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  1. Hello everybody, just a quick update. Tomorrow is yuzhou day, because ZZ has Coach Fashion event in Shanghai and JY should attend 17th Huabiao Film Awards in Beijing (nothing is confirmed for JY these days, he kinda stopped posting his schedules completely. Feels like he is the master of pop-up events ) ZZ livestream via Coach weibo, JY awards will be broadcasted on CCTV6 channel (based on the TV program on baidu, both red carpet and awards ceremony). No idea if JY gonna pocket any award this time, but I guess participating is still a very good PR for him And for Dior with the unlimited supply of JY's suits Talking about awards, neither yuzhou got MAHB Esquire awards. Looks like the public voting didnt mean much (not even those 30% they advertised), because the eventual award receivers were not even runner-ups in the voting Still appreciate everybody who voted for JY and ZZ, we never give up or give in Another not that great news, there has been a new ambassador for EU-China Tourism Year announced. Han Dongjun aka Elvis Han. I only know he is an actor and he is from Northeast. Official announcement from ETC twitter in spoiler. Looks like Elvis is going to ski. Maybe its a good thing ZZ got the wine, olive oil and truffles In case somebody has not seen ZZ's Vlogs from his European travels, you can find the yt links in the spoiler (cr. 11301020 ) Jy had the ceremony for starting shooting "Half Moon Alice" ("XLove" might be the English name) on 4th December. Now we are wondering what happened to the "Youth Genesis" drama... Lets finish on some happy note. Eventhough Halloween is over, here comes some spooky Yuzhou (see spoiler, cr. on the pics) Happy streaming!
  2. @nyota Cannot look , still didnt manage to watch, but ep 11 was so funny! I hope I can find the time to watch the last ep real soon. In the recent interview ZZ was describing how much training they do, both officially and then ZZ by himself. I think thats probably why ZZ didnt do his usual jumps when singing "Fun" at the Asia Music Festival in Shenzhen on 29th, legs too tired Everybody has seen the brand new ZZ "Everything about Jingyu" mv (thats how Thai cpfs call it on twitter and i like it ) There was a poll on youtube who is the female lead in the mv and 75% (including me) chose "bicycle" option The Paris is really beautiful in the mv, but when I see ZZ riding the bike in the hotel room, I can only think about the antique parquet flooring that ZZ is just riding over like its a playground (see spoiler for screenshot i took, cr. zz weibo) MAHB Esquire public voting is closed now. Both JY and ZZ won in their respective categories (see spoiler for screenshots). However, those account for 30% of total score only, so lets see the final result. I saw somewhere the MAHB event should be hold on 4th December, but not sure its 100% correct. In any way, thanks to everybody who voted and wish the best of luck to JY and ZZ. Jiayou! Now the big topic, JY 26th Birthday on 11/30 Regardless what the doomsayers were saying, it was rather smooth sailing for JY. I was up late on 29th, so when midnight struck (China time), I filled doki, weibo and some other apps with happy bday wishes, it was happy spamming for once I didnt manage to secure the ticket for the bday party, but JY was scheduled to arrive to Chengdu on 30th, so planned to go to see him at the airport. Lets finish with two photos, one of the birthday boy, one of ZZ (see spoiler, cr. on the pics) Good night everybody
  3. Hello @snowlight351 and thank you for dropping by here. I think everybody tries to pitch in where they can. There are lots of ppl working hard on insta, twitter, fb, blogs etc. I think all the platforms are covered up pretty nicely Hello @izziehudson to Malaysia as well. Hope it wont take another two years before you visit again Yuzhou has been very busy and once again I had a hard time keeping up with them So just rather quick (yet still longish ) summary of some of the events in the past two weeks. 