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  1. saaara

    Korean skincare products?

    Im currently using Numero 10 Essence by belif
  2. saaara

    The food you can't stand.

    Olive oil..
  3. saaara

    Friend vs Lover

    True love will stay just like true friendship will. I lost many friends to love and i lost love to friends. Only real ones remain.
  4. I really enjoy playing games in general such as " guess the drama" or " alphabet games " etc.. is there any thread dedicated to these kind of games?
  5. saaara

    right now I am...

    Laying in bed on soompi app while listening to my be snoring lol
  6. saaara

    10 steps Korean Skin care

    I try my best to clean my skin but after a hard day of working it's just too hard for me.. Recently my bf bought me some mask sheets and essence, so now I'm doing 5 out of 10 from the routine.
  7. saaara

    right now I am...

    Regretting many decisions I made
  8. After watching episode 6, I've found my self a new OTP.. They are just too adorable together. I thought I wouldn't be able to ship park min young with another man after watching her in Healer, but omg this is another lever of OTP lol. i truly enjoyed the scenes where he was trying to pick that stuffed doll. Ah my feels. I can't get enough of this drama, please give me more!
  9. saaara

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome among us I hope you'll have a lot of fun here;)
  10. saaara

    right now I am...

    Laying down while watching immortal songs on tv.
  11. saaara

    what's your favorite breakfast?

    Coffee+ toast+ eggs and cheese!
  12. saaara

    What Are You Craving Right Now?

    I'm fasting rn so I'm craving many things, but mainly pizza..
  13. saaara

    right now I am...

    Fighting with my bf lol