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  1. I'm starting to worry that they will run out of time. I mean there's only 6 episodes left and a lot of problems to resolve. Personally, I don't think that they should make a big deal out of the connection between JSK's grandfather and GOS's mother. It would be really stupid if she will somehow held JSK responsible for this. He probably wasn't even in Korea at that time and his only connection to it is through his grandfather. The grandfather that he doesn't even have much of a relationship with. I don't have much hope for hot romance here because of the age gap between main actors. I doubt the production will do something like that. It's too much risk of a backlash from fans. They already had to came with ideas how to hinder their romance (first mother, then grandfather and now CG) now when they are living under the same roof and it looks like they will continue making troubles in the future Even with all that problems ahead I'm still waiting (not so patiently) for next episode. I miss them and I want them back
  2. CG grew on me as a character in the last few episodes but I can't take his love for GOS seriously. Even she didn't think he was serious after his confession. He treats her more like a younger sister than potential lover. Sometimes it looks like he is making fun of her and not wooing her. And I don't like that he doesn't want to reveal their past and when they met for the first time. The meeting between JSK and CG was so funny. CG was so calm and JSK so nervous. I'm curious what CG actually found out at this meeting and what he was thinking after because I'm sure that there was much more to it than what JSK told him. Secretary Kwon and Grandpa are mystery to me. One thing I noticed is that there are a lot of similarities between Grandpa and JSK. And Secretary Kwon can work well with both of them. Sometimes she just has a strange (scary?) face. This is one scene that caught my attention when watching 8 episode. There is something in that scene I can't describe. It looks like that smile just happened and it feels so real. I want to thanks all of you who bring us information, videos, photos and all other things. Especially you @Jillia for your hard work and keeping this thread alive. Thank you
  3. When JSK does things without thinking he doesn't even remember that he has OCD. He threw the bandage on the floor, he didn't wear gloves when he touched the bannister and punched that sleazy guy. He only has problems when he is consciously thinking about bacteria and dirt.
  4. I haven't watched the last episodes yet but I need to say that I'm a little impressed by the background music. In third episode we have Bad Boy Good Man by Tape Five and Tango from Scent of a Woman and in fourth we have Leonard Cohen's I'm your man and Prince's Kiss I'm looking forward to future surprises It looks like our CEO is falling hard and fast
  5. I like it so far. I'm not obsessed with it (yet) but I like it. It's funny, sometimes a bit crazy and emotional too. It remains to be seen if the show will be able to decrease the bad things and feels around people working in different cleaning fields. The male lead is such a nice but reserved character. You can see how he wants to help GOS but he keeps himself in check when she's around. When she's not around that's another story The elevator scene and his 'disgusting bacteria' reminds me of 'disgusting s**t' from LOTBS And I'm sure that the grandfather had a hand in developing his grandson's condition. Our GOS is such a strong and persistent girl. She's struggling but she is not giving up. It's really a shame that she wasted years liking that jerk sunbae but now she's free and can start liking our CEO It looks like her brother gonna be the funny kind of trouble. From the Fairy crew I really like Kim Dong Hyun. He is a definition of tall, dark and silent so I'm intrigued P.S. Only asian men can rock pink clothes
  6. This looks like something I'd like to watch. Please show, be awesome and exciting
  7. Where is Sungmo? I don't see him anywhere in the pictures Any news about new songs or something?
  8. I'm here and trying to watch but don't know for how long because my stream is not good today
  9. I was a little dissapointed after seeing the father for the first time, you know after Lee Min-ki and all but now I like him. I think he will love LYJ even more than KMS loves him He was almost giddy that his youngest daughter is dating a chaebol I hope that he is just teasing them and not really opposing to this marriage.
