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  1. TS, JT and KH getting drunk. Now that would be an interesting. Hopefully KH and JT will get drunk and beat the crap out of SP and greasy minion.
  2. I’m going to admit it. Watching KS crying alone in his room was heart breaking. It’s probably not going to happen and I could care less about JH and Minji. But still kind of wishing a JT / SY and KH / BS relationship.
  3. I agree! I just want one love relationship to have a happy ending.
  4. I totally agree. And so is BS. The way she purposely hurts KH makes me cringe.
  5. I’m not that great wIth Korean and unfortunately I don’t have English captions but in the preview did BS ask KH why he can’t understand that She and SP need each other? If that’s what she asked. She really is a cold hearted b%@*h. On a different note, the way JT looks at SY. “Sigh”.
  6. Totaly agree with you about BS! She’s becoming her mother.
  7. BS is really starting to irritate me. .
  8. Maybe CJ is an attention seeker?? I’m thinking because she was raised by a single parent. Her father is the only adult character that seems some what normal. And he truly seems like he wants his daughter to be happy. He’s not selfish like the other adults in this drama. That’s just my opinion though.
  9. Oh my heart is breaking for JT and KH. My two favorite characters. Not liking the preview either.
  10. I can’t stand SP. He’s one of those people that shakes your hand with his right hand and stabs you with his left. Ughhhhh, if BS chooses him over KH, she’s an idiot. Poor KH, his mother is crazy, his father is spineless as JH’s mother, and he’s letting the girl he loves go, because her happiness is important to him “ sniff”. I don’t know how he grew up to be such a nice person with such disfuntional parents.
  11. If BS leaves KH for SP, she’s not as smart as I thought.