1. The highly anticipated JY awards. Gosh, what a roller-coaster that was! First on 9th November, there was unexpectedly (at least to me) Nomination Ceremony for the Hundred Flowers awards, where all the nominees received kinda "participation trophy" and JY sang his song from ORS. He was dressed in the cutest white overcoat you can imagine and proper a$$-kicking boots. Loved it See photo in spoiler, cr JY studio JY studio also released the "tropic island" styled photos of JY and we finally got to see his smile again No spoiler, it gotta be seen (edited pic, cr. on the pic) After the ceremony I thought JY will not attend the HuaDing awards, but how wrong I was. Because not only JY attended, HE WON it! Jy also changed his outfit, back to his usual blackish Dior suits. Probably was too tight for him because he couldnt reach behind his back to drape the yellow ribbon (whatever is that scarf-looking award thingy called) around his neck. Thankfully he was saved by some foreign dude. Big congratulations to boss (photo see spoiler, cr. on the pic) The next day Jy was back in Foshan for Hundred Flowers awards ceremony. Now the awards system pretty baffled us because the awards were decided directly live at the venue. Nominees announced and 101 people started pressing buttons to vote who they "liked" most. How bizarre . It gives a whole new meaning to the "popular" awards. As we know, Jy didnt get the award in the Newcomer category, but ORS has been very successful and collected many trophies including the best movie. JY definitely contributed to that! He also seemed bit more easy and comfortable, maybe being with his "old crew" from ORS helped to boost his morale and confidence. When the nominees for the Newcomers have been announced, suddenly a female fan shouted "Huang Jingyu" so loud and clear that everybody could hear it including JY who acknowledged the fan and showed a thumb-up. JY looked rather invigorated by that, so I would like to thank that anonymous fan for that I was watching the live stream on TV, so all my photos are crappy, but it was funny when I took this one particular photo (see spoiler), my phone camera recognized JY as a face, but totally ignored the others 2. MAHB Update We are looking good there people, but still almost two weeks to go. Fighting! See spoiler, just took the screenshots today 3. JY Birthday Party 1130 Wow, thats a brand new headache. Like ZZ Bday concert style, but way worse, because according to the grapevine there are only 1100 seats, so the tickets are very very scarce There was this whole big activity on Doki (belongs under Tencent), where the whole system is that JY is there as a celeb and his fans collects "points" and can pass them to JY to increase his popularity on Doki. The points can be collected by watching stuff, posting about JY, liking and sharing the other posts etc. For JY bday party, the TOP200 fans who gave most points to JY during the set time frame got free tickets. Good luck with that, I was around 3000th place Now there are extra 100 tickets to be given out, but only after registering with Chinese name and Chinese ID card. Missed again The good thing is that thanks to all of us, JY was No.1 in the celeb ranking on Doki See spoiler, screenshot from tencent app/doki by me Unfortunately, now its a new day, or more precisely a new week, and we (meaning JY) were bumped down to 11th place. Now "working" the doki, thats very tiring and time consuming. Cos everybody needs likes and comments, so what happens is that ppl randomly like and comment on posts and want/ask to like and comment back. I need to make two posts per day and just getting around 20 comments and likes on each take me around an hour of "giving back". But not to complain, some ppl reply to my comments and we chat bit, so its not all just dull spamming work Now the main activity for JY bday party is over, but I kinda keep going with it because maybe it will come useful next year Jiayou! The other "fun" activity for a ticket (yep, just one) is organized by JY studio. They asked fans to post a photo of themselves with JY and bluntly say photoshopped photos are not just welcomed but strongly encouraged. There are many different photos posted, but I really like the following one. I hope the op doesnt mind me sharing here See spoiler, cr. on the pic Wow, that was lots of JY, so maybe few pics from ZZ Photobook that we yuzhoufied, see spoiler. Last last, ZZ participated today in the Ping Pong drama filming opening ceremony (is that how they call it? they are so many "special" things I have never encountered before yuzhou happened to me ). So ZZ is now officially confirmed to star there with Bai Jingting actor. Jiayou ZZ! Time to pick up those Tiffany diamond-encrusted pingpong paddles again Have a good week everybody!
