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  1. same here, i started this drama thinking like the next version of HYD. I am happy we get to see HYD cast as cameo, i am waiting for makino and domyouji together after starting the drama i first get to know sho hirano , now i am waiting for his new dramas!! he even sings the ost with his boy band, so adorable <3
  2. hahaha so right! if i were her, i will definitely run away from her, i wouldnt be a pure guardian angel towards airi still, it doesnt make sense airi became so good but still i am happy airi wont do anything bad again
  3. this jdrama got me hooked!!! i admit i always like these kind of high school romance dramas more i know they are cliche but i just love their cuteness !!! anyway i started this as if it is some kind of a next version of hana yori dango , and ofc nakagawa taishi helped me to start it now i am done because this drama captured me so much!!! the storyline is going better than i imagined, and there are even twists that i cant guess. i still know which couple i ship??? i love the kindness of tenma-kun to oto, he deserves her , but somehow my other half wants her with kaguragi, their chemistry is so good and they really remind me makino domyouji couple i watched the latest episodes raw, i hope we get to see the subbed versions asap
  4. i am really happy with drama, i can get the chance of watching kento yamazaki in a different view, his character is very different compared to his previous ones. He showed he can play mature roles too, so happy for him and happy for myself to see him in such an attractive character. And for the drama, i just finished it and i learnt there is another drama todome no paralell, like a season 2 , i will definitely watch it today even though i have exams lol Kentooo Yamazaki is love <3
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