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  1. Kim So Hyun on the red carpet with new look: ( I'm sure as hell @Elif Ataş won't like perhaps even hate this new look of Kim So Hyun, for loli fetish purposes of course.)
  2. I think you really manage to figured out the plot. It make so much sense right now, well done mate!
  3. I don't know whether it will be Korea's Game of Thrones or not but I'm sure as hell that it's going to be at least a cut above then Game of Thrones. I don't understand why but everyone here is only focusing the cast. Damn just look at the staff! In the Director's Chair we have Kim Won Suk, A.K.A. God among Directors and the writers are Korea's finest. They did wonders in Sageuk's like Six Flying Dragons, Deep Rooted Tree, Queen Seon Duk and Jewel in the Palace. Director and writer combo in this drama is just unworldly. As it were Bach, Beethoven and Mozart join hands to compose the ultimate piece.
  4. Is anyone knows where to find full version of Jo Seung Woo's Sweeney Todd performance?
  5. The song from the teaser is not an OST piece unfortunately. Prolly, they won't use it in the drama. (Teaser-only, most likely)
  6. It just looks amazing. The cinematography and CGI are mind blowing, really. Calling it, if the script will be as good as the visuals then that means we are waiting a damn masterpiece!
  7. You are misleading people in here. Don't share fake news unless you are certain about the source. These images doesn't belong The Pillow Book, they belong to upcoming Chinese drama, Zhao Ge. And here is my source:
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