  4. As the $hitstorm continues, its time to share some good news We have two award nominations for JY! 1. If you remember The Hundred Flowers Movie Award, public voted for JY in "Best New Performer" category (there were 8 candidates in total), now the shortlist for the nominees has been announced, we are down to 4. The final vote is decided by the jury. See spoiler, cr. Hunder Flower Weibo account The award ceremony will be held on 10th November in Foshan, Guangdong. 2. The more recent HuaDing Awards, where JY was nominated in "Best Actor in Contemporary Drama" for his role in Love Knot. Again, the public voting is just a part of the overall "score", the final decision is up to a jury. The award ceremony will be held on 9th November in Hong Kong. Let's wish boss good luck to bring it home Another exciting thing, we have a new voting for both JY and ZZ - Esquire Magazine Annual MAN AT HIS BEST Award. JY in Annual Breakthrough category ZZ in Vocalist of the Year category Voting period from 6th till 30th November, its 1 vote per Wechat account, public votes account for 30% and 70% expert jury. Bummie on Yuzhousky blog made a full how-to-vote description including downloading wechat app details, please follow the link HERE Currently we are looking good on the votes, but its only the beginning. (Who said that recently? ) (see spoiler for current status, cr Esquire) Lets heat up those phones people! Last but not least, yesterday was Yuzhou 3 years anniversary since they met for the very first time Love is in the air
  5. So thats why it is said "diamonds are the girls' best friend" Just trying to ease up the atmosphere here, but sincerely thank you @ChocoHateChip for the lovely words. I am sure everybody read lots on different social medias, no need to repeat it all here i think. From my personal side, I just want to show JY that even though its very difficult situation, I fully support him and will never leave him or ZZ, or abandon Yuzhou. There is not absolute truth in this matter, as there have never been one for Yuzhou. JY got backed into corner bit now and he needs to make (already has done) what the politicians call "unpopular measures". I will keep supporting him and his decisions. I will also keep looking forward to the Thunder drama and Flying/Speeding life movie (somebody should really release an official English name for the movie ) One manip at the end. Maybe not the best one, but it quite fits (cr. on the pic)
  6. She's really pretty, but She looks like a man in the series, and BLY looks like a guy with the Big Eyes Phone App instead The way I see it, she is a model, therefore she has more interesting face than "classical beauty" (whatever that means in Chinese standards). I saw some of her modelling pictures and those were really cool. In Addicted the styling purposely suppressed all her femininity, plus she is really tall, thus the result as we see it. In the Shanghai Addicted fanmeeting, she seemed like a genuine and warm person, but truth to be told, I still find ZZ more pretty than majority of the Chinese actresses/models/idols/celebs I happened to see Well, I thought September was Yuzhou-busy month, but October triumphed it! First, I happened to attend the ZZ Superdry Activity in Chengdu! It still feels quite surreal. Some notes in the spoiler. Then there was the ZZ concert. Here I would like to get bit sentimental because I joined Soompi trying to figure out how to get to ZZ concert and some months later I really managed. It was terribly stressful because of the whole "free tickets" situation. I only got my ticket confirmed three days before the actual concert. For the domestic flight to Beijing ticket price I could have traveled to Europe and back, but it was worth every single dime I coughed up on this Its simply amazing to hear ZZ performing live. I watched bit of the iQIYI livestream recorded version and it doesnt compare, its very "cleaned out" sound. I understand, but as experience its very different. The very best was ZZ's rap and growl and his guitar solo. Even the duet with Bridgette from Girlfriend drama was surprisingly nice, because Bridgette has a rather husky, soulful voice, which I didnt expect. Usually the Chinese girls have a high pitch and "sharp" voice. I am sure everybody has seen lots of videos and photos of great quality, so just few of my photos in the spoiler. When Chenwen entered, I thought it must be some major Chinese celebrity because it felt like whole concert hall was in uproar. Based on the level of noise coming from the fans in general, I would say CPFs were way louder than BZs. There were clear cpfs "islands" in the audience and all the "Xu Weizhou" usually started in one of them and spread further. The rainbow theme was quite clear in the stage lights used and there was the "rainbow madness" for the Everything About You song. We were bit worried its 'THE Jy song", but Everything about you is not composed by ZZ and during the concert he said again about his own song for Girlfriend drama, so that is the one we have been waiting for since 5ML posted the "Ordinary day" song by Mao Buyi. The day after the concert we went to see some of the famous "Beijing Addicted shooting" places, but I will post about it other time, as I still havent sorted out the photos and videos of that. Then we have ZZ Photobook, which got delivered just a few days ago. Its a loaded book with so many pictures! For 60RMB, thats a bargain. Many photos are ZZ posing with snacks, there is one in front of Ben&Jerry store, in the supermarket and the now-famous cookie and the milk photos Again, the cyberspace has been flooded with the photos, so just one yuzhoufied in the spoiler. To counterbalance another ZZ avalanche, few "news" about JY. The cinema we usually go to have already the poster for the Fast life/Speeding life movie (see spoiler)! Thats what I call proactive JY also just reached 10mil weibo followers and as the "fan welfare", he was interacting with fans on his supertopic just few hours ago. I got an echo from my friend, so I quickly joined the supertopic and posted few comments. It was kinda high adrenaline situation, lemme tell ya And I will finish with a Yuzhou news. Today ZZ landed at Beijing airport while JY was there too. Both Yuzhou at the same time at the same airport Grapevine says ZZ landed earlier, but JY actually left after him. Well, they probably landed at different terminals anyway, but still Good night everybody!
