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  1. [Drama 2018] Suits, 슈츠

    I haven't watched the US version but I just wanted to say I love this drama especially the BROMANCE. I have always been someone who craves for more romance in a drama but this is the first drama where I looked forward to bromance more than romance. Park Hyung Shik and Jang Dong Gun totally slayed their roles. Yeon Woo scenes with his grandma really moved my heart the funeral scene made cry a river. Choi Kang Soek explanation in the end about why he chose Yeon Woo was thought provoking and really convincing. I had fun watching the drama and was hooked to it till the end. NO episode made me skip parts unlike many other dramas are making me do now a days. Last few minutes between JDG ad GYW especially when it was GYW this time who didn't respond to the fist bump made me realise how much I will miss the bromance. I know its difficult to get season 2 for a k drama especially on public cable but not impossible. This drama totally deserves a second season considering that it was a success in Korea.
  2. Same here can someone pm me too. I tried my best to hold back my curiosity but I just can't help it. EDIT: Got it Thank you so much
  3. Yeah finally they broke up. Took you long enough Yoo Chan . Now I am looking forward to their bike ride hopefully we get one . In J drama I liked the episodes where Makoto was training Hyuga Toru to remember people's name. I am curious how BR will train YC to remember people's face that part would definitely be funny to see BR controlling YC. MTJ be prepared for your downfall now. They say karma is a bi**h I am sure you will regret what you did to YC soon. It was YC's innovative ideas that made NextIn what it is today. Lets see what you and your old folks come up with. Writer nim just like you added two extra kisses for YC and TR compared to original can you also add two extra for YC and BR . Lol I am keeping my expectations low on that but a person can always wish.
  4. How was today's episode everyone? Looks like YC found out about betrayal. YC and BR seems to have taken a selfie in this episode . I am more curious about YC and TR did they end it already? The preview look good. Looks like we will be getting more of otp now. But the end part I think YC will misunderstand BR.
  5. I binge watched evergreen. I thought I signed up for a nice romcom with fantasy elements it was going great till episode 12. I kept my hopes high till episode 15 but episode 16 ruined it for me. I really like Yoo ri and Oh Soo they were so cute that ending still pains me a lot. I wish I had got memory loss instead of Oh soo. "I can't have any fun now with the OTP cuz I will be thinking YC is a jerk for staying with TR for so long if he really had feelings for BR. " Same here. What was the writer even thinking why ruin perfectly fine drama. It started off well. I feel bad for the actors they were doing great job and its not like leads didn't have good chemistry. I am suho biased so I feel bad for him he really seemed to have worked hard for this drama. He was great in universe's star thank god I have his movie Student A to look forward to. Episode 16 last 5 min YC will confess to BR and they will kiss *faceplam*.
  6. I am just holding up for this week but I really wanted MTR and LYC breakup to happen in today's episode but from the few clips I watched I don't think it has happened so I am very disappointed what's the point of dragging the whole triangle. Its too late now I can't ship the main couple anymore even if they have all cute lovey dovey scenes I don't think I can digest it anymore. They should have stopped with it long back. More than half of the drama they show YC and TR as couple and in the last few episodes they will show all this time BR was for YC lol how are viewers supposed to digest that. I blame the writing they have ruined one of the best J drama here. Now I say let TR and YC be the end game at least then this drama would make sense. EDIT: Lol twitter is bursting with anger and sadness. Too bad the ratings will drop more and I don't think they will increase anymore.
  7. Just saw a clip on IG They kissed *sobs* *breaks everything*. Man if they had not given us those 3 kisses earlier I would have forgiven the writer for putting us through such torture but I don't think I can watch tonight's episode please let me know how was the episode here. If not for Suho I would have dropped this drama long back. Forgive me I am just a disappointed viewer I had lot of expectations from this drama.Now I wish this was just business oriented just like J drama I was a fool for wishing more of a romance. I wished between the leads not between the male lead and second female lead LOL. Please do leave your reviews about tonight's episode who knows that may encourage me to watch further.
