zero chance. But yeah, I just hope they all survive in the end. And oh, just a random thought, if this ship has a name, it's quite weird because it'll be either YeoNing/YeoJi..which is exactly just their name even if combined .
  2. @nidcha202 True! Ha ha... Considering it's Yeo Jin Goo who draw it . He accidentally tore some when he was about to give it to Lee Se Young...they were soo adorable then . And Se Young crying "JEONHA!!!!" was so cute .
  3. @raziela I'm so excited as well! I haven't actually watched any dramas of Ahn Hyo Seop but from what I read, I believe he's a good actor, and this might be his big break as well. Yet another tall guy to be paired with PBY, haha...the height difference is gonna be soo cute I'm pretty sure . Cannot wait!
  4. ctto I've been quiet in this forum...lol.. I still need to catch up on eps 7 and 8 but sooo excited for tonight's episode!
  5. Oh my! I share you guys' sentiments, Lee Kyu has become now such a complicated character. Man, then from now on, I also fear for HS's life. If he can even kill a royal blood, what more of someone who is of low status. I wish I hadn't spoiled myself, ha ha....this is such a plot twist!...so twisted. Poor LH, I may not be his biggest fan here but he didn't deserve to just die like that. Oh my hearteu . Question, the Lord Gil Lee Kyu always talking about, it's LH's father, right? Lee Kyu seems to do whatever it takes to fulfill that wish he mentioned before.
  6. @circulate9oo Oh no..do you think they'd go as far as killing LH off? I hope not. Even though he isn't much of a likeable character thus far but he's likeable being seen onscreen . Now, I can't wait what episode 8 has in store for us...it has been the most anticipated episode now. Wonder if it's gonna break its own rating again .
  7. You know, that expression from LH always gets me like.. Haven't watched ep 7 yet but I just saw LH's lines to the Queen. Man, those words..I just can't. Now, I really pity the King...he's now all doing the wrong things...even to his most loyal retainer, the Royal Secretary. Is he now a hopeless case? It's quite sad. I wish he gets well. Again, KUDOS to Yeo Jin Goo!!!...such an amazing actor you are. I approve.
  8. Watching this drama gets me on fire! @triplem Agree to your thoughts! Somehow I wanted So Woon and HS to be just ordinary people together, living a simple but happy life towards the end. But then, when I think about the throne, then perhaps HS becomes the King and they can rule the nation together. Still not sure where does the writer wants to take LH...but as of now, he is not fit to be the king.
  9. He looks pretty determined in the preview. Am pretty sure he ain't gonna just sit idle after all that happened. If you were him, you wouldn't just let your nation run by someone mentally unstable...not to mention have hurt you so badly too @triplem I think so...perhaps she was confused during that bed scene so she stopped him. She probably felt something is different...even from the preview, she says she's confused. Or to be exact she says something along the lines of "I don't know anymore", something like that.
  10. OMG!!!!!...just saw the clips...is the guard gonna die? Tomorrow's episode looks promising as well ~~~ cannot wait. @gerrytan8063 Very similar to Moonlight Drawn By Clouds when Kim Yoo Jung's character fed the Crown Prince Park Bo Gum gukbap (or at least tried). That gukbap rascal line...lol
  11. Oh yeah....lol...totally forgot about that. Someone commented it before so I even checked his IG to see the photos . Will you be streaming tonight? Please keep us updated .
  12. Yo! ~From the future Pirate King . Happy Monday, chingu-deuls~^^ I still have a teeny-weeny ray of hope for LH, but then bazaaam, gone. Ha ha..the way it's going right now, it's getting dim. Unless...unless the writer has a way to turn this around again. Still hoping too though, but him hurting HS is out of the question. Soooo excited!!!! Btw, off topic, it seems YJG and LSY is not following each other on IG ...
  13. Whew finally back after watching 5 and 6^^. This is gonna be one of my favorite sageuk dramas, probably on par with Moonlight Drawn By Clouds since I am very picky when it comes to sageuk. The addition of Joo Ho Geol is such a plus! I totally love his character . He and Ha Seon can also be a good dynamic, Ha Seon may be a Clown but Ho Geol is the real life Clown^^. I was afraid he really died but glad he didn't. I hope he stays! And survive until the end. "I dreamed of living somewhere other than the palace. But not anymore. I cannot imagine living anywhere else." - Queen It must have been suffocating to be a queen. So Woon is now starting to love the idea of being in the palace, all thanks to Ha Seon. Reminds me of one statement from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, that even if one doesn't like the idea of just being in the palace, but if you have something/someone you like in there, you learn to love it as well. So Woon beginning to come to realize that being in the palace isn't bad after all now that she has someone she likes/loves. It seems that Ha Seon is starting to capture the hearts of those people surrounding the King, i.e. his bodyguard. I love when Ha Seon said "But rather than have you die a good death for me, I would like you to live for yourself doing what you would like." No doubt the bodyguard truly serves and is loyal to the King, but I somehow thinks in the end, he might choose to protect Ha Seon rather than the King costing him his life. But I still wanna hold on to what Ha Seon said that he would still choose to also cherish his life, thus surviving. Glad to see in the preview for next week that Secretary Lee wouldn't let just Ha Seon die by the hands of the King. The moment he stabbed HS and proclaimed him to be the King now, he bears all the responsibility to also protect HS's life. Between the weight of fulfilling what Lord Gil and the people wished for the world and his loyalty to LH, he will choose the former. And so as you guys commented, perhaps we can see Secretary Lee choosing to stand by HS. I never expected Secretary Lee's words referring to the king, "He might come back suddenly like thunder or slowly in time like sunrise" to come true because who would have expected the King coming back so fast not just like thunder but with lightning. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought the King would at least be redeemed before returning to the palace but no, the writer and PD-nim seems to love to surprise us . Now, I dread for next week's episode. Why does So Woon seems sad from the preview as she will be spending the night with the King? Ha Seon seems determined not just to return, but finally deciding on what his path will be. Maaan, this is getting better and better. Seems like eps. 5 and 6 were full of sweet stuff in preparation for the real deal next week. Monday, please come fast!!! P.S. Also Team Clown here! "I was born with it". I think this is gonna be Ha Seon's legendary phrase from now on .