  7. Hello everybody! The big event of the year aka ZZ's Birthday concert is just around the corner! The waiting shall be over soon Its a time to get the livestream ready! iQIYI is providing the broadcast, link to the livestream HERE (I took the link from iQIYI app) For those who want to watch via iQIYI app, I have summarized the installation/registration process in the spoiler. It happened to me before I had a link to a livestream, but after the livestream started, it asked me to register to be able to watch. Speaking of iQIYI app, we were having some fun with it yesterday with @nyota. We found ZZ's profile and when subscribed, look what showed up. see spoiler, printscreen by me Then we found JY and he had a surprise for us! He gave us a call Seriously try it out. See the spoiler with the screenshot Last iQIYI thing, JY's promo for the Thunder today. He was wearing a black leather coat. So cool! Photos taken from the iQIYI app stream by me (see spoiler) Now we are watching JY on the Sesderma event in Shanghai. He is still cool, but no more leather coat Happy livestreaming!
  8. I totally see what you mean oh gosh, that is a horrible prospect Everybody (including me) is concerned about ZZ's concert because only few days left and still no tickets Two funny photos I came across that helps me to keep the spirits high. Fighting ZZ! (sorry no spoiler, cr. on the pics) Caption says like: "Zhou: I am begging of you! Quickly release the tickets! I need to go to (your) birthday concert!" Caption: "Don't cry. If you cry I won't release the tickets" We have more Eng subbed videos from Yuzhousubs (they keep working hard there ) 1. Finished subbing the previous Happy Camp episode with ZZ, yt links in spoiler. 2. Second part of Walk Slowly MV BTS now released with Eng subs, yt link in spoiler. Thank you Yuzhousubs I also saw some info re the Oscar entries for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on twitter, see spoiler for screenshot, cr. @dramapotatoe Also today was the "Beijing TV Program Market & Exhibition". JY's Thunder drama was to be presented there, but neither his nor the Thunder's weibo were saying anything about his participation, even worse there were no links to livestream to be found. After digging through some obscure weibo accounts, I found a livestream link and made @artemis73 and @nyota watch it. Well, turn out The Thunder was presented, but without JY What a bummer Some screenshot from BeijingTVNews app in spoiler, cr. me Have a good day everybody!
  9. Being practical, even just the rumors drew a lot of attention to JY and ZZ. Its questionable how bad or good its for them in China, but internationally it gets them more exposure. For Chinese environment, it got ZZ and JY linked together, talked about and reminded people and especially the only fans about their history together. Weibo seems very conservative in terms of Addicted, but just search on baidu and all kind of stuff pop up, including Addicted entry on baidu baike (baidu wiki) including short summary of each episode. Then we had the whole Shake It Up debacle, I am sure everybody read loads of stuff about it, I am not gonna get into it, just would like to share a photo I came across today, basically the caption on the photo says: "HJY hasnt changed his Champion Tshirt because HJY wants to openly state that XWZ is the champion in his heart." Dont know if thats the truth, but kinda like it (the left photo is JY flight on 30th Sept to Beijing, the right on 3rd Oct back to Shanghai), cr. on the pic, sorry no spoiler I also came across an article from April 2018 that has bit more info about ZZ Girlfriend drama plot, if you are interested, link is HERE It could actually be quite funny On 1st October, CCTV6 broadcasted JY's Operation Red Sea, few notes from watching in the spoiler. On Saturday 6th October, ZZ Happy Camp will be broadcasted at 20:20 China time on Hunan TV, if anybody wants to watch, the link is HERE. Trailer from @bearology insta in the spoiler And the wonderful news is that Jiaersubs just published Baby Let Go ep11 with Eng sub. The waiting is over! See the spoiler for twitter post link. Have a good night everybody! Added: @0506shelton I have only briefly looked at your video, but I think it should be included in the extra 90min BTS video LT is translating now, see spoiler for original video link, cr. 宇宙糖果屋
  10. Attention everybody please There is another poll by Starmometer, "Sexiest Man in China" and ZZ was nominated. LINK here: SEXIEST MAN IN CHINA VOTING Current situation is not looking so good though, so please help ZZ get more votes Screenshot and edit from Starmometer by me: The voting is open till 27th September, the rules are as below (screenshot from Starmometer by me) Thank you. Jiayou ZZ!
