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  1. Agreed! He just irritates me to no end. Poor JT.
  2. I wish I can read Korean I see the pictures on the Instagram. But I don’t understand what it says.
  3. It’s so nice to see JT smile. Finally he has some happiness in his life. CJ/JT pairing is growing on me
  4. SP is definitely a snake. Something about him just irritates me. I’m watching this till the end too. It’s really getting interesting! I’m totally addicted to this drama. Even when it got boring for a couple of weeks. I watched every episode.
  5. Ohhhhh I loved the look on JH’s face. I can’t wait to see thieving dad and his Minions go down.
  6. I doubt if Minji will stop screaming LOL. But have a great time on your Holiday
  7. I loved that part! Even when KH is upset, he manages to be polite. So opposite his parents lol
  8. I feel the same. (I also have two sons, no daughters)
  9. Oh I totally agree. As I said before, they are my two favorite characters in this drama. I know people are bashing on KH for not standing up to his mother but his loyalty to everyone (including his mother) is what I love about him. If that makes any sense.
  10. We can call him the gentle giant. Lol
  11. I’m beginning to think Minji’s feeling for JH is not love. I think it’s obsession. She’s so used to getting whatever she wants that losing JH would be a real kick at her pride. Especially losing JH to SY. And I don’t remember when SY was going to give up Minsu after hearing the story about JH’s father. I don’t have subs so maybe I missed something?
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if SP goes after Hyerin now and dumps BS. He just found out that Hyerin is the daughter of a prominent family after all. I have a feeling his desire for respect and financial gain will over shadow any feelings he has for BS. But this drama has been all over the place with the story lines so who knows what will happen. It does look like there will be a JT/CJ pairing. Unless the writers decide to throw us a curve ball. I will be SO upset if anything happened to JT or baby Minsu.
  13. I’m still hoping there will be a happy ending for at least one of the lead characters. Hopefully it’s JT who sacrificed a lot for everyone, SY who has had nothing but misfortune and is a punching bag from everyone around her through no fault of her own or KH who is just genuinely a nice, loyal friend to the Oh family. We’ll have to wait and see.