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  1. Some lucky fans have a message instead of just a signature Such a warm greetings by Jong Suk
  2. I'm Rooting for a Best Lead Actor Award! https://www.facebook.com/SBSstar.news/videos/299485394027929/
  3. Commenting as the big boss of Cafe 89Mansion congratulating his staff and friends for a job well done
  4. She's a friend of mine, she's handling the IG account @withjs_malaysia, she's a great girl and a great illustrator
  5. Happy Chuseok everyone! it's nice to be back here in Soompi, i've been in and out of this forum. a great experience having attended the Thailand Fanmeet, a lively ambiance. Btw @Rania Zeid nonski is saying her regards, she dont know if you still remember her
  6. always love photos of the style of previous generation (old films hahaha) great artwork @ibru @ibru i keep on wondering if he has again dyed his hair blonde, and its because i cannot access do.concert yesterday for abut 10minutes
  7. woah 3 fanmeet in Japan! August 20 in osaka "2018 LEE JONG SUK FANMEETING" Crank Up "in JAPAN" has been decided to hold additional performances in response to hot demands from fans! Additional schedule Monday, August 20, 2018 ORIX Theater (Osaka)
  8. hmmm, let me see who else can remember these filming locations a very good friend sent this to me knowing im a big fan of Jong Suk
  9. hahah @ibru yes it is, however it seems he is busy on his business, not knowing we are waiing for a new drama hahaha
  10. Hahaha thank you!, been following this thread for quite a while on a discreet manner, and its because of my good friend nonski and of course Jong Suk possible 2nd Cafe 89mansion?!?
  11. when Jong Suk is trying to watch the musical while everyone else is trying to wach him
  12. I literally cried when i read this @nonski, never imagined that the simple food truck we sent made them smile even just for a while, hoping it will be resolve soon. Prayers and love to all staff of Four Men.