  11. Hello @13thwish and welcome here! I hope its not really daunting, soompi is not always user friendly from the technical side, I get stuck sometimes and twice I lost my post completely, but I guess its a matter of habit now. I take the good with the less good and make the best out of it. If you happen to read some of my posts, you find out that surprisingly lots of stuff I do end up in some kind of epic failure , but I just keep trying and keep going forwards. Hope you will enjoy it here. ZZ is keeping himself busy and so are we trying to keep up with him 1. Yesterday Belle International (big footwear manufacturer, retailer and distributor) event in Shanghai. I saw the event official photo on @bearology insta and out of curiosity thought i can give it a try, maybe I can find some livestream . Well, Belle International itself provided a live feed starting at 7.15pm China time via Tmall/Taobao (which unfortunately also means registration via chinese phone is required) Honestly, it was the funniest yuzhou livestream I have watched so far. Not because ZZ was so funny, but all things happening around. If you are interested for more, including some screenshots from the live stream, see spoiler. Screenshots done by me from Taobao app, stream provided by Belle International. 2. Today Youku S/S 2019 Event in Hangzhou. I am not sure how to call this event, I have never seen anything like this before. Apart from showing the new upcoming drama/movie things, they also talked about already released stuff and some general business strategies. Even Youku CEO had a speech (rather long one ). The biggest problem is that it started already at 9am and I cannot watch it a whole day. I checked around 9:30 and there was all that "boring" stuff, so turned it off. Later a notice appeared that something should start at 2pm, so okay, lets see what happens. What happened is we got more speeches again including Youku CEO from the morning Then Coco arrived, not sure her position within Youku management structure, but she was basically introducing the new shows. At least she was quite lively. It was already past 3pm and people commented that they have been waiting for ZZ whole day. Since 2pm basically we were just spamming the youku discussion with ZZ's name, like massively there was also a stream on Weibo, but at least in my case Youku had better quality of the video stream. Finally they announced ZZ's Girlfriend drama. Coco made a short introduction and MC invited ZZ on the stage. See spoiler, screenshots done by me from Youku official stream on Youku app. ZZ said he arrived by himself, no Bridget today and then he was talking about the drama. I didnt catch much of what he said, but both MC and Coco were really laughing hard ZZ was really born to be on the stage. The previous actors/actresses were so "plain" compared to ZZ ZZ owning the stage, see spoiler (no flying stuff on youku, no eggs nor kisses ) It was over in less than 10 minutes, but ZZ was visibly more energetic and less tired compared to the Belle event, so looks like he is getting back to his usual self. Jiayou ZZ! Sorry for the long post, I will try to cut it shorter next time Have a good day everybody!
