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  1. Hello folks! I am back from European trip. Was fun, because we hold our first "Yuzhou Conference" in Vienna, will post about it later Lots happening as usual. Few things to update and share, so lets get down to the business 1. ZZ Shake It Up ep5 last night. Our team wanted to watch online the livestream, mine got stuck like every few seconds. Both my laptop and my phones were almost flying out of window (dont think they would survive the 11 floors drop ). Fortunately @artemis73 managed to load the page and kindly recorded the ZZ performance for us . When I watched her recording, I was wondering why is she listening to the King Arthur: Legend of Sword OST. Turns out it was ZZ's choice of music for his dance performance I love Daniel Pamberton's work, see the yt link for King Arthur OST in spoiler for those interested. Poor ZZ was sick, but he was still awesome! Dont ask me about the technical part of his dance routine, I simply enjoyed watching him kick up those heels if you catch my drift . Apart from those strangely cut pants We also got a wig on Ms.Gao as @nyota noticed: "whats with the Chinese and the wigs?" There are lots of clips and videos and gifs available in cyberspace, so I just share few ZZ screenshots I managed to do, see spoiler. Straight after Shake it up ended, ZZ appeared on the main page of Baidu.com. See spoiler, screenshot by me. Baidu talks about "Xu Weizhou hot dance" Based on ZZ schedule, next recording for Shake it up is taking place on 27th and 28th August. Jia you! 2. ZZ voting on Baidu that turned into Yuzhou voting @nyota found voting for ZZ. TOP10 idols will get "big screen" promotions in popular commercial districts/airports according to their achieved rankings. There is some special price for TOP3, but looking at the votes counts, I dont think we can dream that big right now. Voting is via Baidu app, but unfortunately they want verification via chinese mobile again. BUT, this time I managed to get it done via my own number. My very first! Voting page from Baidu app, screenshot by me We voted for 2 days, when I accidentally saw JY photo under ZZ profile page on Baidu whaaat? See spoiler, screenshot from baidu app by me Of course I had to investigate. Well, turns out the voting is not just ZZ, but JY is included in the same voting pool of 50 candidates. Talk about surprise! I have called a crisis meeting immediately, because how shall we vote now? Each day I get 5 votes to allocate. Do we split the votes, do we switch to JY now or what? What a conundrum At that moment JY was no.8 and ZZ no.10. See spoiler, screenshot by me, you can see the number of votes at each name. The team democratically decided that as each day one of us has the right to allocate the votes, each of us can decide independently how to vote. As it was @artemis turn, she decided to give her votes to JY. That was also it, as the first voting phase seemed to end on 20th August and shall continue with only TOP10 till 25th August. Good news is that as of now ZZ is No.9 (approx 14.47mil votes) and JY No.8 (approx 14.88mil votes) Other rankings in spoiler... 3. Last ZZ thing - only fans bought LED screening time to promote Love evolution. One of the places was in Nanjing, where I happen to be for a few days. See spoiler, cr. me 4. Moving onto JY. As you may have heard, he is now active on Tik Tok/ Douyin 抖音 app. Should be some app to upload short videos, currently JY has 3 in total, see spoiler (screenshot by me from the app). I have searched for the app by the chinese name 抖音 and then searched for JY by his Chinese name 黄景瑜, but should work if you search by his "douyin number" as well (that 1138... number you can see in the screenshot) 5. The last thing is re Baby let go, we got another notice from the lovely Jiaersub team, pls see screenshot by me from their twitter account. Have a good day everybody!