  8. Just finished watching episode 10. Its feels so good to see YC finally being so soft to BR. I also loved how he drove to her place to console her that she did great and that hug was also so sweet. They are really cute now only thing I am eagerly waiting for is YC TR's break up then this drama would be perfect for me. Writer nim please make that happen soon. I think episode 11 or 12 will really be a turning point in this drama. I can't wait to watch next episode.
  9. I still have to watch episode 10 was busy finishing Japanese rich man, poor woman. I really liked the Japanese version . Judging from everyone's comments here I am guessing TR took lot of screen time in the previous episode. I saw the preview for episode 11 and I am sorry to break this to you all but if this goes like the j drama then we better be prepared for another kiss between YC & TR and if that happens I swear I will lose my interest in this drama because its sad to see this amazing drama turning that way. Suho was the only reason I kept on hanging to this drama but not another kiss pretty please. If they want to show us a kiss that bad better show it between YC and BR. I have noticed this pattern with the ratings too whenever the scenes between YC and BR are more the ratings are pretty good and when there are scenes between YC and TR the ratings drop to 0.7% . In episode 6 when there was a kiss between YC and TR the ratings dropped to 0.8%. I wish that atleast now the director knows his audience better and what they want from this drama. If they were going to take the same story as j drama in the end they should have never made YC and TR enter a relationship that was really unnecessary. YC seems more like a player now. Few may defend that he was just doing that to get over KBH but now he just comes off as a two timer that's not how his character is supposed to be. In j drama shun's character may be a cold, arrogant and jerk ceo but he was never shown as someone playing with women's feelings. Its sad but the writers have completely ruined YC's character essence there. Its not too late we still have 6 episodes to go this drama can still be saved.I hope that TR and YC break up happens in episode 11 because even if something were to happen between YC and BR I wouldn't find it appropriate if he is still with TR. This is just a guess If the writer really wants to surprise us I am hoping when TR shows up at his door step and instead of kissing TR back can YC stop her and ask for break up since he doesn't have any feelings for her? I see that's possible too but if it goes the same way as j drama I am ready to cry bucket of tears and swear at the writers for ruining the drama for me
  10. @bebebisous33 I think MTJ will show his true colours soon now. In the preview that director guy is shown saying we will have to drag him down from the ceo position. I think they will plot together and back stab LYC soon. I think Bo Ra liking LYC will be his driving force to betray LYC. Just sharing few pics that have been circulating on twitter for the past few days.
  11. Hello I am a lurker here and created soompi account just so I can share my pov about this drama. Just like many people the only reason I am watching this drama is for Exo Suho. This drama started off quite well and I was enjoying it until Yo Chan started to date Tae Ra. I understand he is doing so because his priest friend suggested him that but because of that I can't bring myself to enjoy the main leads fluffy scenes. Tbh now I feel bad for Tae Ra. She seems to care about him and is not clingy like I expected her to be especially in past two episodes she has taken care of him well. Took him on a drive just so he could sleep peacefully and also gifted him her painting so that he can remember her face. I don't know how her character will turn in near future but if she turns into a vamp typical k drama bi**h the only person to be blamed is Yo Chan. If the writer doesn't set things right between them soon he will just come off as a player who is playing with two women's heart. We still have 8 episodes to go I wish they sort out the love triangle soon bc I am still not convinced to ship main couple because he already treated her badly and then she also lied to him and now that he is dating other girl its too difficult for me to enjoy their scenes and also Yoo Chan being sweet to Tae Ra hurts me more and makes me wonder if she is the main female lead. The story has so much potential and the cast also looks promising I hope the writer doesn't waste his/her resources by unnecessary dragging of love triangle and ratings also have seemed to dropped for the previous episode its just 0.7%. For channels like MBN 1% + is considered to be a good rating. I hope so too. I really want some character development for Lee Yo Chan. He needs to stop being a jerk.