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  1. well, whatever she is... i think youtube was quite mild, there were some fishy comments, but nobody made a big deal out of it, so i think it kinda died by itself, drowned by the sea of "where are eng sub?", "please eng sub" comments , without causing any serious damage. however, i think @wilis shared some article/review of love knot (i read it, but cant remember specifically what it was) and those comments under the article were way worse. there i think you @crystalclear18 can release some of the angel-of-justice inner self i take it as being forgiven then haha, thats what i was talking about! and we are back in the game people!
  2. phew, just saw danny boy's ig poll post not feeling sorry any more, thank you for curing me @crystalclear18 . also ZZ's photo on ig (well, i say photo, but you know what i actually mean ) is way prettier actually, first i was embarrassed to leave some "useless" comment there, then i was like "heck, its not like anybody is gonna read it anyway", so found a page with copy&paste emojis and now im just pasting it in like a pro anywho, waiting for @nyota to attack the FB once that voting is open! that would be cool. some small projects to keep us our spirits high. updaate re my projects here in china. 1. i went to the local superdry store (quite big, 2 floors), but havent found any mention of ZZ. very disappointed. anybody knows why is that? not even a single picture/poster? 2. accidentally passed by a gentle monster store here, so went inside to check it out (i think everybody knows the stories of YZ and gentle monster glasses, right?) haha, @crystalclear18 you can always move i guess i think its very possible that he has no or very limited kids experience, in my opinion its 50:50 chance. as well as it could be why he had been chosen to participate in the show in first place. In my view, Dongdong is being kinda mother/father figure, Jackson kinda big brother (can be tough, but also likes to play with the kids) that leaves JY the "disaster" position, but i think its workable lets see what they make JY do in Amsterdam (still dont get it why they dragged them that far away, especially the kids. have budgets to burn, mr. director?) haha, that story is so funny. its all up in the air, i know. but as long as there is no definite rejection, i keep channeling the positive energy actually i think the flight situation in china is quite okay now, i mean safety and process wise. its just so terribly tiring for the boys. its like being on the run.
  3. Yeees, i like that very much indeed! In that case, i call dibs on Porthos My favorite film version was the one made in 1993, where Portos (Oliver Platt) has the famous quote: " Rochefort. Isn't that a smelly kind of cheese?" To keep it on the topic, please watch this (totally random) video compilation of ZZ watching NBA on his mobile (hope ZZ was not supporting the golden state warriors, not a fan here ) cr. 宇宙糖果屋 i am so cheering up for you and ZZ and JY to make it happen! I hope it wont be too stressful for you, i hope you can enjoy it as well
  4. Watched it just now! well, what can i say, JY got like 3min screen time? that should say all that needs to be said. Gotta share once screenshot from the episode, see spoiler (FYI contains actual plot spoiler)
  5. i think Asia is not that strong with unions and the actors/singers associations as compared to US/Europe. I read some articles about the "slave contracts" in Korean entertainment industry and sometimes it makes it for really sad reading. Some more of my own thoughts in spoiler for those interested. haha, I opened twitter for kpop and instagram for YZ, so pretty much fan-business-only accounts for me I can put like 5 comments in a row on instagram for ZZ, then it tells me it cant load the comments anymore (flashback to @nyota FB situation), when i get back some time later, i can do it all over again. havent really figured out the exact pattern... online poll results screenshot in spoiler, the gap is widening.... also start feeling bit sorry for the Daniel fella... (but not to the level of giving him some "pity points", no worries, ZZ is the one and only! ) Suuuuure!! You'll be our agent on site! And a founding member of course Thank you for explaining how to upload pics @nyotayou are welcome, glad to help. thank you for including me I can put it on my "fake" instagram account "Team Europe YZ since 2018" sorryyyyyy, i am always late to the party i always watch the episodes when everybody else have already watched and discussed. i will try to improve myself (but cant promise much, watching some (especially love knot) needed lots of mental preparation beforehand) agree with your @nyota take on JY. i think it also shows he has high EQ, can well empathize. i also think that if a person doesnt like kids, its hard to fake and vice versa. btw, saw some of the JY's "crying incident" footage. well, man, arent they milking the poor boy's distress hard? adding the most sad BGM you can imagine My own strongest impression was when Jackson was trying to talk to JY, asking him what is going on (what i could understand), following him around, when obviously JY wanted to be left alone. Jackson, darlin', you mean well, but please take the hint next time! (sorry for quoting pic) to me that looks like JY has injured his foot/ankle and Jackson is helping him walking to the doctor poor JY, need to stoop down as Jackson's height is not as accommodating as somebody else's (to any Jackson's fan, i am just kidding (poorly) around ) PEACE OUT ✌ Edit: see, the difference is we (yep, same here) were thinking it, but not shamelessly typing it out on youtube