  2. Second JY thing is his Hundred Flowers (whatever its called in English) award nomination you can find more details in the spoiler, cr.bearology Well, I found on baidu (thats my new best friend after google these days ) that the voting is by public and digged and digged until I found on twitter the right QR code (oh, the technology these days ). Again, color me surprised, my phone could scan it and spit out the voting webpage (if anybody wants to see, link HERE) I can tell you, it was worse than getting into that taobao live stream room. Again, I had to use my Chinese oracle credentials (basically you need both a Chinese phone and Chinese name) and then came the tricky part, the verification code. see spoiler, screenshot from the official voting page done by me First I thought they want me to type in the characters, nope. Then I realized its a math exercise! you need to do a simple calculation and the result is the verification code. Eureka! It took me another attempt to figure out the result should be normal numbers, not chinese numbers (the verification code in the spoiler is: 8 plus 6 equal what?) After this I finally pushed my vote through and was done, cos later I found out I can only vote once. I could allocate 4 more votes to other people in same/different categories but I didnt know and honestly didnt care. I just wanted a vote for JY Third, and I promise the last is JY Baby Let Go ep10 Thank you Jiaersubs, was very sorry to hear Jackson got sick and couldnt fully participating in filming again. Jiayou! Link to ep10 with eng subs HERE Screenshots done by me. 1. Jy's "did-i-put-on-weight-i-didnt story" continues 2. Jackson is back in the babies nest 3. Whatever they are eating I want that too! 4. Time to pay a visit to Shaolin Temple and learn stuff the hard and painful way 5. From the separate babies' training session In spirit of Yuzhou, lets end the JY marathon with a ZZ entry cr. on the pic, thank you @artemis73 for showing me
  3. Okay people, it looks like for a change its a JY's day today So many things has happened. Starting with the most important and that is JY's live broadcast for Johnnie Walker in cooperation with Taobao/Tmall that Team YZ International took up as the latest challenge on Yuzhou battlefield Full team (me, @nyota , @artemis73) had a brief meeting in the morning to find out the exact cyber-location of JY livestream. I clicked and clicked and suddenly there a picture that said "click here to enter the live stream room" we couldnt believe our luck! see spoiler, cr. me, screenshot from taobao app Then we realized we need to log into Taobao app and that was a problem It needed a phone number and verification code. For some reason, it didnt accept my Chinese number and eventhough it did accept @artemis73 international phone number, the message with verification code arrived way to late and couldnt be used to verify However, we rarely never give up and I used my Chinese oracle's phone number and got the verification code swiftly I still wasnt sure if I can get in, as I have never done this before and as Chinese oracle kinda exhausted his support for the day, it was (as always when it comes to Yuzhou) a waiting game screenshot by me from tmall, the countdown has started, 4 hours 29 minutes 51 seconds left. tic toc Then the clock ran out and surprisingly a "button" showed up that said "enter the live stream room". i was seriously impressed! Well, for about 10 seconds, cos that friggin button didnt work! Fortunately, there were other users saying they cant get in (and they were Chinese), so I was still not losing my cool. However, when people started commenting that JY arrived and how handsome he is, i started feeling the pressure I closed the app and opened again and voila! JY was there! people didnt lie, he looked handsome indeed screenshots from taobao app by me Now that we were in, it was time to post some comments First it was those easy comments, then we started getting creative in the team and soon I was posting stuff in 4 different languages If anybody interested, here is a link with one of the screenrecordings i did including our comments posting, cr. me for recording, elea_kayne for editing and uploading Below screenshots, cr. me (apologies for any grammar or typing mistakes, i was too excited to care about grammar points i have blurred the user names, our comments are in English, easy to find ) This I posted on behalf of all fans in Europe It was also a good opportunity to give out some advice, right @nyota Some classic French advice @artemis73 And we couldnt just leave out some CPF "coded" messages There were many more comments, but this is the gist of it Peace out!
  4. Hello and welcome here @0506shelton! I think the most "user-friendly" explanation for JY 15 photos was done by Bummie. You can read it on her blog, this link is for a tag #hints, you can find few entries about the photos and in general you can read anything else that you find interesting on Bummie's blog. http://yuzhousky.tumblr.com/tagged/hints
  5. I can't watch the series on viki cause it said "Restricted access" So when I know that.. I quickly click the link and guess what it said this time "The uploader had not made this video available in your country" I am sorry that it doesnt work for you @ChocoHateChip @YuZhouHao . I hope the VPN will resolve it. Fighting! Okay, I have devoted quite some time to ZZ today and unfortunately got not even a glimpse of him 1. Love evolution ep. 6 and 7. See some highlights in spoiler I feel mostly sorry for Hangzhou fans who did great promotion for ZZ on Hangzhou subway (thanks goes to @artemis73who showed me) . Cos if Hangzhou citizens are watching Love evolution thanks to the promotion, they cannot find any ZZ either. 2. Shake it up ep. 3 There is the second group of dancers and judges, even the host is different. So same story, no ZZ One highlight in spoiler, credit by me. To lift up my mood, I decided to watch some Baby Let Go, cos there must by JY like 99.9%! Baby let go ep.9, screenshots done by me, see spoiler. Last but not least, we dont have a new episode with eng subs released yet, because... see spoiler
  6. Okay, I tried to add update to my Love evolution post but soompi wouldnt let me, so gotta make a new post I watched both episodes via Zhejiang stream, was pretty good quality and surprisingly stable. But there was so little of ZZ! Few bits about the content in spoiler. I have at least two screenshots of ZZ of crappy quality, sorry about that, cr. me This is the main girl and you can see a cup of coffee at her desk (cr. me). That is a new coffee brand called "Luckin Coffee" that wants to rival Starbucks in China. Well, the funny thing is if you want to buy coffee at their store, you need to be a member and got their app and also you cannot pay cash. Also it shows how engaged I was in the story as I had time to check out all the product placement I just need more ZZ in there! I checked Tencent and iQIYI apps and both episodes are loaded, but for VIP only. I guess it will be the same system as Love Knot. And we already got some video links for ZZ cut, Im sure mostly everybody already seen. cr. bearology Lets see what tomorrow brings, jiayou ZZ!
