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  1. News bits n pieces: http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/45372/20180529/kim-yoo-jung-2018-love-in-the-moonlight-actress-might-reunite-with-park-bo-gum-in-new-project-following-health-improvement-update.htm Just FYI: If posted, feel free to delete. Have a geat day e verone
  2. It was posted in youtube that there may be a Season 2 for LITM.... but others commented that there's no need since all questioned been answered. That nothing's left to be continued but majority of the viewers requesting a continuation. It's a big hit series that a continuation is possible, say a new admin under the kingship of the Crown Prince. As they say, you can't please everybody no matter how good you are as a "King'... and Raon as a queen, there's many for twisting...:D, and He as a king,will he take all the court lady as his women..? LOL
  3. I think when he said "bow tie" during baeksang 2017 is just his ploy to tell the guys that she's his person. ...that she's already taken...
  4. His smile is a picture of a very much in love guy...
  5. Mostly, you don't see lips entwined, the kisser's head is movable and cupping face helps to hide it... the camera is moving away... no use of CGI animation with that scene (u know), that's half-way kissing... it's still a kiss Edited 1 minute ago by Ick Kritz Remember when she was just doodling with her finger and standing in that bored manner during B ILU movie? I guess, she's missing the jokes and stuffs with the MDBC casts .... but Netizen was right away there to pin her. That's why she cant do something like that... color her black....
  6. Some time ago I shared an article reported by @taiwando titled "Deer like eyes ... Park Bo Gum, perfect beauty" (here)... So, today I end the collection of my favorite Bogummy's pics choosing as theme his beautiful eyes... cr logo cr logo cr TNGT I have seen that some already celebrate his birthday ... For my time zone (-7) it is not yet time ... Meanwhile today (June 15th) Yoo Jung has updated his IG... exactly at 20.21 hours Korea (here)...Congratulations on the artistic talent! Maybe is it a dedication to a special person?
  7. Pls dont stop sharing boyoo info.
  8. Mostly, you don't see lips entwined, the kisser's head is movable and cupping face helps to hide it... the camera is moving away... no use of CGI animation with that scene (u know), that's half-way kissing... it's still a kiss
  9. Well,either shippers here is jumping to another ship, it's irrelevant to me. Whoever stays are the true shippers of this boat. Then it's better communication... the real Boyoo shippers...
  10. His hair is the most gorgeous it’s ever been… cr logo But for me Bogummy look good with short hair or long hair ... Two days left to his birthday and the today's theme isn't only his hair, but his multiple look during his performances, in fan meetings... Bogummy have a face and eyes so expressive that sometimes it leaves me really without breath! cr logo cr logo cr logo Now some news ... The translated interview given by Bogummy to L'Officiel magazine Hommes Thai is out ... In the spoiler... And MDBC is number 11 of the 15 most popular K-drama Among International Fans!!!!Cogratulations!!!! https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/15-popular-dramas-among-international-fans/ In my heart it's one of three fav k-drama! To @ICK KRITZ For your experience, do you agree that sometimes reality can even be more beautiful than fantasy? I share many of your thoughts on the couple BoYoo and I like to read your opinion ... Too bad that many shippers have jumped on other ships or have stopped writing ... I would like one day to read their true story ... For now I am content to cheer for them, that their lives are full of satisfaction and look forward to seeing them together again.... To @LynneL I agree with you about the picture and I think Bogum's touch can really be so kind to her... To @summer2017 "I am always touched by BG and of course Boyoo relationship"....Me too... Goodnight... I miss BoYoo
  11. this is late reaction... I noticed there's a caption on top of the pictures translated : Who knows if memories will be a life-long lifetime?
  12. Yes, CTH did and said they have a guest. PBG asked,is she a doll? and PBG last word, take care of Yoo Jung. See you.
  13. Agree.The coke co. missed the point. It should be her with him in that ad
  14. I wish I've been here earlier .... this case is so touchy but I agree with you.There might be understanding already between them who knows... when his manager called him during 2 days & 1 night ep, she said she has no idea what Bogum is doing, disappeared after the show, B on the other hand claimed that he communicates with her and Kwak Dong and others. Besides, we're all aware that some fans are obsessive and war freak esp that he's a good looking guy. Her agency is very strict as I've read online. I'm just glad that she has projects. It's a good break to pair with some hot star peace, like Lee Jong Suk (look a like of PB), or Yoo Seung-ho, both have good names in the showbiz industry... good challenge to show her good acting ability with the mentioned hottie guys...this also to measure how deep it is about her and PBG....