  6. honestly, i have not looked at youtube at all, following the dailymotion links provided via jiar sub on twitter. i like JY's attitute in the show a lot. he is cautious and trying to find his own way how to approach and handle the kids. from all three "babysitters" he can also show the biggest development, the other two are pretty experienced to start with. So more points for JY, yay! And sometimes the way he looks puzzled and perplexed, seems very real to me! but the production team definitely left him on purpose alone with all the kids when jackson and dongdong went shopping. I mean it was waaaaay to obvious that they are trying to create some chaos and drama! I dont usually watch this kind of shows, so i cannot judge how much is scripted and how much is for real. anybody has some ideas/inputs? actually, i am pretty satisfied with getting ZZ to the finals. I keep voting, but honestly what I wish most is that both boys will go to Paris! even if its just for one fricking day! please universe, make it happen JY is working on so many projects in parallel, flying all over China, that i am worried he is stretching himself very thin. Considering he is based in Shanghai and flying to Chongqing, Guangzhou and Beijing, that is the same as if he were based in Vienna and flying to Stockholm, London and Paris respectively (distance-wise). so he/she is not chinese? i met so many foreigners with really weird notions about china. thats why i prefer to associate with chinese people in china some people just dont want a discussion, even they pretend like its a discussion. they just want to tell the others they opinion and want everybody to say: "yes, you are right. how great of you!" or just seeking attention and really want to get into the fight. Lemme tell you, i had hard time reading comments under Love knot youtube videos. Man, i was that close to leaving replies!!! but in the end i only give thumbups to comments i like or agree with, because initiating any "discussion" with such people is futile. they will never look at things from other perspective. they are fixed in their opinions and they dont want to change them. in the end, it would do more harm than good, so i gritted my teeth and let it go. the anonymity of digital world gives too much power to people like this. I am afraid you cannot win your "battle" either. I am sure your heart is in the right place, but those people have nothing to lose and their mouths are bigger than their brains please dont let them get the better out of you. at the end of the day, they will feel happy and you will feel bad. thats why i purposely stay out of weibo however still appreciate you are bringing the new from over there, so i guess on top of being cynical, that makes me hypocrite as well. hope you can forgive me (lol)
  7. guys, have you tried Instagram voting now? extra points for comment, looks like we can add as many comments as we want? (instagram link for ZZ in spoiler) haha, i just moved out from europe and you guys want to start Team Europe YZ? do i still qualify? at least as an honorary member? @nyota
  8. Aaaah, totally missed the whole Vienna airport arc! Maybe they also just found about Addicted and as it was Dragon boat festival here (weekend + Monday 18-June off), just seized the opportunity haha, @nyota you broke FB must have been quite a discussion at zuckerbergs' family dinner and "sorry" wasnt probably the word used around the table btw, we are not really looking good at the online poll at the moment. hope twitter, fb and instagram will get better overall score for ZZ screenshot taken by me just now in the spoiler.
  9. @crystalclear18Glad you feel better, its okay to have a bad day once in a while. I just find some quiet time today to watch Let Go of My Baby episode 2 and 3 with subs (so grateful for the jackson's subbers ) and just have to share some screenshots i took while watching, cos it was too hilarious 1. can you find JY? 2. knitting course. really, knitting? am i the only one who finds it amusing? 3. yoga class, very adorkable , especially the human pyramid 4. JY took another opportunity to take a nap. Poor thing I am sure that JY's crying was genuine. the cynical part in me was contemplating that him crying might get him extra points from viewers. As it was shot during the official filming, I dont think he can ask not to be included in the actual episode footage. The reality shows in general thrives on this kind of drama, right?. JY also probably has no say in how the episodes are edited and probably wont see the final version until its officially out. So pretty much agree with @crystalclear18 , to me his weibo post was like giving the fans some context, indirect way to say his part of the story, as editing can warp the truth as we all know... PS.
  10. @nyota Haha, totally on the same page. In Europe, I am like: "wow he/she must be really desperate" or "he/she must got paid really big bucks for it" (was thinking both when saw GC ad ). Here in China I am like: "Cool, lets buy it" @crystalclear18 when things get tough, I just take it one day at a time and refuse to think further than that. crying helps, because it is a way for a body to release bit of a stress, so sometimes I dont fight it and just let go. try to get a good sleep (as much as you possibly can under circumstances) and think happy thoughts, such as: - if boys are going to Paris, their visa are already in process (or even ready ) - JY crying, eventhough it is very heart-breaking, it will get him extra attention and positive feedback from viewers (maybe too cynical? ) - i am gonna vote while you sleep, pushing ZZ all the way up (or as up as it gets against V and his army minions )
  11. Yeaaaaaah, we did it! For some reason I am feeling very proud of myself Thanks goes to everybody who so vigorously participated, especially the final attack via Facebook! That was like "in your face!" Now back to work, ehm voting
  12. Interesting FMV The YZ Wedding (see spoiler) Have to admire the amount of work that went into this, so many different original source videos. Also the faked interactions are spot on! cr 宇宙糖果屋
  13. haha, @crystalclear18 dont worry, i can toughen up if needed thank you for the tips, i really appreciate it. forewarned is forearmed! i am also happy to hear that in the concerts half or more are CPFs, I was worrying bit if we are in minority there. Yep, i think that's what happened. But he probably expected the reactions and didn't think the post would be able to stay up there long. i agree. even though it may not last long, it did get posted. as they say: "what goes on the internet, stays on the internet forever" i was wondering who that dude is (hyt)! on the online voting, he was hitting the bottom and even checking him on the web didnt ring any bells for me. and bam! he is hitting us hard! lh is definitely not in my good books either. he's been hogging KFC for few months already. i want to see JY's or ZZ's face when I pass by the KFC
  14. Thank you for bringing it up nd here I was worried about Tae and his Army when the sneak attack was done by sbdy else based on the screenshots from you, its looks like we are losing heavily on the facebook part. @crystalclear18dont overstretch yourself, we will fight for ZZ's votes in your stead for bit i think i can add more online votes... @Nurizz cool, thank you for the extra tip how convenient its raining today and i need to stay in Edit: vpn is not 100% reliable, but did manage to squeeze few votes in