  7. I still have bit time before Love evolution starts, so lets share some JY Baby let go ep8 screenshots 1. Xiao Ge went to sleep and what happened? Guys decided to have a look cos such a opportunity comes once in a life time. really guys? even taking turns, so everybody can take a peek? 2. There was the whole "fly the kite" arc, I just want to point out Dongdong, who was trying so hard to fly the enormous kite that he ended up giving it a pep talk 3. My favorite piece of the whole episode. JY wants to lie down and is trying to act inconspicuously and nonchalantly Pity there are all the cameras that caught him "red-handed" 4. After xiao gege bid his farewell, it was time for another (not so) stealth action. Sheets thieves 5. Bonus - whatever JY found so funny, it "killed" both Dongdong and Nannan, at multiple occasions Please note Let Go of My Baby Episode 9 with Eng sub has been released by Jiaer sub team as well, link HERE
  8. Adding more details on today's Love evolution premiere. "watching" schedule included in ZZ's official schedule for August, see spoiler. cr. bearology Based on the previous information,there are these possible sources to watch: 1. Zhejiang TV 浙江卫视 (thats why ZZ had a prescon in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province), link to watch HERE. Based on info from Baidu.com, ep1 starts at 19:33 China time, ep2 at 20:30, see spoiler, cr me 2. Dragon TV 东方卫视, link to watch HERE Based on info from Baidu.com, ep1 starts at 19:34 China time, ep2 at 20:25, see spoiler, cr me 3. Tencent app - based on the info I can see there, both episode available at 22:00 China time (not sure) 4. iQIYI app - found both episodes links, but tells me I cannot watch from my current location (maybe only work in China? not sure) 5. Viki.com - we also got it all set-ready-and-go on viki, link HERE see spoiler, screenshot by me from viki.com Thats all I got now, if anybody got other info, please share
  9. Hello everybody, I think we are all quite busy watching ZZ shows and JY Let go of my baby. Here comes a follow-up on the streaming sources. 1. Happy Camp 28-July - Hunan live stream worked for us, but it varies, sometimes it works better on mobile/pad, sometimes on laptop/PC. So please try out different options if you have trouble and hopefully it will work out. There are also multiple stream sources, some works, some dont, again, just try clicking on them and see which works, see spoiler, cr me - Mango TV 芒果tv App - after the live stream finished, I checked (shortly after 10pm China time), the recorded version was available on the app. Seems the info about broadcasting was credible. - Hunan TV Youtube channel 湖南卫视芒果TV官方频道 - dont know when exactly it showed up there, but full episode was also available on the same day. Link to the full episode in the spoiler, cr. 湖南卫视芒果TV官方频道 China HunanTV Official Channel 2. Shake it up ep2 29-Jul - Dragon TV livestream 东方卫视 worked for us, I had trouble with my internet connection and it got stuck just in the middle of ZZ performance! - Youku - I just checked and the full episode is available there now, even showed in the highlights on the main page INCLUDING ZZ , see spoiler, cr. me - SMG上海电视台官方频道 SMG Shanghai TV Official Channel on youtube, link HERE - looks like they have started uploading some cuts videos, not full episode yet. To add some JY content, everybody probably saw the videos of JY taking a walk with Haohao today. I wanted to check the location, as its important to verify JY is indeed still in Shanghai Video source, cr. bearology The clue is the street name you can see briefly in the video. They should be walking around this location , see spoiler Screenshot from google maps by me Also, did you notice what tshirt is Haohao wearing? see spoiler, cr. on the pic (JY only fan) And lets finish with the little video (including kisses everybody) of JY and Haohao from JY Weibo update. cr. @rischassie Thats all folks, need to mentally prepare for ZZ Love evolution drama marathon EDIT: Just adding Shake it up ep2 full ep link from YT official channel, see spoiler Currently over 300k view. "not bad" as Mrs. Jin Xing likes to say so much on the Shake it up. There is some interesting reading about her on wiki, I recommend to check, link HERE
