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    thesis issues

    hiya i'm working on my thesis right now. so may i ask you to participate?:) link thanks! p.s. yes my eng is very bad, but it's just science, so ..
  2. mewni

    thesis issues

    sorry if my english not so well, but i want to explane in short - my research about South Korean cultural influance on western young people. this questionnaire just part of big work with literature and etc, it's will show main sources where young people searching about South Korea. About age: in my country group "youth" between 14 and 35, that's why i can't includ "after 35". thank you for feedback!
  3. mewni

    Time heals pain

    to be honest, in past i thought that time just increase the pain but almost 4 years past, and yeah, now i can say that time heals heals the pain of a loss, but not a illness you got after
  4. mewni

    What Did You Eat Today? →

    hmm coffee.. noodles with soy sauce.. cup of tea! oh no, now i want a huge bowl of salad
  5. mewni

    I'm happy today because...

    well... my hair pink again, what else can i say i've planned walk with my older sister, but we forgot that 12 of june is the russia day lots, lots of people, cars and hot weather thanks god i got my masala spiced coffee:)
  6. mewni

    Why did you choose your member name?

    ohh its from one cartoon:) name of homeland of my fav character the kingdom of mewni my friends pronounce it wrong, but its really nice