  12. Not only that, but LT will continue as there is another video with Extra 90min BTS for the Thai DVD. So more good things to come Of course there are other accounts working hard on subbing yuzhou stuff and I appreciate and feel grateful for anybody willing to spend the time and energy on subbing. In case some of you have not seen yet, there is YuZhou Subs (link to their yt channel HERE) or YZ Global Translation (link HERE). There is also ZZ fan account "My Love Timmy" that usually uses translations from doeeyedbb (link to yt chnanel HERE) e.g. ZZ's recent Powerful Idol 5min documentary with Eng sub, see spoiler for video. I am sure there are more, so if anybody knows of some interesting accounts, please share. Speaking of accounts, I also just recently got to know about Instagram account baozipd who is kindly willing to share different bits and pieces from both yuzhou history and presence. the latest insta post in spoiler I heard from different sources its really hard to get hold of tickets for ZZ concerts and this is especially his birthday concert. So I am not letting myself hope too much, but tomorrow never dies hopefully the tickets will be released soon and i can stop stressing Another thing, if you have not heard about voting for ZZ, via Weibo this time, please see the insta post from yuzhousubs with details about the voting and how to repost. The voting is till 19th September, so there is still time to participate. We are facing a big competition from one of the guys from Nine Percent group, so every repost is a valid repost
  13. RIght, JY Sebastian Professional event on 8th September (officially opening their first Tmall/Tianmao store) livestream. I really would like to say that I am getting better at this livestreaming business, but the sad truth is I am not. Its still kinda hit-and-miss Well this time, I found some info on Tmall page and thought Im fine. I didnt manage to get online at 9pm when it should have started, more like 9:30pm. So I clicked and I really did get into some livestream. However, there was no JY, just some weird dude working on somebody's hair. See screenshot in spoiler. After few minutes I thought its really strange and asked @nyota if she things it is the right livestream. We joked that maybe they will make JY to style the hair too (little did we know). It was bugging me and I went to check Sebastian Professional official weibo. There was a photo with JY and a QR code (my favorite), so I scanned it and it redirected me into a completely different livestream via one of the apps I had downloaded for ZZ 30y ELLE anniversary event and forgot to uninstall afterwards! Well, there was still no JY, just some models with the scariest hairdos doing the catwalk. see screenshot in spoiler. Fortunately finally JY appeared! But to my horror, the screen got loaded with all the comments and there was all kind of crap flying over left and right. I could hardly see JY!! I literally clicked on everything I could to get rid of it, but no success. I am sure it is hiding somewhere, but I couldnt find it. Maybe next time I will get more lucky Instead I had to exit the full screen and watch in mini version with the crap around but off the stream and JY. They really made JY do some hair styling for two ladies. It was fun to watch, even though JY himself didnt look really comfortable while doing that. I dont blame him, touching a stranger's hair is not an easy task if you are not a hairdresser. I managed to squeezed in some comments and even realized on this app I had changed my nick to "teamyzint" I also realized I need to prepare the comments beforehand because among watching admiring JY, screenrecording, updating my team on whats going on (including taking ugly photos with my second mobile phone), I dont have any capacity left to come up with smart and witty comments. So it always ends up in english and/or chinese how cute, handsome jy is. few "jiayou" and some heart emojis. So lame, so lame Then a guy from Tmall came on the stage with a guy from Sebastian (a foreigner) to give some speeches. At that moment, 90% of comments I could see were about how tall JY is Also the Sebastian guy's first name was Hugo. And somebody (it was actually a CPF based on the nick) left a funny comment in English, see spoiler After the speeches and the unveiling it was pretty much done, everybody said byebye and I could relax It was great to see JY after so many events with ZZ and JY looked really dashing here in the leather jacket and cool boots (as many commented on twitter/insta, bit of a "Guhai" style") On a side note, we are still waiting on the last episodes of Baby let go to be subbed by Jiaersub team, but there was another notice on their twitter they are almost ready. So I keep waiting patiently and diligently Now if I could wait in the same way for JY's Thunder drama Lets finish with a yuzhou thing, the Racing Duo manip see spoiler, cr. on the pic Good day everybody!
  14. Oh yes, cant wait for the final part Two screenshots that got me really laughing because I would have never imagined that's what they are talking about! see spoiler, cr. Lovely Things As they say "one link pasted, one link counted" Okay folks, time to start Love evolution spamming. I watched episodes 16-18 (sorry, really have no time to watch the episodes without ZZ ) and here comes some screenshots, cr. 感谢订阅中剧独播 (I watch on YT, but you can also watch on Viki, our hardworking@artemis73 is part of the Viki "Love in Progress" subbing team , link to viki HERE). Soompi is acting weirdly today, I rather post JY livestream stuff in a new post. Dont want to lose it all