  10. Aboji why ?! Why can't you wake up after the kiss?! Why?! I wanted a repeat from last episode. I don't think father will be an obstacle. He just wants LYJ to fight for her
  11. Ok, no live watching for me today. It's lagging too much 3 kisses in first part of the episode WOW
  12. Thank you all for recaps, gifs, videos, photos, all the good stuff I finally could watch episode 12 with subtitles and gathered my thoughts after watching live on Thursday. The first 10 minutes were really grating on my nerves. Them being together in the small space of KMS apartment was so awkward that I felt uncomfortable watching it. It wasn't really that funny. After all the hot kisses they should just relaxing and cuddling in front of the TV or talking about things (but still cuddling). They weren't even excited. They were nervous as hell and it was hard to watch it. It's not always about sex, sometimes people can just be together in the present, sitting closely and just be. And it still can be cute without being awkward. And I still think that him moving in with her was just his way to get her into his house. I really like them more in serious, sexy, or love-dovey scenes. Like in that shopping scene when we get a sneak-peak at their future married life and who will wear pants in their relationship. When they smile at each other I smile at my screen too. I just can't help it they are so cute. But what I really like is that they are there for each other. If one of them is upset the other is always trying to cheer him or her up. They always support each other in different ways. The parents' logic is no logic to me. They thought that it's gonna be easier for LSY to let him believe in his own fantasy because he never actually lived through the kidnapping. So basically LYJ sacrificed himself for family and his parents sacrificed LSY for family and LYJ That can only makes sense in korean drama. I can't blame LYJ that he had doubts about LSY and his abilities to deal with his fake memories. He couldn't handle the guilt of leaving LYJ alone and unintentionally causing the kindapping so no one knew what could happen in the future. They all kind of chose the easiest way out with all the consequences that followed. I'm glad that LSY finally apologized and I hope that he will not cause any more trouble. The info about LYJ's female friend was surprising. I'm curious if it's an actual friend or maybe just some girl that can't take no as an answer. Or maybe a tomboy? I don't really see a reason to go that far just to make KMS jealous but I guess we will see what they have in store for us. I'm totally impressed by PSJ acting skills. We can see so many emotions just looking at his eyes. It's really amazing. And it's a good thing that he can show us so many things without scrunching up his face. This drama surprised me so many times that I can't say what we're gonna get at the beginning of the next episode. I think they will get interrupted or he will just pass out on her considering his sleepless night, very emotional day and the wine. But I still want to believe that we're gonna get a pleasant surprise. It's a good thing that the preview came out later because I don't think I could handle all that hotness right after the end of the episode. It's getting hotter and hotter here. I was afraid a little if they have enough material for next 4 episodes but if the fillers will contain a lot of cuddling, cute and sexy scenes I'm all in. And I can't wait for our sexy bulldozer
  13. If after all the hot kisses and a weeklong wait I won't get a proper and even hotter bed scene I'll be really mad How can they end an episode like that? I need more !!!
  14. Yeah, I know that But I'm more interested in the 'why' he did this. I need to see this on my screen. Young LSY 's breakdown, parent's reactions , young LYJ reaction. I know what happened in webtoon and what is suppose to happen in drama but I want to see it with my own eyes. And it better be convincing because I still don't think what parents did was justifiable.
  15. Thank you all for recaps, gifs and pictures @jeonghyang @Kasmic @kaoriharang This episode was amazing. I love their backstory. Flashbacks really shed more light on LYJ feelings to KMS. He did things for her in his own way and tried to keep her by his side all this time. Child actors are amazing in this drama. The girl is so cute and the boy is handsome and talented. Give him a few years and we gonna get another man to fangirl over. Little LYJ was so brave and smart. And he didn't change much Poor LYJ KMS doesn't remember her marriage proposal from twenty years ago. It's really convenient for her. But there's no way out of it, she must marry him now because he totally fulfilled her requirments for a husband I love that shirt LYJ is wearing at the hospital. He looks hot in it So angry KMS is not a lion but a storm under the surface LSY is still selfish. I guess some things just doesn't change. He actually found out that his little brother experienced a really terrifying thing 20 years ago but the only thing he cares about is himself. But I still don't know how their memories got mixed and why LSY took LYJ's memories and made them his own. Looks like the parents didn't know that LYJ was faking an amnesia. The mother looks surprised and devastated when she found out. I'm still curious about the mixed memories. I hope that in the next episode we're gonna see some sweet and sexy scenes of our OTP. Preferably shirtless LYJ in some hot bed scene