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  1. @sadiesmith, I tried to translate LSK interview using the articles you shared, and I also use the excerpt from LSK and UI interview, thanks
  2. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Haha, uri Eonni can be very savage sometimes Now, I'm curious to see LSK's drawing... PMC vlive, Friday Dec 14, 9PM KST
  3. @africandramalover The "manager level" building, just like PDH This scene happened a few days after PDH confronted LJA about the kiss in ep 3, and I think their exchange really affected him... Instagram posts with Park Hae Young Writernim at 31th Korean Broadcasting Writer Awards
  4. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Translation using Papago: At one point, he is appearing in so many genres that it is hard to say that he is an actor specialized in a particular genre.It's not that old, but the term 'romantic guy' used to be burdensome. However, I thought that if I try various things within a given situation, certain images will be erased someday. An actor's modifier doesn't mean he can change it because he wants to. You have to show them through the work. My texture isn't that diverse, but I think it's fun to try and accept the results and expand the scope to find something new. === Maybe because he is mostly known from Pasta and Coffe Prince, he tried to distance himself from his characters in those dramas which created the "romantic guy" image. But he also have the "irritated guy" image I also would love to see him doing romantic drama/movie for mature audiences, something like On the Way to the Airport. And yes, romance could be tastefully done, even without or minimal skinship (if that's really the problem). Chemistry could be build with just a look... Could you please share his interviews here?
  5. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    One word : forearm
  6. Just for fun The Dramabeans staff doing the Bean Count for 2018 dramas and My Ahjussi got the most beans! http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/12/2018-year-in-review-part-1-the-bean-count/ Yay
  7. Thanks @sadiesmith I was wondering why the director worry about his "wrinkle" (in the video he touched his forehead between his eyebrows) and his "irritated image"... But reading your post, I kind of understand the meaning. In his other projects he tended to emoting his characters animatedly, often lifting his eyebrows that made his forehead wrinkled. But in MA, PDH's forehead was always (cmiiw) smooth, well maybe just a few lines between the eyebrows when he was very emotional, like when LJA confessed to him in ep 10... Could it be that PDH's "wipe forehead" gesture is LSK unconsciously checking if his forehead wrinkled? Haha no, just kidding... I love the little habitual gestures LSK added to make PDH more alive... Now that you've mentioned it, it was his first tv interview after MA, wasn't it? Elle awards interview was just a few seconds, and the other interviews to promote PMC he did with HJW, so I don't think those really count... Are the people in SK still bothered by controversies? About the age gap thing? After all these months and those awards? I mean there are other drama leads with large age gap with obvious romantic notion... It's funny that people keep saying that MA is just a healing drama with platonic relationship between the leads, but bothered by the pairing. It's like they kind of admitted that there are something more between PDH and LJA than just friends.... What's more funny is these negative sentiments seems to leak off screen. No interviews or photoshoot like they did for Japanese audiences. No attending award show together. No selfies or sending supportive coffe trucks. Like, LSK and LJE are not allowed to be in the same place together unless 15.000 other people are with them... Sorry, I'm rambling. Maybe I'm just overreacted... Anyway...
  8. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Lee Sun Kyun interview with KBS2 YouTube link https://youtu.be/WGqw7tXvsHI Cute screencaps
  9. Here's the interview YouTube link https://youtu.be/vJdUfItso9Y But, no subtitles or translation yet
  10. I'm not sure... But since it could be as a promo for the movie PMC, the shoot probably happened fairly recent...
  11. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Omo! omo omo omo Do you still have ovaries left, @t123han?
  12. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Love these new posters They don't focus mainly on HJW like the previous ones, but also on LSK
  13. Me too. Like in Episode 9, when they stared at each other from across the street PDH : (stare at LJA, longingly? Curiously? Just don't blink and let's play with the audience's feelings?) Also PDH's many "..." lines. How it's really written in the script? Do they have more instructions added? So much to discover...