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  1. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Bad Police trailer! I'm so excited!
  2. Another video about My Ahjussi filming locations, but only focused on the railway crossings. Click cc for English sub.
  3. Just finished the first episode. It was enjoyable, but darker than I thought it would be. And Ko Tae Rim talked a lot and so fast, I have to stop the video to read the sub Still a lot of fun though. My Eonni, Chae Jung An, is her usual cool self. I just hope they won't make her the second lead female who doesn't get the man...again (like some of her other characters, gets too repetitive). Better go with no romance at all. I think Seo Eun Su did a decent job. I don't get why people seem to dislike her... I haven't watch the Japanese version, so I can enjoy watching this drama without comparing them
  4. I noticed that a lot of My Ahjussi videos with English subtitles (mostly subbed by IUteamstarcandy), like behind the scenes and vlive interview, are no longer available I wonder why... Is it because copyright problem? But, some of the videos are still available... It's just so sad... Although the original behind the scene videos are available on TVN YouTube channel, but as an international fans who doesn't understand Korean, I really appreciate those subbed videos... And, I can't find any video on My Ahjussi press conference (sub or no sub) anywhere... Maybe, if you guys have links that work, please share them here...
  5. Haha, I don't even want to think about it When the announcement about Sky Castle came out, I don't really interested on watching it. But I decided to try at least the first episode to support Oh Na Ra (Jung Hee). Turned out the drama is very good! Is Sky Castle qualified for Baeksang this year, according to broadcasting date (Nov 2018 - Jan 2019)? If so, then My Ahjussi will have a very strong competition, besides Mr. Sunshine...
  6. Found this on Twitter 24 Jan 2019, in the talk show JTBC Movieroom, Lee Sun Kyun was comparing a movie "I, Daniel Blake" with My Ahjussi. But, I don't know which part of the two projects he saw as similar. I haven't found any clips or articles about it. Many other clips and articles are about LSK's movie "Helpless"... Maybe, you guys can help translate what is written in the pic below...
  7. My Ahjussi team send coffee truck for Director Kim Won Seok, who's now filming Asadal Chronicles
  8. Thanks @oldschooler for sharing your thoughts. That windswept look maybe to symbolize the unprotected state of these orphans... I watched the first two episodes before dropping it, because I already followed too many on going dramas at the time (Feel Good to Die, Children of Nobody and Sky Castle). I planned to watch it later after it's finished. But, yes, there are some complaints I found in Twitter about PSH's character... Wow, I never thought her char was originally intended to be similar to our Ji An.... Lee Ji An is really a special character. Writer nim managed to keep her traits and importance intact through out the drama. Sometimes in a kdrama, a strong female lead is turned into a damsel in distress once she met the male lead. Or, the development of the female lead got sacrifice for the sake of the male lead's arc. LJA stayed strong. Even after she fell in love with PDH, she stayed as who she is. She wouldn't let PDH be her knight is shining armor (once she knew PDH found out about her debt and he wanted to help her pay for it, she quickly pay for it all)... It's just too bad we didn't get to see LJA's struggling in Busan... But since the drama is called My Ahjussi, so no wonder we get to know more about the "Ahjussi". Maybe, if Studio Dragon would make the spin off, titled My Agassi, we'll get more LJA (wishful thinking )
  9. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Yes... I wonder what genre would he choose for his next drama... A romance melodrama would be great, but please no more cheating theme... I think it's enough to get cheated on by your wife twice in a row Wow, that's him running marathon in Hawaii... Daebak! DJing for some event... Too cute Note on the wardrobe : 1. the third sighting of this jacket 2. cap hat = no need to do hair
  10. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Imagine him doing this kind of photoshoot with Lee Ji Eun for My Ahjussi The one they did for Japanese magazine doesn't count
  11. Oldie but goldie... Ten years ago, Lee Sun Kyun sang the song that would be My Ahjussi OST My Image Reflected in My Heart by Kwak Jin Eon
  12. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    With translation
  13. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Why can't he stop being so cute?!
  14. widala

    Lee Seon Gyun 이선균

    Haha yes... Stylist-nim, please do LSK hair... The bed hair look is fine for one ot two occasions, but not all the time @roseariel, although I don't exactly hate that jacket, I agree that it didn't really fit a movie event... Thankfully, in this latest interview he wore a more appropriate clothing... @sadiesmith, another turtleneck https://m.tv.naver.com/v/4981676