  10. Yeah, I want those pretty shoes back pretty pretty please Speaking of the shoes, we can add to the Vans saga ZZ Happy camp, cr. at the pic And then JY Baby let go ep 8, screenshot by me. I think JY is wearing these ones, see spoiler, screenshot from vans.com. I have tried to compile together where and how to watch ZZ's upcoming shows. What a headache, as there are so many possible sources! I cannot guarantee its 100% accurate, but hope this helps at least little bit and hopefully some of it actually works 1. Happy Camp on 28-July 2. Shake it up - every Sunday 3. Evolution of Love drama - premiere on 2-August Full drama schedule in spoiler, cr. bearology Apart from Saturdays, seems like 2 episodes per day If anybody else has some other links, please share with us.
  11. We all had our trials and errors on that day. I was in a Japanese pub having a beer when the streaming started. By pure luck we found a working link (thanks to my Chinese oracle who was secretly workoholic-ing on his phone too). I tried to screenrecord the first ZZ's appearance, but as the music in the bar was quite loud, on the recorded video, only the pub music could be heard and nothing else well, it gave ZZ a nice background music for his performance Live to fight another day! Going to add some more thousands km now Oh yes, those mags got extra 2000km + 8500km in the last two days, making it in total 14500km! Before coming to Europe, I made a pit stop in Shanghai, so I thought I can take some photos at the airport, as both JY and ZZ travel a lot from/to there. See spoiler with details, photos credit me I stayed close to the Shanghai Stadium that I was hoping ZZ can have his concert in. Unfortunately, the whole complex is under massive reconstruction At least I managed to capture some nice orange sky quite surprisingly as it was just after a typhoon Ampil hit Shanghai the day before. On 24th July JY had his A&F event in Shanghai store and coincidentally that was the date of my departure from Shanghai. But at least i was breathing the same (albeit bit polluted) air as Yuzhou for a while Okay, this is definitely not 100% sure thing. Please @nyota dont give out high hopes On 28th as usual, I am just gonna try all the weird Chinese apps I have installed (against my phone's will pretty much) and see if anything works. Good luck to us all! And some funny spam at the end: 1) I just dig those shoes (ZZ at Love evolution presscon on 25-Jul) cr. 大玉儿ING 2) JY swimming lesson cr. UVuu
  12. Late as usual, but here comes some screenshots from Episode 7, see spoiler for details. We also got Episode 8 with ENG subs out! Link HERE. Thank you Jackson subbers for not taking any vacation and just keeping subbing
  13. I dont know if the Let Go of My Baby episodes are coming out faster or if subbers are working around the clock, but I feel I hardly manage to watch one and there is already a new one in the pipeline Now we got Episode 7 with Eng subs available for all the eager viewers, link HERE. As always, thank you Jiaersubs team, you are pure gold We are also slowly but surely (not surly ) approaching ZZ Shake it up time! Somebody gonna move that booty, aint ya? I was investigating the origin of the Chinese name of the show, see spoiler if interested in my findings (i know other might have posted some stuff about it, but I went to consult my Chinese oracle ) Well, I am sure ZZ will bring on his A game A Shake it up preview I saw on youtube in spoiler, cr. 11301020 Then I have one more ZZ thing to share and that is the GQ Sport magazine July 2018 issue that we obtained (totally legal, folks, no worries ) See spoiler for details That's all folks, peace out
  14. Okay, finally I managed to watch episode 6! I have to agree with @nyota, the episodes are really getting funny! Episode 6 even more than 5. I dont want to spoil for those who havent watched yet (the moment of surprise is important), so this time I will put all my screen caps under the spoiler.