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  1. endensia

    [Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬

    I cried so much watching Ep. 19. Yesuh and her mom scene when they finally decided to disclose everything. The moment when Mr. Kang picked up his wife at the police station. The scene of Coach Kim made curry for Kay, the soundtrack was even Pie Jesu (usually use in Requiem Mass) and the most heartbreaking is Coach Kim and Kay scene. Can't wait for final episode.
  2. To be honest, me too. I think it's normal to be jealous since we are shippers but it's their job, we have to face that reality. Now I know how the last shippers of PSJ and his costar felt when they knew PSJ got his new drama with PMY.
  3. Yes, I know, I have seen all JSM dramas between 2017-2018 since she's also my fav actress, but I notice that all that dramas mentioned have different genre I guess. MFisS is more like family drama and JSM is not really the female lead, BTiMFL is romcom, and TShLYE is a tragic romance. That's the point. But since I don't know yet "Her Private Life" story even it's romcom and from webnovel, I think the best I can do is just wait, see, and not overthink. Hope it works well.
  4. Agree with you. On my personal opinion, it's better she takes another genre. Furthermore, the interval between wwwsk and this romcom drama again (if she really confirms it) is too short as according to the airing schedule as mentioned on Soompi article (early 2019).
  5. I don't know but maybe I'm the only one who think it's their pattern that when one of them is not in Korea, or both travel overseas, one or both of them often update their IG. But, since I don't want overboard with my delulu mind, I'll think it's only coincidence.
  6. I don't know if the translation from that source is reliable or not, but in my opinion, PMY asks her fans, "from all korean actor and actress out there, why they choose to be with her even though to be her fans is not easy. Because they like her and support her in good and bad times." Maybe someone can correct me.
  7. yeah, this thread is shipper PARADISE, right? I think every member in this thread feels free to state their mind and also free to hope (even though we should manage our expectation or we will be hurt badly/very disappointed). Just a friendly reminder that once you declare as shipper, you should know its consequences, with good or bad ending. Good luck.
  8. I think as PPC shippers, sometimes we do not need to over-analyze and over-think everything, right.
  9. That PPC account tags her but for her pics only. But as PPC shipper, this accidentally action really made my day.
  10. As the same as you. I gave up on Starple since APAN I prefer AAA & tvN, but as I see PSJ position at AAA nominee list, it's hard for him to beat k-idols.
  11. No offense, but to be honest, I can't find the same peace and cozy vibes lately in this forum since awards polling has been to be the main subject. I read some members pointed out the third party or not to be careful to express their opinion. This case has also happened on Twitter & IG until now. Some PPC shippers account do the same. And the consequences are more hate to PMY and even PSJ. I know we cannot avoid the negative comments or haters out there, but please just support them in a good way.
  12. I think I'm the only one who think that not only PMY, but PSJ also looks a bit cautious. I compare it with WWWSK press conference and their early interviews. He looks very comfortable with the other casts, laughing hard together, but he looks awkward with PMY, but trying hard to look normal. I understand their situation. If I'm in their position, I might do the same thing.
  13. Thank you for your information. I watched it! @Matilda_Anne As usually, use Google translate, and it works
  14. If I'm not wrong, it's PSJ for Elle interview June 2015. Yeah, it's just a coincidence like the other coincidences.